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    WANTED: 2003 F150 Harley rear console

    Looking for a complete rear console for a 2003 F150 Harley Edition supercrew truck. Must be in good condition. PM if you have one. Thanks!
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    Are the rear consoles from a 2002 and 2003 interchangable?

    I have a 2003 F150 Harley and someone replaced the rear console with a custom sub box. I am looking to put the stock console back in (if I can find one :) ) and was curious if the console from a 2002 will fit in the 2003. I know the lids are a different design but curious about fitment.
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    Tires for my 2003 Harley Edition

    Thanks for the recommendations. I ended up going with Pirelli Scorpions and they are great!
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    2003 HD Stock Fog Light Bulbs

    Previous owner did a crappy HID conversion to the fog lights that never really worked. I decided to take out the HIDs and replace with stock bulbs. I went to the parts store and they gave me the Sylvania H11 bulbs. Problem is they don’t come with a plastic housing ( which I don’t have) so I took...
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    Tires for my 2003 Harley Edition

    I am looking to replace the OEM Goodyear Eagle GT II's. Anyone recommend something that has a good balance between performance and tread wear that won't break the bank Thanks!
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    2003 F150 HD spare tire key

    Ended up paying a mechanic to remove the lock so that I can just use the rod to lower the spare tire
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    2003 F150 HD spare tire key

    I recently purchased my 2003 HD and noticed the other week it had a flat. I went to change the tire and found out the truck is missing the spare tire key. I read a few things on line about how to deal with this. I wanted to get some opinions on what has worked best for everyone here. Thanks!
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    For Sale: 2003 DSG SVT Mustang Cobra 22k miles

    Dark Shadow Grey 2003 SVT Mustang Cobra. Clean title. 22k miles. Car passes smog (seller will provide smog cert). No issues whatsoever. Car is in immaculate condition with the exception of a couple of scratches on the wheels. The car has the following modifications • Bassani X-pipe...
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    FS BBS RK Plasma 18” wheels and BFG G-Force TA Tires

    Set of four BBS RK Plasma 18” wheels w/ BFG G Force TA tires. Fronts are 18x8.5 with 245/40/ZR18’s and rears are 18x10 with 295/35/ZR18’s. Tires have lots of tread. These wheels are very rare and no longer manufactured. I don’t check PM’s very often so please send e-mail to...
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    Just got my Maier Racing subframe connectors installed! (PICS inside)

    Took a visit to Maier Racing in Hayward CA last week and had them slap on a pair of these dope full length subframe connectors! Excellent workmanship and some of the best customer service I have had from a shop in a long time. :beer: Check it out...
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    Problems with intake tube coming off

    My intake tube keeps slipping off of the throttle body from time to time. It has happened several times. I re-attach it and tighten down the clamp and it seems to go on somewhat tight. However, it keeps happening. What do I need to do to keep it on? Different clamp? New intake tube...
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    WTB Cobra Spare in Florida

    Looking for a Cobra spare in or around the Tampa area. LMK
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    Burning smell coming from driver side rear brake

    I just changed the rear pads on the Cobra. After taking it for a test drive I noticed there was a burning brake smell coming from the driver's side rear caliper. When I looked there was also a bit of smoke. Seems like the capliper is sticking? Any ideas on what to check?
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    Bleeding master cylinder

    I am getting ready to bleed my brakes on my '03 Cobra and wanted to make sure I have the procedure for bleeding the MC (on the car) handy. Anyone have this handy?
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    03 cobra shop Manuel CD dowoad

    Someone posted a link to download the ford shop manuels on CD for free a while back. Can you please repost that link. Thanks
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    What brake fluid should I use?

    Brakes are stock. I just put some new Hawk HPS pads and braided steel lines on it. Getting ready to bleed the brakes. What brake fluid should I use? The car is mostly street driven but I may do a bit of track time so I would like something with a bit higher boiling point than stock. Any...
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    Any advantages runnng an sct ba2400 air meter?

    My 03 cobra is pretty much stock except for a k&n fipk, bassan cattd x pipe, and bassani cat back. Eventually I plan on doing a steiggy port on my blower and a slightly smaller pulley but not much beyond that. I have a ba2400 air meter in my garage from another car I owned. Would there be...
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    BBS-LM wheel fitment question

    I am considering picking up a used set of BBS-LM wheels for my cobra. A friend of mine is selling a set he has on his Porche. Here are the specs 19x8.5 and 19x10 BBS-LM 5x130 Anyone know if this will fit an '03 cobra without any clearance issues?
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    Where to get a cargo net for my Cobra?

    Where can I get a cargo net that I can use in the trunk of my Cobra?
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    Part throttle hesitation

    I have an 03 cobra that is pretty much stock except for a CAI, Bassani X-pipe, and Bassani cat back. Just recently I noticed a slight hesitation at part throttle. Car runs great when you get on it. Any ideas where I should start looking?
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    SUPER CLEAN set of black seats out of a 93 GT

    I have a set of SUPER CLEAN front and back black cloth seats out of a 1993 Mustang GT. Power lumbar works great! No gangster lean, rips, tears, etc. Located in the SF Bay Area $390
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    How to tell if an SCT xcal is unmarried

    Lookin' to buy a used xcal. How do you tell if it is unmarried?
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    Clear Bra on a Terminator

    Anyone here have clear bra's on their Terminators? If so where do you put them? Just the bumper and leading edge of the hood? Also, how much can I expect to pay? Thanks :rolling:
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    WTB 03/04 Cobra

    Hello, I'm looking for a CLEAN 03/04 cobra in California. Here are my min. requirements * Coupes only * Clean title (no salvage or lemon law) * Must pass CA Smog * Under 50k miles I am looking for a stock or tastefully mod'd car w/ no issues that drives like stock and I can use as a...
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    popping/clunking suspension noise

    I looked at a car that I was thinking of buying today. When I backedup up or turned right I heard a popping/clunking noise coming from the passenger side suspension. Anyone have any idea what this could be?