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  1. hopony

    2014 Turbo Coyote Shoot Out Video

    We had a great time at the race here is a little of the video form the turbo coyote shoot out. I missed the final had an emergency come up and had to leave a little early.
  2. hopony

    4r100 Lightning transmission for sale

    67,389 miles on used auto trans with converter out of 1999 Ford Lightning. Blew motor in truck and going different route with transmission. Looking to get 600.00 plus shipping or local pick up in Daytona Beach, FL. I can text you pictures if you like.
  3. hopony

    2013 mustang suspension parts and wheels

    BMR Adjusable UCA and mount $260.00 also has 8 passes on it no street miles BMR extreme antiroll ba $300.00 this has been on the car for 5000 miles and is actually for a 2010 car and requires the over axle pipes modification. 17x4.5 racestar 94 polished with 28" M/t SR radials $550.00...
  4. hopony

    Paxton 2200SL 3.8 ID1000's Vortech Programmable BAP and JLT Intake

    I am taking my Paxton kit off. Decided to build a different car. Selling for $4600 shipped. Kit is a polished 2200sl 6rib with 3.8 pulley, ID1000's, Vortech programmable bap, JLT coldair. Sold!!!!
  5. hopony

    FS: MT-82 Transmission

    I am pulling out my working MT-82. It has 20,000 miles on it and at this time is still in the car and shifting great. Asking $1000.00 plus shipping
  6. hopony

    New best, but something is not right

    Just got back from track. Car ran a best et of 11.00@124 1.52 60' Now that being said something is off with the car and I am not sure what. Setup is a Beefcake Special 3.8 pulley, SW headers, Bap, 3.31 gears and 28" M/T stiffwalls race weight is...
  7. hopony

    New purchase for the 5.0

    Figured if I was going to trailer it to the track it should be in style.
  8. hopony

    Track Times with ET Drags and Viking Shocks

    Last Week I added dragstar 94s and viking double adjustable shocks to my m6 Paxton car. The first pass ended up being the best pass we had all night. Missed second a couple of times and didn't turn traction control all the way off once. Which makes a 4 mph difference on the big end. I would...
  9. hopony

    New wheels installed Racestar 94 super stars

    17x4.5 front and 15x10 rear 28" tire all the way around stock height.
  10. hopony

    Has anyone used BOOSTane?

    Has anyone used this? Also found this
  11. hopony

    Racestar 94 dual drilled

    For the race star 94 dual drilled do you need offset or center washers for our cars? I have part # 510354p and 745342p.
  12. hopony

    Front Struts or Rear Shocks 1st?

    I plan on installing Strange single adjustable struts in the front and viking doubles in the rear, but I have to do them one set at a time. Which ones should I do first? Car is an M6 with bmr lca, uca mounted in lower hole, front sway bar delete, and extreme anti roll bar.
  13. hopony

    Mt-82 Carnage

    Had this dropped off yesterday. Dealer told him it just needed new synchros. Should I even try to find parts or just talk him into a used trans?
  14. hopony

    Rev Auto

    Can anyone pm me a good number for rev auto? The number on their facebook page does not work.
  15. hopony

    New BMR on the way

    Finally pulled the trigger on some new bmr parts UTM002 UCA032 RS002 Hopefully They will help me have a little more traction. The car already has Adjustable LCA's and an extreme anti roll bar.
  16. hopony

    New Best at osw

    Ran new best tonight @ orlando speed world. M6 paxton car on street radials. Still think I can launch it better 1.86 60' 7.6@99 1/8 11.5@126 1/4 Time slip in in fastest times thread so I will spare you the huge pic here. One strange thing i noticed from my best runs I picked up 4 mph in the...
  17. hopony

    new sizes of skinnies available soon.

    So this week I am at my company's annual meeting and they were talking about new oe tire sizes. It looks like many manufacturers are trying to save weight byaking front tires narrow. Examples I saw were 175/60r18 and they also had a narrow 20 but I don't remember the exact size.
  18. hopony

    Exhaust Tips

    Last night we had to modify my over axle pipes and where the mufflers mount to clear a new anti roll bar. Mufflers ended up moving 1.5 to 2 inches back. Not sure about the way it looks, but almost sounds stock now when cruising at highway speeds. Also get less nasty no cat smell. So that is...
  19. hopony

    bmr xtreme antiroll bar

    Does anyone have any experience with the old design of this part? Where the bar mounts to the car is different from the new design and covers the bottom holes for the muffler mounts on both sides. Just wondering if anyone had an old instruction sheet or how the muffler mounts were modified.
  20. hopony

    WTS New in boxes Darkstar 92

    Selling set 17x4.5 and 15x10 direct drill darkstar 92 with lugs and bmr swaybar relocation kit. These are brand new in boxes. $900.00
  21. hopony

    ram 9.5 twin disc install

    Stainless works headers would not let the trans out of the tunnel so we had to loosen the kmember to get clearance. Transmission finally out. Stock vs 9.5 dual New flywheel All ready to go back together.
  22. hopony

    street warz orlando speedworld

    Made the trip from jax to orlando for some Tuesday night fun. Found out how slick osw is with no prep. Fist run they made me start from a cone 2 cars back from starting line. Spun 1st through 3rd. Ran 10.8 at 126 had trouble getting it into 4th. Second run they started letting people run from...
  23. hopony

    ram 9.5 twin disc

    Found great deal on a ram 9.5 twin disc clutch and fly wheel. Only other kit I have found near the price is the exdey stage 4 with flywheel. Anyone have any experience with either of these clutches?
  24. hopony

    contour 2+

    Just went to best buy and they are closing out the contour line of pov cameras. Picked up a 2+ for $200.00 and a suction cup mount for $6.99.
  25. hopony

    paxton coyote first time @ track

    Got 3 runs went faster each time. Never got a good launch on the bridgestone 760's. Also short shifted at 6800 to keep stock clutch from getting squishy. Over all I am happy with the results definitely has more in it. Just need to learn how to launch it.