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  1. Zemedici

    Is this for real?

    Are you ****ing kidding me? He spit, so you go all Floyd Mayweather on him? Kid gonna get paid, and she deserves a long jail sentence. Only in Atlanta. EMT seen on video beating restrained 17-year-old boy
  2. Zemedici

    ID850cc injectors

    Took these off my girls car, before we traded it in. No issues when removed. 25k miles on them. $500 shipped obo
  3. Zemedici

    WHAT A fun night.

    This was my evening. How was yalls day? Cars totaled, and I’ve got a broken heel bone that requires surgery. My car had right of way fwiw, she turned right in front of me. Don’t remember anything.
  4. Zemedici

    Eagle has Landed

    As some of you may have heard, I've been looking high and low for a new R1. I was very specific in the color scheme i wanted, to match the car. I pick her up Tuesday. 2015 R1 257 Miles Stock as hell Not a scratch on her anywhere. Plans are : Graves exhaust, tinted windscreen, and fender...
  5. Zemedici

    Cobra Center Caps

    Everyone knows what these are 4 x Ford Racing M-1096-CA Center caps Caps are used, but in good shape. $175 shipped obo, I paid $75 for one when i only had 3 for my last cobra, and appear to have since been discontinued.
  6. Zemedici

    Why all of our pictures are ****ed up now

    Hey everyone - Just wanted to spread some light why all our photobucket pictures have been ****ed up lately. What's everyone using as an alternative since imgur is full of douchers and blocked svtp?
  7. Zemedici

    FS : KB BAP

    Got this with my first cobra, forgot I had it until my dad was cleaning out the garage. Never used, comes with Hobbs switch. $185 shipped, PM with questions or offers.
  8. Zemedici

    Picking up my new toy - BRB

    How cool is this? One of a kind pair! Both custom built for current owner. Recently featured on the TV show “The Secret Lives of the Super Rich. Over 2 years in production and over $2,350,000. Invested. Unexpected family incident “regrettably” forces...
  9. Zemedici

    FS : Taillights with Sequential Harnesses

    Hey guys: Recently swapped in Ambers, so I'm selling my ones I had in the car. They're DEPO Reproductions, with sequential harnesses spliced in already. They're plug and play. Asking $100 shipped.
  10. Zemedici

    WGF : Clayton / Heavens Landing

    Who's going to Wanna - Go - Fast this weekend? My shop will be up there. Stop by and say hi! Injected Engineering, big gray / purple trailer.
  11. Zemedici

    FS : Unlocked SCT X4

    No longer need this Basically brand new, bought 1 month ago Unlocked $300 shipped
  12. Zemedici

    Canon 5D Mark III with Many Lenses / Carrying Bag

    Hey guys Girls selling her entire setup, so I told her i'd post it up here too. Here's what she's got - 1 Basically BRAND NEW Canon 5D Mark III body in black (shes maybe used it 5 times total, bought in October) - 1 Canon EF 35mm/2.0 (no lens cap) - 1 Canon EF 85mm/1.8 - 1 Canon Zoom Lens...
  13. Zemedici

    18" AFS Reps with Tires (Need Work)

    Hey Guys : Scooped these up before christmas in the hopes of being able to take the black paint off (black spraypaint) to restore the polished finish. Since then I've moved into an apartment and simply do not have the time to restore them. The polished finish is in good shape, so I have...
  14. Zemedici

    Job Postings

    Hey Guys: My girls a Telecommunications Recruiter now, and she asked if I knew a way to spread the word about potential openings she has. I figured I could post on the forum, and kill 2 birds with 1 stone : help her find candidates, and help the SVTP community. I will update this thread as she...
  15. Zemedici

    FS : Hornblasters Conductor's Special 240 Kit

    Bought this for my girl for her christmas gift, but never got around to installing it, and she wants to sell the car now so not hanging anything else on it. Kit is brand new, in the box. Retails for $599 + shipping, asking $600 shipped...
  16. Zemedici

    FS : Tinted Headlights and Tinted OEM Taillights

    Up for sale are my Tinted OEM Ford Taillights and a set of tinted / clear corner headlights. These items came on the car when I purchased it, and I've since gone back to non-tinted lights. All lights are in working order with no damage or defects. PM With any questions. Taillights $50 shipped...
  17. Zemedici

    Random Saleen Craigslist Find

    check this out : Opinions?
  18. Zemedici

    Personal hobbies?

    I am transitioning to a solid Monday - Friday schedule, 8-5. So I'll have a good bit of time off. Wifey doesn't care to play Xbox anymore, so I was wondering what you guys do for personal hobbies? I'd be interested in doing model cars, something of that sort, without painting. Hell creating...
  19. Zemedici

    FS : Magnaflow Mufflers

    Up for sale are 2 magnaflow mufflers, part #13216. 2 1/2" in and 2 1/2" out, center in and offset exit. In good shape with some scuffs but they still worked fine with no leaks when removed. New they're $70 apiece, selling for $70 shipped for the pair. PM with any questions!
  20. Zemedici

    WTB : Ford Racing Decklid Panel S550

    Wanting to buy a Ford Racing black / blank decklid panel for the 2015+ S550s. Lemme know what you have! Thanks guys!
  21. Zemedici

    Any video editors here?

    Question fellas : Got a shitload of black ops 3 games / clips and was wondering if anyone here did video editing to make a sort of montage, wanting to showcase my skills so maybe the right people see it. If you know anyone that could help me out, that would be appreciated! Thank you!
  22. Zemedici

    Custom Shift Knob

    Custom Powdercoated Shift Knob I've got a MGW to go in my 03 now and won't be using this one. For the record I have over $150 in this Knob. Selling for $50 shipped. Metallic flake black powdercoat with Red SVT emblems on the side + red Shift pattern. It matches 10th interior perfectly. Knob...
  23. Zemedici

    WTB : Stock / OEM Style Headlights

    Looking for OEM style headlights, no tint, no blackout, just OEM style. Lemme know what ya got :beer:
  24. Zemedici

    18" Chrome AFS Reps 18 x 9 18 x 10.5

    Up for sale is a complete set of 18" AFS Reps, fronts are 18 x 9 , rears are 18 x 10. No curb rash, no visible damage to the wheels. Asking $1100 + shipping. These wheels are borderline impossible to get, and cost $1500+ new.
  25. Zemedici


    Every time I get that 'i'm not a robot click here' nonsense it freezes the computer and deletes whatever I've posted. Once I click 'i'm not a robot' it redirects me to nowheresland on svtperformance. I get a URL for the page but it never loads. And it does this on my phone, my computer, my...