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  1. Willie2

    2024 S650 Mustang | The Cover is Off | Full Details Inside

    Shocked there was no hybrid variant announced. RTR has made it into the mainstream unfortunately. The drift mode brake handle thing isn't for me.
  2. Willie2

    Ford F-250 7.3 Gas ProCharged Smoking the tires!! Zero Traction

    Nice! I bet that is a fun set up.
  3. Willie2

    2003 Viper Competition Coupe Dyno

    Nice problem"s" to have. Congrats. Will be fun!!!
  4. Willie2

    Motorweek Retro: 1998 Kenny Brown 289 RS

    RIP Kenny Brown
  5. Willie2

    Had a accident in my car

  6. Willie2

    Roll Race 2003 Terminator vs 2021 GT500

    Nice!! Good 'ol Mexico
  7. Willie2

    Stock Mach Dyno numbers

    pretty good numbers!
  8. Willie2

    Replacement cats/down pipes on '12 ecoboost?

    bottle of the chevron stuff plus do you ever floor it? I discovered after many months of driving like a grandpa if I'd mash the gas for an extended time there would be a large soot cloud. My rationing is those cats need to be unclogged. Good luck.
  9. Willie2

    Ford Adds New GT500 Heritage Edition and Exclusive Code Orange Paint | Plus Coastal Edition Mustang

    Thanks Sid. I saw this pop up on the FB facebook page but I couldn't find any other info anywhere. Another reason why I recommend to anyone to pony up and become premium members on this site.
  10. Willie2

    New Whip

    Since this is SVTP, take off the governer and it'll hit 24mph
  11. Willie2

    New Whip

    that's what I was getting at. List them in the first post!
  12. Willie2

    New Whip

    $1200 upgrade. The longer cover is higher.....depending on your garage door height it might not fit! 82" is what we did as well.
  13. Willie2

    New Whip

    And Premium Seats! Congrats, gas is the way to go. Virtually zero maintenance.
  14. Willie2

    Ford to Reveal All-Electric F-150 Lightning May 19 with Livestreamed Event at Ford HQ

    Nooo! I've been waiting for this truck to return and it looks like it's been bitten by the EV bug.
  15. Willie2

    SVTP Summer home group buy

    I got $5 on it
  16. Willie2

    Montana, Wyoming trip this summer

    He said Montana, not Panama City Beach.
  17. Willie2

    THE 2020 GT500 at VIR!!

    the yellow dot reminds me of my head during the instructor driving portion at the GT350 track tour lol
  18. Willie2

    Gen 3 Raptor to be unveiled Feb 3rd

    Ok it's Feb 3rd...I'm waiting.