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    fs 2003 BLK . Very clean and nice mods 644rwhp. 36k miles

    Up for sale or possible trade for pro street chevy/ mopar. I bought this car from member tomcat almost 3 years agof and put about 1000- 1500 miles on it. Sits covered in garage and used about once a month in summer as im either on my vrod or waverunner. List of mods done before I bought the...
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    Failed emissions in ct. Any tuners around the area?.

    Hey all I havnt been on here in a while. I had to bring the cobra to get the emissions checked and got a not ready code for the catylist and egr . When I bought the car from a local member he had the car tuned by chris @ efi motorsports and it passed with a pro chamber w/o cats. I had some arh...
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    Thinking of doing a few more mods.

    Car set up as in my sig right now. Been thinking of putting a 3 inch upper pulley and the large jlt fresh air intake (Forget what its called). But my fuel sys and injectors were both at or over 90% when it was last dynoed so was thinking of adding a kb bap and larger injectors also if I do this...
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    Godspeed wheels??

    Ive been looking at the godspeed omega deepdish wheels and thinking of getting them in the satin black stealth. But see on some stuff online with people having peeling with there chrome wheels and the company not standing behind there stuff. So my question is have any of you guys bought there...
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    borla stinger tips. chrome fading off. options?

    The chrome tips on my car has the chrome fading away and looks like copper in spots. Wondering what the best option is to make them look good again. thinking of having the 2 back sections ceramic coated. Not sure if borla just sells the tailpipe/tips.
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    Feels like i just lost 250hp.

    Today I went from tired nitto dr 555s to new m/t et streets and it grips like glue almost to good Kinda taking a little fun out of the car actually for a street car to mess around with. Think I may need a whipple 2.9/ #80s and a better fuel system to bring the smile back.
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    oil change 6 1/2 qts. stick still reads low?.

    Just changed the oil for the first time since buying the car. with new mobil 1 filter and 6qts started motor for a minute and shut off and let it sit for a minture or 2 and oil was just noticable on the stick. I did put another 1/2 quart and its now in the middle of min/max. I dont want to over...
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    mac proccamber mid pipe

    part# pc9900. for use with stock manifolds. great conition. $200.00 shipped firm. email for pics
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    I had this stuff on here for sale as a complete package with no luck so putting up seperate. any combo can be bought. #1. 1 pair of brand new wheel replicas 17x10.5 deep dish polished replicas. have mounted tires but never ran them. $200.00 for the pair shipped. #2. 1 pair of used...
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    fluidyne h/e

    Has 2 dents in tubes from being hit with some stones no leaks whatsoever. $100.00 inc shipping. PM me your email adress for pic.
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    stalling problem when coasting to a stop

    I just had some mods done inc sbtb and a new tune. Having a stalling problem. only when pushing in the clutch at 2400 rpms or so and letting off the gas to coast to a stop. The motor falls on it face and dies. If I do the same thing at a lower rpm it is fine or down shift to a stop its also...
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    sct 3000 hold down bolts?.

    I was going thru some stuff on the car today and gonna clean the sct 300 maf but dont have the tool for the bolt heads. They look like torx but have a small center peg. Ive been searching and cant figure out what tip i need to get. Anybody know?. Thanks sean
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    Teksid block question

    So I was thinking of picking up one of these blocks just to have on hand incase a rebuild is needed and would switch over to the lighter block at that time. Does the front timing cover from a terminator work on this block or would i need to pick up the matching timing cover for the teksid. Also...
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    wtb teksid block

    looking for clean low mile undamaged, std bore or up to ten thou over at most . In or near ct a plus. Also fresh hone/ arp studs ect a big plus.
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    Mac off road pro chamber.

    Mac off road pro chamber. Full length for stock manifolds. $220.00 shipped. I dont deal with paypal.
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    no upper idler pulley?

    Just got my car back from getting some work done inc install of 4lb lower pulley aand a 3.25 upper and 3.20 alt pulley. The shop removed the upper idler pulley. Told me it not used with a lower kit?. New to these cars. is that correct.
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    torco + 93 tuning/timing

    I Have my car getting dynoed tommorow and wondering about how much timing this combo should be able to take with 93 and torco 32oz per 10 gallon mix. heres my most of the engine mods i can think of. whipple 2.3 gen 1 sd #60s lethal non return fuel kit w/ twin gt-40 pumps, mod fdpm ,pprv...
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    FIGURED AS MUCH. Pre painted ebay bumper cover.

    I should have known better. Just had a pre painted ebay bumper cover delived from aircardcorp. Apon opening saw top upper corner paint is all scraped off. Looks like it was from being thrown around during fedex shipping. Im sure this will be fun to get straitened out. I let them know already and...
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    wtb. rr whipple 3.10 pulley

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    replicas 17X9 and 17x10.5 with nittos.

    Selling complete set for local pick up only. chrome wheels. Rears- Brand new wheel replicas pair of 17x10.5 deep dish with used nitto dr 315s. tires have pretty good tread left at least 50%. mounted and balanced. Fronts-used replicas 17x9 with brand new,nitto 555s mounted and balanced...
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    So after a few months of owning a termi.

    And getting out of drag racing a chevy nitrous 69 camaro. The 1 thing ive learned when buying parts for these cars is its hard as hell to get parts for these things. Im used to calling venders and getting a tracking # a hour or 2 later and having my parts in 3 days. With this stuff what they...
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    pulley help after sb/tb and long tubes installed.

    This is on a gen 1 whipple 2.3 with stock long block . Right now the car has 19psi peak per dyno sheet with stock lower and rr 2.9 upper and stock tb and ex manifolds. Gonna be installing Arh 1 3/4 long tubes and a sb/tb along with sb inlet change. Looking to regain any psi loss and run 19-20...
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    collector size 2 1/2 or 3 @600 to 700whp?

    I have a 2.3 whippled termi @ 19psi with stock manifolds and a pro chamber and borla stingers. Best / newest dyno sheet is 624 uncorrected with new tune right before i bought the car and others in the 570s. I am gonna put long tubes on it and was figuring going with ahr 1 3/4 primaries and 2...
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    torco tune. How much timing and hp gain.

    I was thinking about having a 2nd torco tune put in the car and was wondering about how many more degrees and hp gain. This is on a 19psi whippled 600+ on 93 octane. I figure maybe a degree or 2 at most?.
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    wtb whipple 2.3 inlet for single blade tb and sb/tb

    shoot me a pm.