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    WTB: 2010-12 Shelby GT500 - Black with Grabber Blue Stripes

    HI guys, looking for a 2010-12 Shelby GT500 in Black with Grabber Blue Stripes. I want it with Navigation and having the stripes in the seats. I would love a 2012 with the Recaros but i won't be overly picky. Would like low miles, mint paint, etc. if you have the real deal but no nav etc i...
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    WTB: 07-09 GT500 steering wheel

    As title states, looking for a 07-09 GT500 steering wheel, hoping to have one in my hands by Christmas. Thanks guys 203-695-4873
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    1998 Cobra won't ready for emissions, all monitors say Not Available

    98 Cobra, long tubes, catted x, all 02 sensors, catback and filter are only mods. Car will not ready for emissions. No check engine light, no pending codes, no prior codes. Took it to my tuner today to see if it had a tune in it and needed to be flashed to stock but to my surprise everything...
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    For Sale: 98 BAB Cobra, Cammed 3v swap, clean title.

    1998 Mustang Cobra, Bright Atlantic Blue, Black interior, 86k miles on the body original, 53k on the motor, 3v 4.6L with Comp Mutha Thumpr cams, Ford Racing Intake Manifold, Cobra throttle body, cold air intake, Red Monster Cop swap harness, 3:73 gears, brand new 03/04 cobra clutch, new...
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    2000 Ford Lightning, basic upkeep going backwards ....?

    Hi guys, finally got a Lightning, its a Silver 2000 with a whopping 245k miles, i bought it with 243k, it has been a great truck in the past 2 weeks i have owned it. However, When i bought the truck the check engine light was on for Catalyst below efficiency threshold bank 1 and bank 2, so i...
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    FS: Short runner intake for 1996-1998 Cobra 4v

    For sale is a cut short runner intake for all 1996 to 1998 B head cobras, will also fit lincoln mark 8 swaps. Will sell just the lower for $400 shipped, if you need the top hat with the cobra plaque on it then I am looking for $650 shipped or best. Thanks 2036954873
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    FS: Complete Vortech V1 supercharger kit, BBK twin 65mm tb too!

    Vortech V1 supercharger kit, Anderson power pipe, #42 injectors, walbro 255lph fuel pump, all brackets, pulleys, belt, lines etc to bolt on and go. Coolant crossover tube etc all included $2400 shipped obo. For 1996-1998 Cobra, will fit Bullitt and other year cobras and mach 1 with different...
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    2007 Shelby GT500, $27,900 OBO- Clean Title

    2007 Shelby GT500, Alloy metallic with Satin Silver stripes with Charcoal/Red interior. 1 Of only 68 Coupes with this color combo produced by Ford. 31,2xx Miles, 6 speed, McLeod RST Clutch, Barton Shifter, FRPP K lowering springs, Recent Nitto Tires on all 4 corners, Innovators west 10% crank...
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    For Sale : Ford Racing Stingers Axle Back for 2005-2010, FRPP

    Up for sale is my Ford Racing/Borla Stinger Axle Backs for all 2005-2010 Mustang GT and GT500. Great condition, $280 shipped. Thanks
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    FS: FRPP Stingers for 05-10, and ARH 1 3/4 headers and catted x pipe for 07-12

    Up for sale is my 2005-2010 Ford Mustang GT/GT500 Stingers. In great shape, same as Borla Stingers, no dents or bends etc. $280 shipped obo 2007-2012 GT500 American Racing Headers 1 3/4 (used) and a brand new High flow catted ARH mid pipe for those headers $680...
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    FS: 5.8L TVS, BBK TB, Exhaust, etc, make offers lots of parts. !!

    5.8L Take Off TVS- SOLD Thanks 13/14 Injectors, bought new, have 850ish miles, SOLD BBK Twin 65mm throttle body, bought new, 250 miles, works with stock tune, $310 shipped OBO Borla Stinger Axleback, mint shape, $280 shipped for 07-10 UPR 2.5" off-road X pipe for 07-10 GT500...
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    FS: 2007 GT500 Alloy with Silver stripes and Red interior, 1 of 67, Rare Make offer

    2007 Shelby GT500, Alloy Metallic with Satin Silver stripes, Red interior, 31k miles, ford racing suspension, Innovators west 10% lower crank pulley,McLeod RXT clutch, McLeod braided steel clutch line, factory exhaust with cats, clean title in hand, has newer Nitto 555 tires on all 4 wheels, Car...
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    FS : (2) 2013/14 GT500 AM rep wheels, 19s with new tires cheap!

    2 basically brand new GT500 American muscle replica wheels, they are 19x8.5 with sumitomo 245/45/19 front tires that are in the wrapper. Bought these as I was going with 2013/14 rep set up but I bought 11 GT500 wheels off my buddy last minute. $350 or best offer plus shipping. Located in CT...
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    Stock 4 cat h pipe, stock irs catback, tb, plenum stock upper pulley etc

    Factory 03/04 catted h pipe -$140 plus shipping OBO in excellent shape Factory IRS catback - $130 plus shipping in very good shape (off 28k mile cobra) Factory throttle body and plenum in excellent condition - $80 shipped Factory upper super charger pulley - $40 shipped Don't...
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    FS: OEM GT500 shifter and stock upper pulley for 07-12 GT500

    OEM gt500 shifter from a 2012 GT500 with 7000 miles on it. -$65 shipped OEM stock upper supercharger pulley in excellent shape with 7000 miles as well - $35 shipped Pics available and will post up shortly. Paypal is. [email protected] Please pay fees or send as gift...
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    FS : ULTRA RARE Japanese Exported Mustang GT, 84k KM, [email protected]@K

    Been a long time fan/lover of SN95 cars, purchased this from a gentleman in Rhode Island/MA line. It is Deep Forest Green Metallic with Tan leather interior. All original and. UNMODIFIED 5.0L with AOD transmission. Just turned 84,002 KM = 52,195 ORIGINAL miles. To my knowledge/passed...
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    FS: Stock 12 GT500 shifter and stock upper pulley

    Up for sale is a stock shifter from a 2012 GT500 with 8000 miles $60 shipped And I also have the stock upper supercharger pulley for the factory blower for $35 shipped. Thanks. Paypal is. [email protected] Send as gift or cover fees please Pulley is in mint shape just very...
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    My 07 GT500 transformation and MOOCH pics with a buddies Vapor Shelby

    Traded my Coyote Swapped saleen and cash for this 2007 Alloy with Satin silver striped GT500. It was Pullied and had intake and 10% lower and put down 519 rwhp on a mustang dyno and a supposed 584 rwhp on a dyno jet.. A few weeks later I bought a takeoff 5.8 blower and put that on, with the...
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    FS: WELD Racestars, Polished, Basically New, w/hardware !!

    For sale are My Weld Race Stars, Polished, they have M&H front tires with Mickey thompson rears. Purchased them new from American Muscle. I mounted these on my 2007 Shelby Gt500 and drove to a car show and snapped a few pictures with them on the car, NO Burnouts or track passes, about 150 to 170...
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    WTT: Corsa AB for?..

    As the title states , would like to trade my corsa axle back for another axle back and will work something out with buyer, if even trade value that's fine, if not I'd like cash or would like trader to cover my shipping costs etc. NOTE THESE ARE FROM A 2007 GT500... So will fit all 07-2010...
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    NE- CT/MA/NJ/NY Annual SVTp meet, September ish!? New England PPl in here

    Guys, looking to have a meet like we did last year, may or may not be at the funeral home parking lot again, i do have 2 parking lots available local where we will not be bothered and can do whatever (family owned) We can keep this all SVTP like we did last year or add anything into the mix...
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    Gets very stiff after warm up, McLeod clutch issue?

    07 GT500, full bolt on car, runs excellent, however upon the car coming to full operating temp it requires a little extra thrust to get the car to go into 1st from a dead stop and sometimes 2nd after 1st gear light acceleration. When the shelber is cold it shifts like butter, the second it...
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    WTS or WTT: 1997 Saleen Coyote & T56 Swap, for Lightning or Shelby + Cash!

    1997 Ford Mustang Saleen S281, Moonlight blue with grey interior, 91k miles, was originally a 4.6L Non Pi 2V car with a T45, but i have spent the past 2 months installing a 2013 5.0L Engine and a T56 transmission. I will list the mods below, but the Saleen is #34, has all the stamps/plaques in...
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    Those doing trans swaps/coyote swap - big thanks to STIFFLERS quick read.

    Did a coyote swap to my 97 saleen and ordered a Stifflers t56 crossmember for my swap, arrived quickly and was a quality piece. However it did not fit properly and required over 30 minutes of torching and hammering to a pulp to get it to work. Brian at Stifflers found my thread and told me I...
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    2007 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, C6Z06, Blk/Blk, Nav, Heated Seats,$29,950.

    2007 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, 505hp, 100% Factory Stock, only 39k original miles, Leather, heated Seats, Navigation, cd, chrome factory wheels, 6 speed, clutch is excellent, brakes are excellent, tires are good, power everything, Heads Up Display, 30mpg highway Supercar. Holds a CT Rebuilt...