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  1. GerryMX

    Front Tires

    We found those sizes of NT555 G2 at 4Wheelonline. Recommended too by a friend mechanic here.
  2. GerryMX

    Lets see those trucks!

    Alright! Looking forward to your project progress.
  3. GerryMX

    Lets see those trucks!

    Neat and nice duo!
  4. GerryMX

    Lets see those trucks!

    Cool trucks!
  5. GerryMX

    Feel good pictures / videos

    Lol. He's been practicing the tongue but seems not the words.
  6. GerryMX

    Feel good pictures / videos

    Great balancing there! Bet he's been doing that for years.
  7. GerryMX


    We might include that for the incoming 2020 Explorer project. My uncle is not very satisfied with the traction. We're installing the suspension, exhaust, and black rhino wheels on the Silverado this weekend and we'll start the Explorer project next week.
  8. GerryMX

    **** Around >>> Find Out

    Great burst of adrenaline!
  9. GerryMX

    Random Picture Thread

    Beautiful masterpieces!
  10. GerryMX

    Gun Porn Thread!!!

    Beautiful ones!
  11. GerryMX

    Let me (Re)introduce myself..

    Welcome back to the gang!
  12. GerryMX

    Thursday Jokes

    Lol on the passing out on the couch.
  13. GerryMX

    2001 ecu dead

    Crazy price! My friend is looking at this 2001 Lightning with probably dead ecu. The guy put in new exhaust and tires from 4Wheelonline just last January but he's selling it now due to coming baby.
  14. GerryMX

    First SVT owner

    Cool project! Nice
  15. GerryMX

    Fixed front suspension rattle!

    Sorry typo. It's a '04
  16. GerryMX

    Fixed front suspension rattle!

    My friend is looking at this 2005 SVT Lightning and the owner mentioned the intermittent suspension rattle coming from the front passenger side. We'll just finish the installation of the headache rack and tonneau covers on the Silverado tomorrow and we'll take a look at it.
  17. GerryMX

    Another painful video...

    Wow! The sound hitting fence sounds painful already.
  18. GerryMX

    New, All-Electric Ford Explorer | Ford UK

    Looks very capable but we'll see.
  19. GerryMX

    Help with ECU

    We may deal with the wiring issue on my uncle's new Lightning project. The previous owner mentioned the trans harness melted once. We'll take a look when it returns from the shop for the mounting of new tires from 4Wheelonline this week.
  20. GerryMX

    Marine Corps Birthday

    Salute to the Marines!
  21. GerryMX

    Dealerships Getting Worse?

    The dealership near here has very busy with lots of queries. Of course, they will pay more attention to who they think are big fish or fast money.
  22. GerryMX

    Anyone ran Steeda Ultra-lite springs on their 13/14?

    Maybe my friend should call Steeda as well. He's looking at this 2014 Shelby GT500 but the current owner wasn't sure what's the spring rate of the Steeda spring installed by the first owner. We'll take a closer look at her tomorrow after we finished installing the brake pads and jeep wheels onto...
  23. GerryMX

    Random Picture Thread

    Cool bike and a cooler brother!
  24. GerryMX

    Random Picture Thread

    Awesome creations!
  25. GerryMX

    New Member

    Welcome to the gang!