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  1. RDJ

    Henry Ruggs III Vegas crash and the aftermath.

    That clown should never get out of prison. the sentence is not justice, it is a travesty
  2. RDJ

    EPA Issues Emergency Fuel Waiver for E15 Sales

    who really thinks the greedy bastards at the oil company will actually sell it cheaper than the current price of 87?
  3. RDJ

    1969 Ford Cobra ?,off%20of%20the%20assembly%20line.
  4. RDJ

    Fuel prices near you

    Will have to ask my sister who lives in north central MO what it is there (Unionville) It is 3.18 where I live in Texas
  5. RDJ

    20 Years Ago Today...

    Damn. I been here longer that you? Did not think that was the case ...
  6. RDJ


    Actually it looks to me like the bike was charging up the shoulder, and startled the suv driver. He jerked his wheelbas a result but due to surprise jerked it the wrong way. and yes stupid biker deserved every bit of road rash and then some
  7. RDJ

    03 Sonic Blue Cobra Show Car FOR SALE!
  8. RDJ

    03 Sonic Blue Cobra Show Car FOR SALE!

    There is a thread about him in the 03-04 cobra advice group. I linked it there
  9. RDJ

    Today I am proud to be a Minnesotan

    Meh - kind of depens on the Mom. Mom tells the truth to the kid, supports the dad during his incarceration it won't matter, kid will still be proud of dad. Statistics are pretty wothless in this case because the dead guy deserved it and that will change a lot
  10. RDJ

    Ford changing the way you buy your car ...

    I did a cursory search and didn't find anything on this. I think it has been in the rumor mill for awhile but aparently it is not official. Dealer ADMs are likely to end once this goes into full effect: @13COBRA your thoughts?
  11. RDJ

    Thinking of making an offer on this house. Thoughts?

    Have you seen it in person yet? that front door would be the first thing I changed horrible color. not my cup of tea...I would make sure to hire an independant home inspector to do a thorough home inspection
  12. RDJ

    Beef jerky recommendation

    yeah that might just be sig worthy
  13. RDJ

    Lets see those trucks!

    my new 2023 Ranger Lariat Eruption Jungle Green in the process of getting the dress'em up parts for it. not sure if I am going to do much by way of other mods amm pretty happy with it as it sits
  14. RDJ

    Beef jerky recommendation

    Man NOTHING beats BUCees for store bought stuff. you go into one of their store and they have an entire wall probably 8' high and 30 feet long of nothing but jerky. if you haven't had the bucees experience you are really missing out.
  15. RDJ

    Let's talk Bed Liners

    Yeah and that is probably the basic level too. Line-X is charging me 700 for the premium. their price for the standard is 625.
  16. RDJ

    Let's talk Bed Liners

    Thanks guys. I am going with Line-X premiun. The guy said platinum was "complete overkill for most applications" Really appreciate the comments and advice on a side note the ford dealer in Hutto sux. finally got a quote for the dealer bedliner and it was 699 and didnt even say what...
  17. RDJ

    New twist in California smog test

    keeps the honest people honest
  18. RDJ

    What Do You Do When The Weather Sucks?

    you should convince the wifey that this is an opportunity. it is alway entertaining to watch the MIL in awkward silence while revelling in her discomfort.
  19. RDJ

    You know your city really sucks..........

    let antifa/BLM provide jobs for the suddenly unemployed.
  20. RDJ

    Let's talk Bed Liners

    I know there are a lot of truck owners in here. Having just bought a Ranger I am wanting to get a spray in bed liner. looking for recommendations/experiences if you have one. especially if you have experience with both Rhino and Line-X. I am wondering which is better or are they two sides...
  21. RDJ

    Current New Vehicle Market

    Liberals can pull missing data out of their ass to make their case. toss some numbers out and fill in the details with handfuls of shit they pull right outta their ass
  22. RDJ

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    bought the ranger lariat on Thursday and the Edge titanium on Saturday
  23. RDJ

    Thinking about adding a couple new sections. Looking for input.

    Sold them both. Thursday picked up a 2023 eruption green splash ranger lariat with the 4x4 off road package and yesterday we picked up a 2023 Ford Edge titanium.
  24. RDJ

    Thinking about adding a couple new sections. Looking for input.

    You want to be inclusive? How about an all inclusive Ranger Forum?
  25. RDJ

    Thinking about adding a couple new sections. Looking for input.

    There is a shit ton of truth right there