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    Calling all Saleen gurus...potential new owner. Is this an S281SC or E?

    Im very seriously considering this 2002 Saleen. However, im a bit confused. The ad says its a "Stage 3" Which would make it an S281E. Does anything about this car look incorrect? Purple blower pully? Stock GT seats. Didnt the E come standard with Saleen buckets? No Brembos. Did the SC have...
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    1995 Ford F150 XLT. 5.8L 4X4. Calypso/White. Need to sell ASAP!

    Hey guys. Need to get rid of this baby QUICK! 1995 F150. 4x4 5.8L Electronic 4X4. Only 113k original. Runs perfect, passes smog no problem. Needs a little TLC but is nice overall. Two different people, rubbed it in two separate parking lots. Both on the passenger side, neither left notes...
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    For sale/Trade 1993 Mustang GT. Blown/forged/low miles.

    Whats up fellow SVTPR'S.....have a clean fox body for sale/trade. 1993 Mustang GT. Black on Opal grey leather. Only 86K original. Motor/Electronics: Only 20K on bottom end forging/balancing Manley forged, bored.030 over (306 C.I.) Vortech V2-SQ Supercharger/Powercooler/powerpipe. Stock...
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    For Sale: Built and blown 1993 Mustang GT

    1993 mustang GT. Only 85k original on body. Only 15K on fresh Manley forging, Bored .30 over. (306) 9:1 compression. Vortech V2-SQ blower, powercooler, and powerpipe. E-303 cam, Victor Sr heads, edelbrock upper and lower. etc...all the bells and whistles. 3-way valve job. Spacer w/ 75mm T/B...
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    Trade: My built and blown 1993 Foxbody, for your Lightning.

    1993 mustang GT. Only 85k original on body. Only 15K on fresh Manley forging, Bored .30 over. (306) Vortech V2-SQ blower, powercooler, and powerpipe. E-303 cam, Victor Sr heads, edelbrock upper and lower. etc...all the bells and whistles. 3-way valve job. Spacer w/ 75mm T/B. Griffin 3 row w/...
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    Check out my new band ladies and gents, The Parlour Shootout.

    Check out my new band ladies and gents, The Parlour Shootout.*Updated with videos* Whats up ya'll! Thought I would throw a link up here, so you guys can check us out. Just finished a couple demos, and our first EPK. Brand new band, and we have a chick drummer who kills it. Check it! Here's...
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    Feeler for sale/trade, built/blown 1993 Mustang GT

    Hey fellas just testin the waters. I have a built/blown 306 1993 mustang GT. Black in color, black/opal grey LEATHER interior. May consider trades for modded lightning/cobra/? Skinny: Only 85,000 original on body. Only 15k on full bottom end forging/clean up/blower. Manley rods etc. Vortech...
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    I need a "special" smog shop in San Diego/so cal

    Mods can delete this thread Mods can delete, not needed anymore.
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    WTB: 1996 Mystic Cobra ($8,000)

    Looking for a 96 Mystic. Im tapped out at 8k. Willing to travel for the right car. Thanks!
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    Looking for a clean fast 5.0

    Looking for a clean, boosted/stroked fox body. Looking for a clean, fast fox body. My absolute Max is $7500. Really love Coupes, but open to any body style. Looking for something with a blower, a stroker kit, H/C/I, etc...Not a stock 30k vehicle. Cash in Hand, Thanks!
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    Can any of my Stang web friends still run a free carfax for me?

    It's a 2001 Gt Vert my lady is interested in, can anybody run a free one anymore? Thank you in adavance! 1FAFP45X51F118861
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    Gaugin interest in VW sandrail trade for 5.0 coupe/stang.

    Gauging interest in VW sandrail trade for 5.0 coupe/stang. I sold my Terminator, and got myself a sandtoy....really fun, but just not quite what I want. I realized how unhappy I am without a stang. Looking for a nice 5.0 coupe, or maybe another fast stang.... It's a Mazzone frame, A-arm...
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    Video request: unexplained old video with creature at the end.

    Video request: Edited, found it. Mods delete. Edited* I found it thanks to your post, it was the "gable film", of the michigan dogman. Really weird, but turned out it was a hoax, and was explained by the creator on Discovery Channel, haha. Thanks bud.
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    FS: Sonic Blue 03 Cobra. Low miles.

    03 Cobra for sale. Sonic Blue. Only 32k on her. Never pullied. Always garage kept, and well cared for. #5432, born on FEB 13, 2003. This car is beautiful, turns heads, and sounds nasty. Im the 3rd owner, but im basically the 1st owner. Bought her with 3900 miles in 05. It was owned by an...
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    The Rage Test, how far can you make it?

    :bash: YouTube - OTAKU (ãã®æ—¥ã®ãƒ²ã‚¿ã‚¯)
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    Help me find this great movie, with the worst description ever.

    Alright. Im looking for this movie. Bare with me. It's a movie with two brothers. They get into a fight in the movie I believe..while they're on a boat, like a 15 footer. They're Dad is there and breaks them up. They make up in a bar, they're drinking beer together. There is a girl that joins...
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    94-00 Instrument cluster bezel + Autometer Lunar Boost gauge.

    94-00 Mustang/Cobra Instrument cluster Guage Pod + Autometer Lunar Boost gauge. Both have been sitting in my garage for two years, they need a good home. I have no pictures, but they're both brand new.The boost guage was taken out of the box to be installed, but it never happened. It has a...
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    The SVTP GTA 4 ONLINE thread.(XBOX 360)

    Lets have an SVTP GTA race, or deathmatch etc... Whats everyone's screenname??? Mine is Bmoseleyinc.
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    Anybody know who this song is by?

    I cannot find it anywhere, I dig it alot. Much appreciated.
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    Escape The Phone Booth! See if you can beat my time!

    Alright guys, here's a fun clicker game pretty sick. It took me 24:39 to get out. Give it a whirl.
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    Can anyone make gifs?

    I have about a 3 second clip that I want a gif for. It's a mpeg-4 movie I play on quicktime pro.....if it's a pain in the ass, dont' sweat it, jus twondering if anybody can jam these thigns out, as I don't have the software.:)
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    Paris Hilton found unconscience in hotel room, pronounced dead!

    :eek: :eek: news.cnn,com
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    MEGADETH-United Abominations:HOLY SHIT.

    If you are a Megadeth/Rock fan. GO BUY THIS CD. Although if you're a Megafan, you probly already have it. New Record came out is ****ing awesome. The System has Failed was good, as it was Dave's first cd where he had no pressure to write radio friendly songs in a few years, this CD...
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    Whos the next Celebrity to die/Commit suicide.

    It's been a couple months since a real celebrity passed on, not making light, just curious of others opinions. My opinion: Mike Tyson. Guy has been down on his luck for a long time now.. he's not making any money, he's a shell of his former self, and I don't think he's going to last too...
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    Big white kid destroyed by little asain kid's, THE PLOT THICKENS.

    Big white kid destroyed by little asain kid, THe PLOT THICKENS, now with PICS! Well I was on Sherdog(mma forum), and the cousin of the guy who got destroyed posted that vid on there, and said that the White kid started the fight because he thinks he's tough shit, and the kid was new. Well I...