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  1. J

    WTB: M122 Eaton/or just stock elbow.

    I'm looking for a M122 with the stock elbow or if you have just the elbow I would be willing to buy that separate!
  2. J

    2009 GT500 Exhaust question!

    I currently have a 09 GT500 that has a VMP gen 2 TVS and basic other bolt ons! Currently it has stock headers a stock mid pipe with cats gutted and some borla mufflers is there any gains or pros to switching to a "off-road H or X pipe" since it technically my mid pipe has no cats.
  3. J

    WTB 07-09 Lower Grille

    Anyone have a 07-09 Lower grille laying around? I'm looking to buy one!
  4. J

    Selling GT500 M122 supercharger

    For sale is my stock M122 supercharger with stock pulley asking 320 shipped!
  5. J

    WTB 3in lower grille brake cooling bezels.

    I bought a lower grille from shelby and come to find out they no longer make the 3 in bezels to fit the grille they sale. i bought JLT bezels thinking they would fit but they are to small does anyone have suggestions to this fix other then returning the lower grille? if anyone has these bezels i...
  6. J

    09 GT500 M122 Supercharger for sale.

    I have a M122 Supercharger from my 09 GT500 for sale. Im asking 300 shipped.