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  1. Jefe

    Mad Max Cars Being Auctioned
  2. Jefe

    UGR R8 V10

    Dream car! Check out this Supercar cruise where the cops shut down the highway and they still crash Reeling in a 1300HP Viper
  3. Jefe

    RIP NM Police Officer Jarrott

    Anyone see this? How was this not all over the news? Its tough to watch I first thought that was a homeless guy that came up on his body but thats Homeland Security. Were they waiting behind the police car? Or just showed up 1 minute too late? "The driver of the vehicle was the subject of...
  4. Jefe

    Anyone Bought/Sold on BringATrailer?

    Anyone bought/sold a vehicle on BringATrailer? It sounds like BaT puts you in touch with the winning bidder and you work out the transaction yourselves. The buyer gets charged a 5% fee on the sale price as soon as bidding ends but is that the only guarantee the seller has its a real offer? They...
  5. Jefe

    Classic Bronco Cruise to a National Park

    Last weekend our local club CBOT(Classic Broncos of Tucson) took a cruise to Saguaro National Park West. The giant saguaro in the photos was over 25' tall and probably several hundred years old
  6. Jefe

    Top 5 Items in Your Amazon Wishlist?

    Lately I have been noticing that Amazon is giving me deals on things after I place them in my Wishlist. Sometimes its a week or two and sometimes its a year later. So lets see your top 5 items and see if we can't get some deals/ideas! Added this dustbuster to my list 2 weeks ago and it just...
  7. Jefe

    Death Diving!

    Watch both sets of vids
  8. Jefe

    Adirondack Chairs

    Anyone here build these types of chairs? Looking for a couple of bar/counter height chairs with a table between them as well as some low to the ground ones that fold with leg rests. Rather support local than made overseas or a massive chain store. Wish this company would ship. Anyone...
  9. Jefe

    SVT Cobra Shirt

    Found this in the closet and I think I wore it maybe 3 times. Size XL and excellent condition Asking $15 plus shipping
  10. Jefe

    Track Day with 40 Raptors

    Met up with 40 Raptors at Apex Motor Club in Maricopa, AZ for a private track day by Arizona Raptor Runs. Foutz Motorsports was also there which is the company that tested the Raptor in Baja prior to public release. Did some hot laps on the brand new pavement track and spent a few hours on their...
  11. Jefe

    Vehicles with Small EBrake Handles?

    I am in need of a mechanical ebrake handle for my Bronco restoration and am trying to find a handle that is no more than 10" from top to bottom. Also need to have a push button release and short throw. Any ideas on what cars have the shortest ebrakes? Does anyone have one of these vehicles...
  12. Jefe

    Hellcat Replacement: SVT Raptor

    Started my Raptor search almost 5 years ago and finally found what I was looking for. Traded in my Charger Hellcat on this 2014 SuperCab Raptor with 39K miles. 1,200 mile round trip that took 9 hours to pick it up and 8.5 hours to bring it home. I've now gone from SVT to SRT to SRT and now back...
  13. Jefe

    2013 Raptor with 900 miles

    I don't want someone to miss out on this thing so I posted it here and in the Raptor section I can't make the numbers work on my end or else I would. I've talked to the dealer and it is flawless. The previous owner has quite the car collection and just never drove it. Someone snag this thing...
  14. Jefe

    2013 6.2L with 900 miles FS

    Came across this and I can't make the numbers work on my end. I've talked to the dealer and it is flawless. The previous owner has quite the car collection and just never drove it. Someone snag this thing! Asking $46,977 Call Mike at 508-340-2055...
  15. Jefe

    Looking at '13-14 SCabs

    Looking to pick up a white 6.2L '13-14 SCab Raptor mainly for the HIDs and potentially lower mileage. Found one in Michigan, these photos concern anyone else? 59K miles Im seeing prices anywhere from $33K - $40k. Some guys still holding out hope on the higher end?
  16. Jefe

    2015 Charger Hellcat

    SOLD Up for sale is my 2015 Charger Hellcat. It remains the quickest, fastest, and most powerful production Sedan in the world. Top speed over 200MPH, 707HP & 650TQ, 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds and it gets 24MPG on the highway with seating for 5. First registered in August 2015, it now has 28K...
  17. Jefe

    WTB: 6.2 Two Door Raptor

    Looking for a 2 door 6.2L Raptor with a sunroof, touchscreen stereo and under 60K miles if possible. Is this a Unicorn?
  18. Jefe

    Bronco Towing a GT40

    This was just posted on a Bronco site without info. Someone thought it might be the iconic ‘66 LeMans winner and looks to be Chris Amon and maybe Bruce McLaren in the back seat Anyone know anything else?
  19. Jefe

    My Classic Bronco Build: F8 LUBR

    Im starting to make actual progress on my 1974 LUBR build so I figured its time to start a build thread. As of today, 7/3/18, we are 2 weeks away from primer so this should go fast. Little bit of a back story, my car addiction began about 28 years ago when my Uncle took me for a ride in his...
  20. Jefe

    Hellcat on Fire

    The car is owned by a guy in the UAE I believe and he beats the hell out of it. Videos are long but worth it This is not the first time he's done it either
  21. Jefe

    Hellcat Replacement

    Warranty is about up on the Charger Hellcat and Im having impure thoughts about selling it. I could buy an extended warranty but I need to free up some cash for a business move and Im in the middle of my Classic Bronco build. Selling the Charger would net me more than I put into it plus I could...
  22. Jefe

    751RWHP 671TQ ... Jeep

    LMR850 Package. No details or pricing yet but a stock Trackhawk has put down 575/533
  23. Jefe

    2000 Mile Baja Bronco Adventure

    Last August a group of Classic Bronco owners decided to meet up in Yuma, AZ on Cinco De Mayo 2018 and take a 2,000 mile offroad trip through Baja Mexico. It started out as 13 Broncos and they wound up with 10 making the trek from all over the US, some from as far as Minnesota and Pennsylvania...
  24. Jefe

    Bay Area...Where to Stay/What to Do

    Flying into Oakland and spending a few days in the Bay Area before heading up to Oregon. What to see and what areas to avoid? Looking to try out some amazing food and bars with views The plan so far: Day 1 - Mavericks/Half Moon Bay/Walnut Creek/Berkeley Day 2 - Ferry to Sausalito/Muir Woods...
  25. Jefe

    MegaRaptor/MegaRexx/F250R Builds

    So Im headed over to my sisters house a few weeks ago and I see this massive custom Raptor coming up behind me. So I get online and find the company F250R( & and he's based here in Tucson. They take in stock 7.3 SuperDutys and turn them into Raptor killers...