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  1. keno5366

    FS: 03 DSG COBRA in M.D.

    03 DSG cobra with 92k for sale. $16000 sale price lacated in Maryland. Car runs good. Paint is in great shape minus a few rock chips in the front. The interior is a little worn but not bad overall. Mod list includes: irs braces and bushings drilled rotors dual pass heat exchanger Steg ported...
  2. keno5366

    Vacuum test question

    Pretty sure I have a vacuum leak. Gonna do the old cigar smoke test. What's the best/easiest vacuum hose to use for a smoke test? Also any other helpful tips to know while doing this? Thanks
  3. keno5366

    Nitrous/E85 Questions

    I bought my Terminator with dual focus pumps and 60 lbs injectors already installed. I'm new to the terminator scene so I was hoping someone could chime in. Im thinking about running e85 or installing nitrous. I wanted to see if anyone has done it with that fuel pump/injector combo? It also...
  4. keno5366

    Diablo Mafia questions

    Putting the terminator on a friends dyno in a few days. I have a mafia already but don't have the money for a custom tune right now. The dyno pulls are free, just want to see how safe the email tune that the previous owner has on there is. I'm pretty sure with my ported and pulley setup plus...
  5. keno5366

    Help a newb out with Boost bypass mod

    I bought my 03 Cobra with some mods on it already. The seller never mentioned it having the boost by pass mod on it. I came across the boost by pass mod researching about something else actually. So I went out and checked mine and noticed it had been done. I was reading there's a right and a...
  6. keno5366

    Compression Test results ??

    Just did a compression test on my 03 cobra. Motor has 68k on it. Was hoping someone knowledgeable could chime in on my results. I think its good but would appreciate opinions. I may have the cylinder number order wrong, so correct me if I do. Fire wall (4) 185 (8) 195 (3) 188...
  7. keno5366

    WTB: Dry Nitrous kit and accessories

    I am looking to add a dry nitrous kit to my setup. Looking to by accessories and a kit. Let me know what you have Thanks
  8. keno5366

    WTB: Dry Nitrous kit and accessories

    I am looking to add a dry nitrous kit to my setup. I'm looking for kits and accessories. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
  9. keno5366

    Head cooling mod already installed ?

    I picked up a 03 cobra recently and I'm adding a few things to get it ready for a dyno tune. I was going to order a Gen 2 cooling mod for good measure. When I looked at my car to see how much of a pita the install was going to be, I noticed it already looks like a head cooling kit has been...
  10. keno5366

    WTB: Stock Mid Pipe

    Wanted to see if anyone has an old stock mid pipe laying around. I failed M.D. state inspection today for not having catalytic converters on. I have an H pipe with no cats so its a no go here. If anyone has one let me know, can send a paypal payment. pm or text 443 790 0727 Email is...
  11. keno5366

    Wtb cobra (md,va,pa,nj) area

    Looking to pickup a 03/04 cobra in MD or states close by. Will travel further for the right one though. Would prefer a white or blue one but I am flexible on the color. Modifications are ok as well. Looking to spend no more then $18000. I should also mention I will be financing the car. So...