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    Ohio speeding ticket question

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    Oldbie Here

    I'm back!
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    Looking to buy a 2000 - 2004 Lightning

    I would prefer one that has under 100K on the clock and light to moderate mods. The closer to the Tampa area the better. Thanks, Adam
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    I am going to need a much bigger garage.

    So yesterday I went out and bought myself a present. But, now I need a bigger garage. I still have the 550M and Cayenne in there. Plus others in the driveway. It is a blast to drive. What mods should I do first?
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    My new toy was just delivered!

    My new toy just got dropped off at my other house to bad I am not there to enjoy it. I have been working on my new house so my neighbor took delivery and some pics for me. (This is not a picture thread. So, it is properly placed in Roadside.) Oh yeah and I included the view from my back...
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    Anyone from Panama or own property there?

    In May I will be finishing up my latest advanced degree (LLM) and am planning on taking another trip to Panama to scope of waterfront property. If anyone has real knowledge of the area please let me know the better areas to look at. Thanks.
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    R.I.P. SSA John Capano, ATF

    Senior Special Agent John Capano was killed by friendly fire from a retired NYPD Lt. It is a damn shame because John was a really great person. Christopher Geraghty, Retired Lieutenant Who Accidentally Killed ATF Agent John Capano, Is 'Devastated': Lawyer
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    Newest addition to my garage (SUV).

    I bought this SUV this morning. It is a blast to drive. No body roll. 385 BP with some get up and go. AWD. It handles like my 996 C4S
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    WTB: 2001+ Lightning

    I am looking for a Lightning, 2001 or newer, preferrably located within 100 miles of Tampa, Florida. I would prefer Silver or DSG. Let me know what you have for sale with pics. Thanks.
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    Who else has amazing sunsets at their houses

    I got home just at sunset the other night and saw this. I thought it was pretty spectacular. Just wanted to share. Please share your comments. P.S. this isnt a picture thread, it is a comment thread, so it belongs in Roadside. (You know who I am talking to).
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    HTC EVO 4G Shift

    Is anyone here running one of these on the Sprint Network? If so, tell me what you like and dislike about it. I have a Palm Pre that is about to give up the ghost and there is no new Pre available. Also, if anyone is running the Samsung Epic, give me your opinions as well. Thanks.
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    SVTP has regional forums (A Taste of Home) for a reason.

    SVTP specifically set up the regional forums to avoid geographic location specific posts from clogging up the other forums. If you are asking a question about a specific geographic location, for instance, "I'm coming to Dallas, what is there to do," "Any good car shops in Sarasota?," etc...
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    Best Superbowl Commercial

    I saw this one and had to watch it twice it was so funny. Doritos: Play Nice - 2010 Super Bowl Commercials -- NFL FanHouse
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    I just finished my latest project

    I just finished my latest project around the house. I decided two months ago I would build my own swimming pool. So, I did my research and set out on my way. I knew I wanted a free form pool with a bench that has spa jets on it, as well as a beach entry with a built in umbrella sleeve. I...
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    Found this surprise in my backyard

    I went out to my backyard this morning and found this fella.
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    Amazon Kindle 3

    I am looking at the new Amazon Kindle 3. I am trying to decide between the wifi version and the 3G version. It appears that the 3G version doesnt do much more than allow the person to access Amazon's site to buy stuff. Does anyone here have either device and what are your thoughts on it?
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    New 2011 GM Car

    Eye On The World: Obummer - the new 2011 GM car
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    LEOs Only means site verified Law Enforcement Officers Only.

    This is not a hard concept. It is quite simple, yet some members continue to think it is okay to post in threads designated as LEO Only by the OP, when in fact it is not. Please show some respect for your fellow members who designate their threads as LEOs Only. It does not preclude you from...
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    Closed on my new house today

    I just got back from the final walk through and closing on my new house. I always wanted to live on the water. The current dock is being expanded and a new 4 post 16,000 pound lift is being installed in two weeks.
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    I thought it was a scam

    I got home last night and there was a small box waiting by my door. It was addressed to me at the address of my current residence. It is odd because I use my P.O. Box for most things I order. I opened the box and to my surprise it was a very familiar light blue box with a white ribbon. I...
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    It was time for a new DD

    It was time for a change. Up until today I had three coupes. I decided I needed a sedan. It is nice, drives well, has all the bells and whistles, plus it has 330 BHP. :banana:
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    Wow. It must be stated again.

    Please read (actually read) the rules for the Donut Shop. I have had way too many complaints from OPs and members about recent threads. This forum is here to assist people who have legitimate questions they want answered either by L.E.O.s only or by anyone with actual knowledge. Actual...
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    AR-15 in Miami

    I am looking to add another AR-15 to my collection. Can anyone point me in the direction of a reputable online dealer with fair prices or a shop in Dade or Broward County, Florida?
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    For My Superbowl Participation

    I volunteered some of my tactical expertise for this years Superbowl here in Miami and got this nice gift.
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    Inmate hides gun in his fat rolls.

    Obese TX inmate hides gun in his flabs of fat - Las Vegas Sun