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  1. Rambro

    GenV 3.0 on the way…tips?

    Interested in your results. I am also deadhead and stock rails.
  2. Rambro

    Remote tune

    You’re in good hands with 04sleeper. He’s tuned mine from ported eaton, 2.3 whipple, to the current 2.9 whipple.
  3. Rambro

    Intercooler reservoir tank.

    I’m also wanting to go with a big under hood tank and possibly do a small, relocated expansion tank. Anyone else think the attached expansion tank could bring extra heat to the IC tank?
  4. Rambro

    FOR SALE: Oem IC/HE/BRACKET, JLT, oem shift knob, Accufab TB

    I’ll take the JLT w/o the maf.
  5. Rambro

    Best single disc clutch?

    I’ve had two Promotion clutches in my car. I liked the old basic one when I had an eaton, and now I have the one rated for 700 ft pounds with the blue spec pressure plate and it’s been good so far. I have an aluminum flywheel and it’s not as easy to get going from a stop as a steel one would.
  6. Rambro

    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Nice mph. Always love to see Eaton cars running good.
  7. Rambro

    THE COBRA IS BACK @ Lethal Performance!

    About how much would a basic, used Gen 2 coyote/6r80, Ford racing control pack cost as far as swap parts go?
  8. Rambro

    FOR SALE: Good 4v build parts

    Interested in the block. I’ll pm
  9. Rambro

    Storing cobra with E70-E85.

    Full tank. Been doing it the same way the last 5 years on e85. And my car has been strictly pump e75~e80 since converting to return system.
  10. Rambro

    What is your daily beater? Do you enjoy it?

    No forced atmospheres currently. I know they are monsters with boost, but I still have plans for my cobra so it will probably stay n/a for a bit. I was wondering if an aftermarket converter would be worth while, along with some trans cooling mods? Or gears? It has 3.15’s.
  11. Rambro

    What is your daily beater? Do you enjoy it?

    Stock 18’s in front and 17x9 fr500’s with Hoosiers. I have 17x4.5 jegs stars just no tires yet. Just a budget drag setup.
  12. Rambro

    What is your daily beater? Do you enjoy it?

    2015 gt a6. Lund 93 tune, eibach sportlines, muffler delete. It feels slow, absolutely no torque, but it’s very comfortable to drive every day.
  13. Rambro

    Local"ish" Texan Gets the "04sleeper Sauce"

    The best tuner for the 03/04 cobra in my opinion and experience. Kevin has tuned my car on e85 from ported eaton, to 2.3 whipple, and 2.9 whipple currently. My car is still stock longblock and it’s been well seasoned over the years, but it keeps going strong and I credit a lot of that to Kevin’s...
  14. Rambro

    Another new intake

    Sexy intake and music. Awesome that you’re pushing the 2 valve to it’s maximum potential.
  15. Rambro

    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Thanks! H&R race, no iso’s.
  16. Rambro

    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Got some new Diamond 16x10’s so I decided to put the drag rims on to take a couple pics. Also put the front sway bar back on and I think it drives a million times better.
  17. Rambro

    26 vs 28 inch height tires on 15 inch rim

    My car is probably around 700 rear wheel now and I’ll be using m&h 26 inch on 16x10 diamonds. Hopefully I can get to the track sometime this year with this setup. Two passes were made on these tires and they did 1.7 sixty’s launching at about 3500 with a 2.3 whipple. If they’re not enough for...
  18. Rambro

    Redfire picture thread

  19. Rambro

    THE COBRA IS BACK @ Lethal Performance!

    Not a bad decision at all. I have a 15 gt for a daily and it’s such a nice car I really don’t want to mod it past the Lund tune, eibachs, and muffler deletes. But it would be even better with a vortech at 8 psi lol. Just like the terminator’s the coyotes are phenomenal with boost, no denying it...
  20. Rambro

    THE COBRA IS BACK @ Lethal Performance!

    That’s cool. It’s a coyote world we are living in now so I understand the appeal of it, especially to the younger generation. But most people think of the 03/04 platform as being way behind the coyote stuff, lame, no technology but that’s not entirely true. It would be nice to see the cobra come...
  21. Rambro

    THE COBRA IS BACK @ Lethal Performance!

    Be sure and post up the low tech terminator fox swap in here please.
  22. Rambro

    A/C making noise from the dash?

    When running normal a/c it sounds like there’s a tiny rock or something pinging around in there. It only does this when on normal a/c, when you turn it to max the noise goes away. Any ideas what could cause this?
  23. Rambro

    Anyone else not overly excited about newer muscle/sports cars?

    I love my 03 cobra for everything it is and my 15 gt is no different. Both awesome, but totally different. My 15 is stock besides eibach sportlines, Lund 93 tune, and muffler delete. Lowering the 15 totally changed the appearance of the car and the tune woke it up nicely as well. But where the...
  24. Rambro

    Hoosier DR or TOYO TQ

    I have these Hoosiers on some mismatched fr500’s. I’ll probably get some Gen 2 555r’s for my everyday enki rpf1’s.