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  1. thelonebean

    FOR SALE: Comp valve spring retainers for 2v

    Bought these retainers a long time ago for a cam install but never wound up doing it or even taking them out of the bag. Looking for $45 shipped cause they are just taking up space, my loss your gain. PayPal preferred Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  2. thelonebean

    WANTED: Edelbrock Victor Jr. PN:28385 (for a 99-04 2v)

    Long shot but if anyone has one they want to get rid of, please let me know. Doesn't have to come with fuel rails but if you have em I'll take em as well. Thanks
  3. thelonebean


    Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried to use a dw400 pump in a 99-04 fuel hat? I was thinking of running one just as overkill but I'm wondering if its too big to fit inside the plastic assembly.
  4. thelonebean

    Pushing my fuel pump to the limit?

    Hi all, my car was sitting at 471whp with a svt focus fuel pump and a kb boost a pump with 42lb injectors on 91. I’m getting a new tune very soon for my new dw95’s and a pmas hpx maf but I want to get my money’s worth. I have a d1sc laying around I want to slap in instead of my p1sc but I’m not...
  5. thelonebean

    help please

    I was changing out my injectors and when I pulled up on the rail, the injector simultaneously popped out of the rail and the manifold which caused fuel to dump about 2 tsp out of the rail and into the manifold hole. I called it quits for the day in hopes of it evaporating in time for monday, but...
  6. thelonebean

    Injector cleaning service

    Hey everyone, I bought an injector cleaning machine that has the ultra sonic bath ability along with flow testing about a year ago and only really used it for cleaning my friend's and my own injectors over the winter months when I didn't drive it much to free up any gunk that might have...
  7. thelonebean

    return fuel system help

    I'm thinking of doing a return system install myself instead of paying a shop for labor. Only problem is trailering it after install for a tune. I know coyote guys lock the fuel pressure regulator at 48 without boost reference, with the same injectors and don't need a tune to account for it. Can...
  8. thelonebean

    Shortblock build, opinions wanted

    My current mmr motor has almost 50k miles on it and I want to start fresh and build a block on the side so I have a spare when this one goes. I'm planning to stick with the 2v platform with some patriot stage 2 heads and cms stage 2.5 blower cams and going to pair this with a d1sc and a 2.8 or a...
  9. thelonebean

    Is this a t56 magnum

    After my previous thread, I decided to go t56 magnum and started looking around and found a t56 by ford performance. It says that it holds 700ft/lbs of torque, has a 26 spline input shaft and has a 2.97 1st gear ratio just like a magnum but it is made by ford performance. Pretty sure it's not...
  10. thelonebean

    TKX Transmission

    Has anyone made the switch to a tkx from a tko600 or can compare with a t56 magnum? I'm thinking of doing a swap but I'm having trouble willingly dishing out almost 5k for a complete magnum swap kit
  11. thelonebean

    Belt size help

    I was looking at my procharger for my 99 gt and noticed the belt was cracking a little from age. This is my first belt change on this setup since getting the car so I contacted procharger and they recommended to use a gates 106.5 belt on my car with the pulley I was using. When I put the new...
  12. thelonebean

    FOR SALE: Lethal performance fuel system

    I’m selling my return fuel system I bought from lethal performance. It is a dual pump set up that I never wound up using. It comes with everything except fuel rails. It includes the wiring harness, fittings, filter, two 465 pumps, pump hat, regulator etc. I even have the pre-assembled fuel line...
  13. thelonebean

    Modmax racing

    Has anyone purchased an engine from them recently? I cannot find any recent reviews about their engines or any parts really.
  14. thelonebean

    Should I send the block back?

    I need as many opinions as possible on this. I bought a teksid block that was bored .020 over decked and all the good stuff. When it arrived, I realized the “machine shop” that I purchased it from shipped it in 2 boxes taped together to make it longer and a bunch of paper and blow up bubbles...
  15. thelonebean

    Oil pressure sensor

    So I am in the process of installing an actual oil pressure gauge on my 99 gt instead of the dummy light that ford thought was a good idea to put in. I got the sensor and gauge and was about to put it in but I realized that it was the wrong size threads. I couldn't find the size online so if...
  16. thelonebean

    e85 storage?

    I'm going to convert to that sweet sweet corn but the only problem is that the nearest e85 station is way out of my way (about 60 miles). My idea is to get 2-3 55 gallon drums and store them at my house. I only drive my car 2 times a week so my question would be if the drums are completely...
  17. thelonebean

    FS: Spec stage 3+ clutch and flywheel

    I bought these parts a couple months back cause I wanted to get rid of my rst but I’m going to stick with a twin disk. Both parts are unused! The clutch is a 26 spline and is 11 inches, comes with alignment tool, throwout bearing and pilot bearing as well. The flywheel is for an 8 bolt cobra...
  18. thelonebean

    battery relocation

    I'm thinking about doing a battery relocation on my 99 gt. Anyone do one and have kits they recommend? Or other parts they recommend having?
  19. thelonebean

    Pcv is bad with blower

    I was recently redoing my intercooler piping from the standard procharger kit piping that honestly had pretty poor fitment and I’m glad I took it apart. This is the photo I took of the blow by from my pcv going into the kit’s location. The oil you see is super old and the consistency of syrup...
  20. thelonebean

    Fs: ba3000 maf

    I bought this off of eBay for my procharger setup but I’m going slot style instead. Asking $170 plus shipping. I bought it used so I’m unsure on how it was tuned but the guy who sold it to me said that it was only on a terminator for less than 5k miles. Sent from my iPhone using the...
  21. thelonebean

    Fs: 17” black fr500’s never taken out of the boxes

    Here I have my 17” black fr500 wheels that I bought off of lmr almost a year ago but went with sk1’s instead so I never wound up taking them out of the box. They are 17x9 in the front and 17x10.5 in the rear. I bought the set for nearly $600 with shipping but I’m asking 500 plus shipping via...
  22. thelonebean

    Pivot ball questions

    I have a t-45 transmission in my 99 gt currently and about to swap clutches to a spec stage 3+ cause f*ck Mcleod rst engagement/disengagement issues. I'll be using an 11" flywheel and clutch meant for 99-04 Cobra, Mach-1, Late 01-04 GT and Bullitt which I'm pretty sure have a tr3650 transmission...
  23. thelonebean

    WTB: Amber Tail Lights

    Not a huge stickler for condition, they just can't be trashed. Let me know if you have some cause I'm not about to spend $2,100 for some on ebay lol
  24. thelonebean

    2v Engine rebuild

    I currently have an mmr800 short block with about 46k miles on it but I want to be prepared for the future and buy a new rotating assembly from mmr or modular head shop. Anyone rebuilt their 2v here and what did it cost for labor? I would just like to know so I can put some money aside for the...
  25. thelonebean

    bumper support with intercooler

    I was planning on running a big boy (5 inch) intercooler on my 99 gt but I didnt want to remove the crash bar cause of the airbag light. Has anyone not ran the crash bar with an intercooler? and does it throw an airbag light cause the sensor isn't plugged in anymore?