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  1. bassin247

    how old were you when you got your permit and drivers license?

    My friend who is 29 is telling me when he was 15 1/2 he could get his drivers license and that license was a Jr operators license until you were 16. I called BS on his story. I'm 27 and got my permit at 16, my license at 16 1/2, and I stayed a Jr operator until I was 18 (just like it is today)...
  2. bassin247

    F/S Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter for 03-04 Cobra

    Steeda triax shifter $95 shipped. $190 New from
  3. bassin247

    55# injectors and steeda tri-ax

    55# injectors $250 (new $500 from They have ~6000 miles on them. Steeda triax shifter $100. $190 New from Prices do not include shipping.
  4. bassin247

    FS: Autotap Serial with Ford Enhanced Parameters

    I have an AutoTap hardware version 2 model AT2 with ford enhanced parameters for your personal computer for sale. It has a serial interface (9 pin connector). I sent AutoTap an email asking about the capabilities of my autotap and this is their response. So you can buy my unit and use it...
  5. bassin247

    F/S 2 03-04 Cobra OEM Chrome Rims w/ 17" ET Streets

    I have 2 oem chrome rims for 03-04 cobra with 17" et streets. The chrome rims have a little curb rash on them each of them. One of the ET Streets has a small leak in it. The first 125 takes both rims and tires. I used these two rims for drag racing. I can get pics on Friday.
  6. bassin247

    The cobra is gone.

    As of yesterday I am no longer a cobra owner. I am now the proud owner of a Silver 07 Nissan Titan LE pickup. I'm in Baltimore until Friday. When I get back I'll post some pics.
  7. bassin247

    injectors, tri-ax, bell housing

    55# injectors $300 (new $500 from Steeda triax shifter $100. $190 New from Mcleod Bell housing for 03 Cobra T56 (new) $250 Summit sells for $375 Prices do not include shipping.
  8. bassin247

    sequencial turn signals

    Sequencial Turning Signals $60 You send me your harnesses and flasher timer and I will send you my modified harnesses and flasher timer. Install time is 15 minutes and requires no cutting.
  9. bassin247

    injectors, shifter, sct maf, bellhousing, cai

    55# injectors $300 (new $500 from Steeda triax shifter $100. $190 New from Mcleod Bell housing for 03 Cobra T56 (new) $250 Summit sells for $375
  10. bassin247

    MM torque Arm, Panhard Bar, and Adjustable LCAs

    Maximum Motorsports HD Torque Arm $400. It's $650 new from Maximum Motorsports Panhard Bar $200. It's $360 new from Maximum Motorsports Heavy Duty Adjustable lower control arms with sway bar mounts for 99-04 GT. $260 ( It's 389 new from...
  11. bassin247

    pinion flange bolt size?

    Does anyone know what size/type of socket you need to take the bolts out of the pinion flange? I remember it's not a standard socket.
  12. bassin247

    KB and other parts for sale.

    Polished KB w/ 11,13,15,17# pullies,kb tb, pulley changing tool, bap, new gasket kit, new hadware kit, new instruction manual, polished hbh oil spray kit. The blower needs to be cleaned. It's dirty from being on my car that was just sitting in my driveway. $2600 I paid ~4500 for all of this...
  13. bassin247

    I have a bunch of used/new stuff for sale.

    Everything is gone. Thanks!
  14. bassin247

    WTB Used 03 Cobra Bassani Offroad X pipe

    I need a used stainless steel offroad bassani x pipe for my 03 cobra. If you have one for sale send me a PM. Thanks, Mike
  15. bassin247

    WTB or WTT for stock IRS

    I need a stock IRS out of an 03/04 Cobra. I have a solid axle out of bullitt with an eaton posi, moser 31 spline axles, extended studs, fms 3.55s, welded axle tubes, hd aluminum diff cover. I paid over 2000 in parts in labor. If you can sell me your IRS or if you want to trade for my solid and...
  16. bassin247

    what's my cobra worth?

    What's a Black 03 Cobra Coupe with the following mods worth? 36000 miles. Good shape (no dents but need to have rear bumper repainted because a jackass scuffed the paint) Chrome rims w/ new tires (about 3000 miles on them) KB (polished) 2.2 @15 PSI. ~560rwhp 500rwtq KB 11,13,15,17psi...
  17. bassin247

    Anyone know of an 03/04 IRS for sale?

    I'm getting rid of the car. I want to demod it before I get rid of it. If anyone knows of an IRS let me know. Thanks, Mike
  18. bassin247

    Daytona Bike Week

    Anyone going? I'll be down the whole week with my gf and a bunch of friends.
  19. bassin247

    Guys/Gals that like to solve riddles in here

    I've been screwing around with this website for the last few days trying to solves the different riddles. They get harder as you go along. I'm on level 17. There are 80 levels. Have fun!
  20. bassin247

    local guy got nailed for dling music online. :eek:

    peep this... CLICKY
  21. bassin247

    Who is up for a G2G on Saturday?

    I'm off on Saturday and want to get out. I'm dropping by MJ's house some time to pick up a set of gears but if anyone wants to get together let me know.
  22. bassin247

    What cell phone do you have? How do you like it?

    I have a Motorola V710 and I love it. What about you?
  23. bassin247


    My avatar will kick your avatars arse! :pepper:
  24. bassin247

    Superbowl. What are your plans?

    Maybe we can setup something. As of now I was planning on watching it at home with a few friends.
  25. bassin247

    New England Fast Ford members or perspective members in here..

    If you could please send me an email (with an account you regularly check) including your... 1) Name 2) Location 3) Car Year/Make/Model 4) City/State I need to build an accurate up-to-date members list. I will also be setting up a mailing list. When you email me could you also post a...