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  1. Dave M

    Lash adjuster failure

    Hey all, I have a 2012 GT, FBO E85, 54k miles, and a few weeks back I stopped at an intersection and the car stumbled then started making an obnoxious clapping noise so I shut it off and towed it home. I eventually thought it was a rod bearing so I pulled the oil filter and cut it open, no...
  2. Dave M

    Fastest 1/4 mile 2011+ Mustang GT track times

    Guess I'll add to this old thread. Dave M ------------- 1.588 - 11.49 - 119.23 ---- CEFHKSX----- 09/15/2020 -------- Great Lakes Dragaway, Union Grove WI
  3. Dave M

    Tesla style head unit ?

    I have the Phoenix Automotive 12.1" touchscreen in my 2012, and it takes about 30 seconds to boot, it can be a little laggy at first, and I'm still figuring out all of the media modes, but it looks killer... The tach on the display works great, but the speedo is off by about 40mph, lol. 12.1"...
  4. Dave M

    14 GT Paxton New times

    Nice passes Mike! Good seeing your snot rocket out on the track again, lol.
  5. Dave M

    Tesla is dead

    double post...
  6. Dave M

    Tesla is dead

    It's paid for with a tourism tax on hotels and rental cars, so the only way an AZ resident would be paying a dime towards it is if they do either of the aforementioned things locally.
  7. Dave M

    Who has trouble memorizing lyrics to songs?

    I wish I couldn't memorize lyrics sometimes, because I sing songs in my head all of the time, and sometimes at 3:00 in the morning.
  8. Dave M

    Cell Phone Scammers Driving Me Crazy - Any Viable Solutions??

    I use robokiller. Costs $1.00/mo but it is by far the best app I've found to block robocalls. You get to waste their time too, since you can have a bot answer the call and run them through a bunch of stupid questions, and it records it for you to listen to later.
  9. Dave M

    Owner financing

    Stay away... You can't really hold the title since the dude can't insure it if it's not in his name, so you'd have to put yourself on a new title in his name as the leinholder, then you're bound to all of the rules and regulations that the banks are when it comes to documentaion and...
  10. Dave M

    F/S 19" staggered 2013 GT 500 gloss Black wheels and Tires w/ ( Drag radials)

    I'm interested and in Gurnee IL. Do they clear Brembos?
  11. Dave M

    What would SVTP do?

    My wife is in HR, and if you turn in a 2 week notice and they elect to not keep you for the 2 weeks, it's still a resignation not a termination, and you are not eligible for unemployment.
  12. Dave M

    Viper vs Z06

    The Viper drivers shifts were on point, god damn.... :eek:
  13. Dave M

    Maybe stupid question. Why are Ram trucks so cheap?

    I had an 07.5 2500 Cummins 6.7 that I pulled a 32' toy hauler around with, and when I got rid of it in 2012 at 75k miles, it had never been to the dealer. I started looking at trucks again last October after putting up with SUV's the last 5 years, and found the same thing you did, the Fords are...
  14. Dave M

    Ugh.. need a 4 door truck...

    I just bought a 2017 Ram 1500 Laramie last month, couldn't resist with the 13k off of sticker FCA is offering, and I got the Hemi, 3.92 rear, Alpine stereo with nav, heated/cooled leather seats, and on and on... Paid $39k for it, sticker was $52k. I love it so far, and it's surprisingly quick...
  15. Dave M

    New Mattress

    My old Jewish boss once told me, you only spend good money on two things, shoes and mattresses. I had terrible back pain for years and was on opioids for quite some time to cope with it due to an ATV accident. I finally broke down and spent $6k on a king size Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe, and by the...
  16. Dave M

    I need this toilet............

    Chicks dig a clean undercarriage.... and I'm checking Amazon for one of these magnificent toilets as we speak.
  17. Dave M

    Dreaded Airbag Light After Seat Swap

    I did the resistor trick, and it didn't kill the light... Next stop is the dealer.
  18. Dave M

    Anyone run a new 16+ SS Camaro?

    I was chatting with a guy at the track a couple of weeks ago with a 2017 SS auto, and I saw him run a 12.3x @ 116 ish, and it was bone stock with 200 miles on it. They are pretty serious cars from the factory for sure, and I would think twice about racing one on the street, especially the auto.
  19. Dave M

    Help with high rpm hesitation and/or clutch slip

    Sounds like your clutch protection strategy is still turned on in your tune.
  20. Dave M

    2011 OEM HID headlights

    I added 2010+ factory HID's to my car, and you can re-pin a retro harness for an F-150 quite easily, and it works great.
  21. Dave M

    PB stock coyote

    Yeah, nice trap speed. My 2012 with 3.31's got a best of 12.64 @ 113 in really good air, bone stock, so you should be right around there with more seat time.
  22. Dave M

    2010+ Taurus SHO with 100k+ miles reliability? Any regrets from having one?

    I have a 2010 MKT 3.5EB with 50k on it, and other than having the PTU replaced under warranty, it's been solid. The 2010-2012's have shit brakes though, but you can upgrade to the 13+ stuff pretty cheap, and also the fuel mileage isn't all that great, but I do beat mine like it owes me money...
  23. Dave M

    Please help me value a 2011 Roush Stage 3 Mustang

    I believe that is just a regular GT with a Roush blower on it. A real Roush has specific body parts, interior, exhaust, etc: