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  1. blueovalkid

    The Snake Pit show in Ohio 2021

    Thx Tob for the kind words and the great pics! It was nice to finally meet you and see your awesome car in person. Hope you can come again next year!
  2. blueovalkid

    Forced Induction: Whipple or Twins

    I have a Whipple on my GT350 with the lowered motor mounts and I dont have any ground clearence issues. I have the FRPP springs as well
  3. blueovalkid

    PPF on fenders?

    My badges were removed then film installed and badges put back on You can plan on the badges being destroyed on removal I bought new ones for reinstall
  4. blueovalkid

    Who's swapped exhaust on their R?

    Could always do a cat delete Lethal Performance LP-16350 Shelby GT350/GT350R 3" T304 Stainless Steel Off Road Pipes
  5. blueovalkid

    GT350R aftermarket wheels?

    I will also vouch for Terrence You will not find better service anywhere You will NOT be disappointed with Signature/Terrance!
  6. blueovalkid

    How risky to buy a whipple’d 350 - preowned?

    I ordered the Whipple for mine Sunday!......
  7. blueovalkid

    GT350 whipple problems

    Sup J?..... Trying to talk myself out of it....
  8. blueovalkid

    GT350 whipple problems

  9. blueovalkid

    Black 350R lug nuts Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  10. blueovalkid

    Black 350R lug nuts

    Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  11. blueovalkid

    Black 350R lug nuts

    The 350 & 350R do use the same lug nuts on the factory wheels. Where you run into problems is when using aftermarket wheels because the 350R have longer studs both front and rear. The CF wheels on the R have thicker pads and lug pedestals which compensate for the longer studs making the factory...
  12. blueovalkid

    The Force is Strong"R" With This One

    Yes..HCM Carbon. I will let Kevin answer the rest...
  13. blueovalkid

    Front wheel offset

  14. blueovalkid

    Front wheel offset

    Tire will be a 275/35/20
  15. blueovalkid

    Front wheel offset

    Can anyone tell me if a 20x10 front wheel with a +38 offset will work on my 08 GT500 Thx
  16. blueovalkid

    My Race Red Track Pack 2016 GT350

    Wow....Lookin good Tob!
  17. blueovalkid

    My Race Red Track Pack 2016 GT350

    Any updates Tob?.....
  18. blueovalkid

    Tremec tr-6060 power limit

    Calimers Transmissions
  19. blueovalkid

    Finally Ran Out of Blackwire Wet Diamond Sealant. What next?

    3D has there own line of foam pads. I really like them HD Poxy is good I also like Jet seal from Chemical Guys
  20. blueovalkid

    C&R Radiators vs ?

    Great...I have a brand new one sitting in the box waiting for install...
  21. blueovalkid

    WTB 07-12’ GT500 Blowers/Elbows (M122) ***NEW PRICE - $300**

    I have one that has been through a fire... would take $100
  22. blueovalkid

    Doubled keyed crank question

    What is not going to work?
  23. blueovalkid

    Doubled keyed crank question

    Accufab sells a Billet crank trigger that is cut for a dual keyway