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  1. Taylorb3.7

    Halo Cali Special Fog Lights?

    *I apologize if I put this in the wrong thread I'm new*] So I just bought everything to complete my Front GT swap, with the Boss 302 Fascia I got fog lights, and I was wondering if anyone knows if they sell Halos for the fog lights, going murdered black mustang on bags, and I feel having halos...
  2. Taylorb3.7

    18 " Resonators?

    I have a 2011 v6 with Magngaflow Street axle-backs, most likely doing an H pipe setup. So it would be Axle-Backs, Lethal H (or PC H), stock headers. I've heard a good way to contain the sound for the v6 on H pipes is 18 inch resonators. Does anyone know where I could find these?
  3. Taylorb3.7

    2011 v6 Plasti Dip Plastic Grey Bumper + Side Panel *Questions*

    So I'm going to Plasti dip my 2011 Mustang. I want it to be completely blacked out and to do this I need to plasti dip the plastic bumper, panels and front chin. I bought 2 Cans of black Plasti Dip, would that be enough to do the Panel + Rear Bumper or would I need more? Also I get home around...
  4. Taylorb3.7

    V6 Mustang H pipe or X pipes?

    So I currently have the Magnaflow street axle-back exhaust. I'm not really looking to buy a whole new exhaust but would it be worth it to do X pipes or H pipes. I don't want it to sound like a straight piped Civic or a Tin can. Anyone have a setup that can give me their opinion?
  5. Taylorb3.7

    2011 v6 Mustang to 2012 Front End GT Swap

    I own a 2011 v6 mustang and I want to do a 2012 Front end GT swap on it. I know I need a new Upper Grille and lower grille, I have the Halo Fog lights all from AM. I'm not sure where to get the front bumper or if I need more than just the front Fascia. I don't know if I should go to ford or...