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    Trans Swap Opinions! Which is the best and why

    If your a turbo car that likes to see alot of track time the TH400 is a great choice. A moderately built 400 will hold 1000 whp, it's streetable just run's a little higher in the rpm range depending on rear gear selection. If the car is your daily I would stick to a manual transmission but if...
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    EDP 7475 Results

    The way I fixed the gen 1 edp kit was to sell it and buy a CPR turbo kit, hands down the most capable kit out there allowing you to run mild to wild without changing a thing it's all included in the kit. Gen 2 edp kit uses a bunch of the components CPR has been using from the beginning that...
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    Blake Holcomb Motor Tear Down Pics

    Well for those of you who saw my thread about the head gasket coolant leak on my newly built Blake Holcomb motor I'd say its pretty easy to see why. Each deep groove led to a coolant leak and you gotta love that balance job.
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    Another Blake Holcomb Motor Failure

    I'm sure some on this board are aware of the poor work Blake Holcomb sends out of his shop. Unfortunately I was not aware of this at the time I ordered and only started to hear of the issues after I had already paid and shipped him my heads and timing components etc. I ordered on Feb 28th, was...
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    5V Power Source

    Looking to add some sensors to my car, is there a already accessible 5v power source somewhere to tap into or do I need to reduce it down somehow? Update - should try reading the instructions first before posting here on my aem aq1 datalogger as it steps down voltage to 5v to supply the...
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    What is this hose

    Cleaning things up from my auto swap, going to cap the port where my clutch line was but not sure what to do with the hose directly above it. Swapped to the auto reservoir and it doesn't have a port to attach it to it.
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    Fuse Location

    Currently doing some wiring on the car using a relay to run my accessories, relay is testing good so I'm thinking I popped a fuse on the green/violet 12v switched wire on drivers side kick panel. Anyone know where that fuse is located?
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    Wiring Gurus Need Help

    So I'm cleaning up some things in the car and decided to add a relay to power some accessories like two step etc. I have some 3 post rocker switches that are illuminated and I wanted to check to see how they should be wired? I'm thinking one post is the ground for each switch, the other...
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    Pulling Motor

    So I'm getting ready to pull my engine on my 14, wanted to know if there are any tips/tricks I should be aware of? Don't have access to a lift so my plan is to go out the top with it, currently the drive shaft is out of the car so I was planning on just disconnecting the trans and lowering it...
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    Flexplate Issue

    I'm pretty sure I have the worst luck when it comes to buying new parts. I went to install my JW flexplate yesterday and after rotating it about 20 times trying to get all the holes lined up so we could loosely start all the bolts we had two that just wouldn't start threading, with the...
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    Size and thread pitch of transmission bolts please?

    Like the title says anyone happen to know the size and pitch of both the bellhousing bolts and crossmember bolts? Thanks
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    Fuel System Upgrade

    Sooooo, I'm thinking it's probably time to start looking at a dedicated fuel system vs the JMS bap I'm currently running. In the short term I will only be turning it up on the stock block with a CPR turbo kit and built trans. Longer term I'm looking to order a built shortblock and have a goal...
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    Ford Performance Race Block

    Doing a little research for a built motor, would this block all but eliminate the need for sleeves if it was the starting point for a build?
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    Radio Delete Plate

    Can't seem to find anything for 11-14 cars in my google searches, is anyone aware of a company that makes a radio delete plate that keeps the slots for the factory buttons and AC/Heat controls but eliminates the radio. Looking to add some switches and perhaps a couple gauges plus give me a...
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    Best DR for street/strip combo

    Was leaning towards the MT et radial pro 275/60/15, but some say they don't hook at well on the street. Is there a better option out there that would work for both, car will be 700+ whp used for no prep races (acutally you can use your own tire prep at the start lol) and occasional street...
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    26" vs 28" Front tire for the track

    Swapping to an auto this winter so getting ready to order some radials for my 17"x 4.5" front wheels. Will be used mainly for the track with just a little bit of street use. Is there any advantage to the 28 vs the 26 at the track in terms of weight transfer etc, I like the look of the 26 with...
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    Mcgard Lug for Darkstar Wheels

    So was planning on getting another set of Welds but with the black friday sale at beefcake I couldn't pass up a set of the dark stars for essentially half price of what I would have spent on Weld's. I'm trying to determine what Mcgard lug part numbers I will need, on the rear's I'll have to run...
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    TH400 Users Please Chime In

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    EDP 7475 Kit

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    325/50/15 ET Street R

    I realize this size of tire might be a bit of overkill on a prepped track but was wanting the extra width for the street. Anyone happen to be running these out back on a 15x10 drag wheel, car is on BMR drag springs? It's really my only option for the local no prep series I run in as it has to...
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    Things To Consider For Transmission Selection

    Ok, planned this winter to swap my MT82 for a manual valve body TH400. Started doing a little research and I see all sorts of recommendations, TH400, 4L80E, 4R70W this is making my head spin lol... My 14GT is a street/strip car, see's very little interstate/highway time maybe 20 minutes if I'm...
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    Auburn Gear Ected

    Anyone here happen to have any experience with this diff? I like the idea of being able to engage/disengage with the flip of a switch. TrueTrac looks to be built a little more stout but some have mentioned some drivetrain noise with it. Pulled the rear end today to have the tubes welded and...
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    Fluid Turbo Sounds like they are gonna start shipping in about 6 weeks, any input on this kit. Obviously it's not released but it sounds like they did alot of testing before releasing cough cough EDP... What's the benefit of twins...
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    To those of you who have had your stock motor built.

    Winter is around the corner for me here in the midwest and while it sucks to have to put the car away I'm considering going full retard on it this winter. Currently doing some research on engine builders, going to do a forged bottom end sleeved build. For those of you who have sent your...
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    EDP 7475 Results

    Well, as some of you know I've been chasing some issues with my EDP kit. Not wanting to jump to conclusions I've spent a great amount of time and money troubleshooting been to the dyno multiple times etc. Below is the dyno graph from today, I have several other graphs as well that show the...