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    2024 U.S. Ranger Raptor Shows Exterior Changes From Global Counterpart

    Definitely an awesome little truck. I'd trade my '19 Ranger Lariat in for that 3 liter alone. First thing I would do is de-badge it. However too bad Ford and their ADM will make it so the average guy can't actually get into one.

    Lets see those trucks!

    Nice truck I have a 2019 too that I use for a daily. I just finished paying it off looking to mod now and I’m curious as to you’ve have done to yours. Which tune did you go with? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Wooosh!!! | Bronco Raptor Gets a TurboSmart Blow-Off Valve

    They are a really nice piece. I have been running one on my Ranger for a few years now, it’s a daily and through all the NE weather the BOV still looks brand new. I drop some gun oil into the piston once a year. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    2002 SVT Ranger Lightning Bolt Concept | Retro Review

    Cool little truck. I never knew it existed

    Gun Porn Thread!!!

    Yes, then you would really appreciate the Briley match trigger on this gun. Extremely light and a very short crisp break. It's a world of difference. They offer a short and long LOP, I went with the short (factory). I have it in an A&S enhanced frame which is a really nice piece and compliments...

    Gun Porn Thread!!!

    Nice M4, I have a carrier comp titanium tube on mine as well. They’re worth the wait Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Gun Porn Thread!!!

    Nice to see an M1A up there

    Lets see those trucks!

    Nice ranger ! have a loaded ‘19 FX4 that has been my daily beater for nearly 3 years now and is awesome. It’s a keeper. I do still however have my F150 for the weekends and so I hear you; I couldn’t live without that little more breathing room when I need it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Got my Bronco, put a few personal touches on it...

    Perfect! Two door too. Great color combo with the wheels, get some new center caps for those NV's Congrats
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    So, I did the Bronco thing

    Wow congrats. I can't remember when I saw an Eddie Bauer last and I wonder what the numbers are for that trim. I'm very jealous! My neighbor has a very original low mileage truck similar to yours, original owner and I keep begging him to sell it but he's not there yet. One day,
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    1998 SLP Trans Am Firehawk | Retro Review

    My friend’s father has one with around 2500 miles on it. He’s the original owner, Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New wheels

    awesome truck
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    Got a little brother for my 2020 Tremor

    Nice little truck, congrats. Best of both worlds. I have a ranger as a daily too, I will say it took some getting used to getting in and out of it. I'm not a small guy and coming from a raptor (still have it), my back was stiff for weeks lol trying to adjust to the cabin on the smaller truck.
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    2022 Tundra Review

  15. RAPTOR5V

    A years worth of difference.

    Beautiful property
  16. RAPTOR5V

    Lets see those trucks!

    Thanks buddy. Not SC, no. I’d love to get a set of heads and cams more than anything. Maybe some day. I stretch her legs quite a bit on that beach. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lets see those trucks!

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Unearthed | Ultra Rare Prototype 2000 Cobra R Intake Manifolds Discovered

    Those came out of John Coletti’s basement ? Lol. That is a truly incredible find, thanks for posting. A Raptor owner on another board lucked upon these 6.2 cam covers a few years back that someone else had just lying around, he managed to pick them up and I thought that was pretty amazing too...
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    Ranger Raptor Special Edition: The Good, The Bad + The Badass

    I have a 2019 Ranger as my daily, it's Livernois tuned and fast as shit. The truck has been great. Goes like hell in 4 wheel on soft beach sand too, even better than my first Gen Raptor. My Ranger is a 2 year lease and I'll be turning it in for a new one in October, I like it that much. I...
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    Gun Porn Thread!!!

    Nice. I’ve gotten mine to exactly where I want it, only thing left is a scalarworks rail and optic. Good luck finding a collapsible stock right now they’re going for a lot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Found some OLD School Ford supplies

    Sorry to hear about your old man. I lost mine a couple years back too. No to sound insensitive, and with all due respect but would you ever consider selling that shock fluid can ?
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    Hell of an off road toy

    that thing is ****ing insane. I'd be scared to drive it lol
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    Lets see those trucks!

    Just got some new wheels on Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk