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    How hot you got.

    Last year when I was just CJ/LT's and a tune I would hover around 196-205 throughout summer. Procharged the car and had issues with 1 side cat totally blocking up and the other side blowing totally out. Year and a half later and now the car started running in the 205-225 range even with a 170...
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    2014 auto GT procharger 18 manifold stage 2 kit

    How'd you get that engine cover to fit on the 18? I have the same setup and would love to have the cover back. Looks plain as hell especially coming from a CJ setup.
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    Taking Cj back to stock TB connector

    I'm going from a CJ to 2018 manifold with my procharged 2014 because of driveability issues and was just wondering what I need to make the TB connector fit back up with the stock TB and not the GT500 style. We messed up the stock connector getting the pins out during the install and it's been a...
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    Anyone know this procharged 2011?

    Tuner is saying that with the twin bore tb with the blow through it's actually forcing the blade closed for a split second when the boost hits it before it's able to open properly. It's annoying enough for me to make the change.
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    Anyone know this procharged 2011?

    I have a procharged CJ and am switching it out for a 2018 mani. Made good power but we (tuner) can't seem to make the part throttle drive ability as smooth as I would've hoped (has a stutter before smoothing out. This is with the twin 60 stock GT500 TB. He says the CJ setup is better designed...
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    Installing a 2018 intake onto my procharged 2014

    Just wanted to confirm before mine comes in. I'm Procharged as well with a Cobra Jet and am having part throttle issues which Lund says in a result of the gt500 TB being a draw through design, not a blow through. The stock 2014 TB will bolt right up w/o clearance issues? Thanks
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    Cobra Jet/Procharger hoses

    Car made 666/530 on a dynojet. Working on getting some issues with stutter and a little knock but other than that it runs well. I think the issues were from us installing it.
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    Cobra Jet/Procharger hoses

    It's not perfect but it works. Got hoses from Parts #'s R90B-400-500 Silicone 90 Degree Reducing Elbow 5" ID to 4" ID - Gloss Black 5 Ply AL400R350 Aluminum Intake Reducer 4" OD to 3.5" OD .065 Had to modify both but not too hard to make it work. I think I remember also...
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    False knock between shifts?

    That's been on my mind as well. That was an issue when I first installed the kit (we were dumb and didn't tighten it down enough). But we did end up getting it on there and all has been well, car made good power on the dyno. I guess I would need a new crank bolt if I did that as well?
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    False knock between shifts?

    I have the same issue. Pretty frustrating at this point as I've been under the car about 5 times this weekend trying to trace down any metal to metal contacts with no success. Car seems to like to add timing on the initial gear but like OP it knocks when going into the next gear. Can Do WOT...
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    Is it even worth getting a tuner for automatics?

    Rather than deciding the hardware you're going to tune with first I would decide on WHO will be doing the tuning and choose the device that they prefer. I was dyno tuned by a local shop when I was N/A and wasn't really happy with the results (stalling when pressing the clutch in). Also had BAMA...
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    ID1050x USCAR Connectors

    So I installed my 1050x injectors without changing the USCAR connectors because mine weren't in the box, or the shop I bought them off took them out for whatever reason. Are these meant to be direct plug and play or am I going to mess anything up without changing to them. Car is tuned and makes...
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    WTB FRPP Twin 65 TB

    As title says WTB: FRPP Twin 65mm TB. I'm in British Columbia Canada so I'll pay shipping if the cost makes sense for me. Thanks
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    WTB FRPP Twin 65 TB

    Delete thread if not allowed. Posted in the 11-14 GT section.
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    Sound tube mod on Procharger?

    I took the sound tube out long ago. I'm referring to the kits that make the whine of a twin screw setup louder inside the cabin. Wondering if anyone has tried the same thing on a Procharger setup.
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    Sound tube mod on Procharger?

    I know it's a thing with the twin screws but has anyone ever done it with a Procharger setup? I've got the hole near the air filter plugged on the Procharger before the head unit so it wouldn't be hard to hook up. I don't know if it would sound like ass but I like the sound when people put...
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    Passenger side water leaking

    Just ran out and looked from the inside under the glove box. The foam around the filter is bone dry and nothing seems to be dripping or wet at all at the front. I think it's leaking from the door and traveling down a seam. In my 97 I had a leak on the rear quarter glass that caused the same...
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    Passenger side water leaking

    I pulled the cowl earlier today and it wasn't pooled up at all. Cabin filter was bone dry as well. I was sure that was going to be it :-(
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    Passenger side water leaking

    My 2014 just started leaking all over the passenger side under the seat from the footwell to the back seat. I checked under the shroud near the cabin filter and it doesn't seem like there's any build up of leaves/water in there. Called Ford and they said it probably isn't covered by warranty...
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    A question about sound with stock ota's and LT's

    Don't let the touring name fool you about the volume. I went from Atak to S-type to Touring and all Borlas are loud when you put headers on. Don't get me wrong they all sound amazing. I just got tired of being heard from 10 blocks away. These are my tourings with BBK 1 3/4, catted x and...
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    Paxton Blower. Surging Under Light Throttle

    Have the same issue on my Procharged 14 MT82. Will hesitate at 1/4 throttle then soon as it finds any boost it smoothens out. Maf is mounted on the stg 2 spot of the intercooler. I do have some false knock issues but from the logs it doesn't seem like it's happening at the times it stutters...
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    Supercharging with c/s fascia

    Procharger works. I have cs fogs and installed a month ago
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    HRE Wheels

    Damn that's sexy. Just hope the 30 profile doesn't look like too much gap on my 1.5" eibach pro-kit drop. I'm guessing you're a little lower.
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    HRE Wheels

    Either going with nt555r or nt555g2. I've read the Nittos run narrower and MPSS always run wide. I'm on an eibach pro-kit. Think 305/30/20 would fit better?