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  1. Rambro

    A/C making noise from the dash?

    When running normal a/c it sounds like there’s a tiny rock or something pinging around in there. It only does this when on normal a/c, when you turn it to max the noise goes away. Any ideas what could cause this?
  2. Rambro

    WANTED: Diamond Racing 16x10’s

    Looking to get some Joe Lynch specials. Prefer black finish.
  3. Rambro

    Opinions on used 16 Mustang gt?

    Looking to get into a stock automatic coyote car to daily. I drove the car posted below and it drives very nice but mileage is high. Prices seem high on both s197 and s550 cars in my area. About what should I pay for one of these used with say 75k and up miles. It will just be a stock daily...
  4. Rambro

    Heater core bypass

    I have coolant coming out of condensation drain. Don't want to tackle this job just yet. Any special tools needed to take the lines off the heater core? Or any tips to make the job easier?
  5. Rambro

    WTB reichard racing 3.0 whipple pulley

    Who has one?
  6. Rambro

    Reichard Racing 2.70 whipple pulley

    In great shape. 150 plus shipping and PayPal fees. Also, no bolts included.
  7. Rambro

    Black stuff in intake port?

    Pulled blower and the intake ports in the head has this black stuff in them. What could cause this?
  8. Rambro

    2.3 whipple gen 2 f/s

    Just received my 2.9 gen 4 so this has to go. Blower is still on the car ATM and in perfect working order. Does not come with pulley or sensors. 2000$ is my asking price, buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees.
  9. Rambro

    Issues after replacing tob.

    Pulled trans to replace noisy tob and now its like there's no play in the fork and the cable isn't going on right. I have a three hook quadrant and before I would have it on the middle hook. Now if i try to put it on the middle hook, there's no adjusting the cable at all and its tight. On the...
  10. Rambro

    05-09 gt's as a daily?

    Been driving my 03 focus for a long time now. It's a decent car but its just not me. Been looking at the 3 valves as a new replacement daily. Im looking at cars in the 5~7 range so they have high miles, but theres alot of nice ones out there for cheap. So are these pretty decent cars? Not...
  11. Rambro

    Leaning out when coming to a stop.

    My car will do this thing where on decel and still in gear, then throw it in neutral while coming to a stop, the rpms will dip down to 500 and my a/f gauge will lean out. I can hear the tone of the engine get quiet then the car will recover and settle to normal idle. No issues under wot or part...
  12. Rambro

    Tossed a metco idler last night.

    Took the car out last night and gave it the buisness a little. Shifted into second and I hear loud banging under the car. So I limp it back home and find the metco idler by the crank pulley is missing. Never heard of this happening. I tried out an RPM belt last summer and it was killing...
  13. Rambro

    Wtb 17 inch Enkei rpf1's

    Looking for 17x9 and 17x10.
  14. Rambro

    New Rpm belt killing alternator bearings?

    I've had two napa alternators crap out on me since I put the gates rpm belt on, its the bearings. Ive heard that you shouldn't run too tight on the rpm belts but the 75 inch belt was never excessively tight. Indicator on tensioner is in the middle, so I ordered that size. Could this belt be...
  15. Rambro

    Napa alternator failures.

    Bought a nappa alt with lifetime warranty. It had been going along strong for about a year and this morning it sounded like the bearings took a dump. Get the replacement on and its showing low 13's at start up and its dipping into the high twelves after about a 20 minute drive. Might be time to...
  16. Rambro

    IRS pumpkin fill plug?

    Planning on pumping out the old and pumping in some fresh oil. Where is the plug located?
  17. Rambro

    Swaybar endlinks for lowered car?

    Any certain ones I should look at for a car on H&R race springs with no isos? I read a couple older threads about using shorter ones for lowered cars but the links to the parts were expired. I would re use the stock stuff but the bushings were kind of crusty.
  18. Rambro

    10w30 amsoil ss to 0w40?

    Last year I got a oil analysis on my 10w30 amsoil ss and everything was fine except it sheared down to a 20 weight. Was thinking about trying the 0w40 ss or would I be better off sticking with what I got? My car probably sees less than 2k miles a year but a lot of pulls to redline and gets...
  19. Rambro

    Leaking oil cooler, where to top off?

    Oil cooler has been leaking a bit. Coolant is low in res when cold but full at crossover. How would i go about topping it off? You cant add to the resivior right? Are folks rebuilding or deleting the coolers nowadays? Mine has been having these little phantom leaks the last couple years and it...
  20. Rambro

    Going with a Napa alternator.

    Stock alt has been struggling here lately. Voltage has been dropping from mid 13's to sometimes mid to low 12's on a decent drive. Started it today and mid 11's. Don't really have money for a fancy alt right now so I'm going parts store. How often are people having to change them out?
  21. Rambro

    2.3 whipple e85 track times.

    2.3 gen 2 on pump e75, 2.70 upper only, stock manifolds, stock IRS with brace, 16 inch M&H cheaters. I tried to run one cycle of ice through the tank before each pass but the blower was still warm before passes, I don't think any icing was done on this pass though. 3000 rpm launch. 60'... 1.682...
  22. Rambro

    Phantom engine knock

    Started the car up to go for a drive and it was knocking bad and was consistent with rpm. Shut the car off and started it again and the noise is gone, car runs and drives fine. I have been running sportsman 8 ply front skinnies and I have to drive them up on a few sheets of carpet because they...
  23. Rambro

    Why do headers, ported heads, and cams show such little gains?

    I've always heard that these are sound mods and really aren't very effective. They show big gains on pushrod stuff so why not a 4 valve? Most of the stuff I've researched goes back a few years so maybe R&D has gotten better? I might be looking at a rebuild soon and pretty much ruled those three...
  24. Rambro

    Amsoil atf issues

    Recently put this in my t56 and it's not liking it at all at higher rpm's. Before amsoil ATF I had cheap non synthetic merc 3 in there as reccomended by the shop that built the trans and never had a problem. Anyone else have issues with a particular type of trans oil?
  25. Rambro

    Bias ply's for roll racing?

    Was just wondering if it would slow the car down as opposed to radials. Right now I'm running my 15x4's in front and my 315 555r's on 10.5 replicas in back. The replica rims and 315's are a lot heavier than my slicks and ponys but I wonder if the bias ply rears will have any negative effects...