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    New VMP TVS owner

    The vmp tune doesn't throw a check engine light either with no cats
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    18's on a s550 question

    Do 18's fit on the s550's ? I have a set of sve drift wheels 9" fronts and 10" rears with good tires on them but don't see anywhere that sells 18's for s550's always 19's and 20's
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    Roush phase 1 upgrades

    I have a roush phase one package on my 16gt and was going to do a phase 2 package but being as it's currently backordered and the roush tune isn't very impressive, I was thinking about just piecing together my own and having Lund do the tune, the phase 2 uses an 80mm pulley, will a 79mm pulley...
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    drive shaft bolts size?

    what size are the stock driveshaft bolts, taking out an aftermarket drive shaft and i cant find my stock bolts to put back in, any help would be much appreciated
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    Fuel system questions

    What kind of power can you make on 93 octane with the stock pump and a bap? I'm looking at a roush stage 2 blower car just wondering if I do exhaust and get it retuned would I need more fuel system upgrades? Or would that set up be fine for 700ish whp
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    How much timing are people seeing on e85

    Just curious what people are seeing wot through the rpm range, I'm still in the tuning process but have been seeing 27-28* through the middle of the curve right now, not sure what it normally runs at I never paid attention before
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    New nitrous pb

    2014 gt mods are off road h pipe, jlt intake, 4c converter, upper and lower control arms, Viking shocks, and a nx plate kit on a 100 shot et street pro's, last years best on the stock converter and stock shocks was 11.2
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    Had a nitrous misshap

    Friday I loaded a new tune for my 100 shot, I had just data logged the car 2 days before on an older tune and didn't drive it or change anything, the only thing I can think of that would have been different was I didn't pay attention to the bottle pressure before I left my house to do the first...
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    Best tire for stock 18" wheels

    What's the largest best tire I can fit on my stock base model wheels, I have et street pro's for the track I just want something that will hook better for the street, I drive 7-8k miles a year with this car
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    How to: converter install

    I did this write up the other day, figured id throw the link out there for anybody here that is looking for one
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    what trans fluid for 6r80

    im going to do a converter install next week and want to change the fluid and filter at the same time, whats the best atf to run in this trans
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    anybody run 110 leaded

    I have torco but I noticed it turning my o2's orange and it got me thinking 110 leaded cant be much worse than that, I only really want to run like a 1/2 tank through it a hand full of times a year when i spray it at the track, anybody have good or bad experience with leaded fuel in the coyote's
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    Recommendations for launching on nitrous

    I have an auto 14 gt stock converter, with intake exhaust and a nx wet kit, it has lca's upper and mount pan hard rod front sway bar removed and et street pro's it dead hooks, last time at the track I sprayed the 100 shot I don't have a window switch, I just stalled it to 1500 and hit it on the...
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    first time to the track with the NX plate kit

    So my only mods are off road H pipe, JLT cai, nitrous and lund tune auto car on et street pro's, I ran an 11.57 at 119 on a 100 shot, I was stalling it to 1500 at the line and just mashing it as i let off the brake, is that a good way to go or is there a better way to launch with a stock...
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    nitrous questions

    I have had quite a few blower and turbo cars but never sprayed a car before, I have very basic mods just off road H pipe, jlt, gt500 mufflers, 2 relay trans brake, and lund tune , my car is a 2014 auto, I would like to spray a 150 shot on it, will I need a fuel pump or bap with 93 on a 150, can...