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    CJ manifold and E85, who has most NA power?

    Not as encouraging or drastic as many might expect. 521 to the wheels on E85 with the CJ and pretty much max effort without the cams and port/polish. Obviously that's no cooling either. Hard to believe that cams and port/polish and methanol would pick up another 50 horsepower, but I'd say a...
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    CJ manifold and E85, who has most NA power?

    Porting GT (mustang) heads isn't really sensible given the 350 heads. A set of fairly aggressive ported GT heads flows about the same as the base 350 heads. One would be better off to just buy 350 heads and a 5.2 block, which can be done for only slightly more than the head work on 5.0 heads...
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    Car Cover Questions: Outside Storage.

    I happen to have considerable experience and insight into this issue. 1) There are competing interests when it comes to covering a vehicle and much of it depends on where you're located and for how long you'll cover the car. Many/Most manufacturers to NOT like to create impermeable membranes...
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    Tech car cooler install

    Guys, I'm a bit confused. I thought all 3160's come with a front plate pump setup, the tech pack cars just got plugs instead of plumbing feed lines to a cooler. I just purchased Magnum XL last year and paid an extra $1k to swap the front plate out for one with a pump. Apparently all the...
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    Mickey Thompson ET streets or.....

    It's beyond anecdotal at this point, MT must be having manufacturing and quality control issues. Seen a lot of high hp cars having great success with the Nitto 555RII.
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    MAHLE Motorsport | Ford 5.2L VooDoo Drop-in Forged PowerPak Piston Kit

    No OEM trans will "hold" that. The 3160 survives well primarily based upon the inability to really get any great traction on a 19" wheel. Basically you'll roll the tires over long before you break the drivetrain. I'd be more skeptical about "drop in" claims for rotating components. I don't...
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    Brake Dust

    His point is that coating the wheels helps you DEAL with the dust much easier. Ceramic coated wheels not only collect and hold the dust less (because the surface is slicker) but it makes cleaning much easier, almost to the point that you can hose it off (initially). As the coating fades and...
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    GT350 Oil Pump Gear replacement Manual for TT?

    You can purchase a limited (like 48 hour) forpass membership and it'll give you online access to virtually any tech level service manual you want. You simply input your vin number and then it'll let you browse through all the detailed documents and you can save/dowload them as pdf's.
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    Lot's of Engine Failures - Does not seem like isolated issue

    Ford has been very hush because they don't want the cost of major recalls or retooling. MANY of the engine replacements were excessive oil consumption and that's either by the rings or by the valve seals. If Ford knows, they aren't saying. They've ran the calc's and the number of replacements...
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    2020 Gt350R Heritage Build (Track Setup)

    Fuel, let's see. If you're E85 at 750 wheels, you can probably get away with just a boost a pump on the factory pumps. You might need bigger injectors, but I wouldn't go 1300 or bigger until you need them. Injector sizing isn't one of those "bigger is better" items. Run them when you need...
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    2020 Gt350R Heritage Build (Track Setup)

    Some things you may have missed (or forgot to write from your list). Caliperfexion Studs (for swapping pads without taking off the caliper completely). Radiator (The GT350 radiator is good, but with added thermal load, you might look at Mushimito or Adler Trackspec (or equivalent) hood vents...
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    2020 Gt350R Heritage Build (Track Setup)

    Some thoughts. 1) Antigravity has better offerings for Li battery. If you want max weight savings, you can go with an ATX-20, if you want 30 Ah, you can still save the same amount of weight as the Archangel battery (and it comes with monitoring, overdraw and remote start reserve, etc). 2) The...
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    Question on the Gen 2 motor ?

    Ford is all but saying that's their path in the new commercials. Renewable energy at all plants by 2035, all electric vehicles by blah blah blah. I'm all for the new technology but it isn't graduated enough yet. They still have severe issues with cost, range (both in terms of the actual range...
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    Question on the Gen 2 motor ?

    You don't need a Ford Raptor to negotiate snow conditions. That argument is bunk. They sell them because despite anyone ever racing them offroad, it's just a badass truck. Hell, I'd venture that MOST Raptors never see mud and dirt and all at the cost of towing capacity. So the argument...
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    Question on the Gen 2 motor ?

    Your post is full of a bunch of either unfair obligations (to Ford) or misconceptions. First, who decided the GT350 had to look exactly like or closely like the original? Where is that rule written? The new(er) Jeep Willys doesn't look exactly like the original. The Ford F-150 sure doesn't...
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    Question on the Gen 2 motor ?

    I think they pushed the limits of the NVH with 5.2 liters. There's a reason you don't see flat plane crank motors bigger than a certain threshold, even in V-10 and V-12 configuration.
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    Question on the Gen 2 motor ?

    No better or worse (strictly in terms of the rotating components). Those cars are very different, in fact the late S550 is probably closer to a GT350 than the previous gen 500. Both will make decent power off 93 and more than decent power on E-85 (but do it fairly differently), much more than...
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    Tuner and flex tune in CA

    If you can't get a JLT, I'm sure Lund has an E-85 and Flex tunes for stock intake. If you want to start a land war in Asia, we could have discussions about whether the JLT actually makes any difference. If you keep a lookout you can easily find someone on the 350 classifieds who's selling...
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    Tuner and flex tune in CA

    The tune will come via email from Lund. As far as the physical JLT intake, someone familiar with CA law can chime in. Companies have either decided it's not worth shipping to CA (because of some form of cease and desist that's been issued) or they're not interested in fighting dumbass...
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    Couple questions

    Rock blockers are purely personal choice. Both designs are equally effective. I have the foam inserts and they've been there for 2 years and up redline at the top of 5, so plenty fast. As far as aftermarket intakes go, it's largely snake oil (this is going to kick over a hornet's nest). The...
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    Been awhile but Finally Got me Another Snake

    The first 2 (3) things you should do are rock blockers, passenger side catch can and jacking rails (if you plan on lifting your car often). Those are 3 mods that protect the car/investment. I'd also highly consider either the zl1 addon splitter savers or sliplo splitter protection (or both)...
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    Tough decision, need guidance.

    I did this very same analysis before I bought my GT350. In the past, there have been plenty of "tuner" cars and Ford special offerings that were simply worked over versions of a GT. In most cases, one could either piece together an equivalent car, OR, as with most people, one could custom...
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    2018 GT350R Whipple 2.9L Gen 4 3.375 and 3.625 Pulley 93 and E85

    it's a function of breathing and rpm. They could make more torque, at the cost of air flow and top end power. The bore/stroke also gets a vote in the equation.
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    2018 GT350R Whipple 2.9L Gen 4 3.375 and 3.625 Pulley 93 and E85

    I'm familiar with 200 other dyno sheets/vids that look very similar. It's amazing how far we've come where in 2020 people scoff at 630 ft-lbs of torque. The latest yote, which has 8 cubes less, same compression and direct injection makes 420 lb-ft of torque in N/A form, nearly 10 lb-ft less...
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    2018 GT350R Whipple 2.9L Gen 4 3.375 and 3.625 Pulley 93 and E85

    Holy crap guys, we have enough unfounded rumors about the FPC and voodoo motor already. Those torque numbers are perfectly in line with every other OHC/VCT motor Ford has produced with a late model whipple and a bunch of boost on E. The Voodoo has much better flowing heads than the 5.0 which...