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    Anybody have APEX, Forgeline or BC Forged Wheels? Post pics!

    Pic of my old Shelby with BC Forged wheels HCA 161
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    What does your wife drive

    My wife is an enthusiast of sorts, really like trucks and Jeeps. She currently has a 392 Jeep Wrangler, if she could have got one with a manual, she would have.
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    WANTED: 2014 SGM Loaded Pristine GT500 Coupe Low Mileage

    Morrison Motor Cars has a nice one.
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    WANTED: WTB Mineral Gray Low Mile Cobra

    2003 SVT COBRA PRODUCTION NUMBERS COUPE Interior Oxford White Black Torch Red Redfire Zinc Yellow Sonic Blue Satin Silver Mineral Grey Silver Dark Shadow Grey Totals Graphite Suede 451 1,618 214 758 490 1,029 242 302 735 851 6,690 Parchment Suede 170 252 59 197 0 23 0 0 0 0 701 Red...
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    WANTED: Looking to buy 03-04 Cobra COUPE ONLY, STOCK OR near STOCK. Sub 80k miles

    Not mine - just sharing, looks pretty nice.
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    Interesting developments at Palm Beach Dyno

    As @DSG2003Mach1 stated, I think it would depend on the employment agreement. If he was an actual employee of the company, that would be different than if the company treated him as a 1099. A 1099 would be an independent contractor. As a 1099, you would not be getting paid to design something...
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    Jeep 392 Diablo Tune speed limiter removed 12.4@108

    Do you require the PCM to be sent to you for tuning?
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    Mattress time!

    TempurPedic here for almost 15 yrs and it is still in great shape. My wife and I still comment that it was probably the best purchase we have ever made. A couple years ago we also added Luxeome weighted blankets, and would highly recommend this as well.
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    WANTED: WTB Coupe

    Not mine - just sharing
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    Aftermarket Wheels- Post pics

    Yes they are the HCA 161 Polished lip Brushed Center Hidden Hardware Front 20x9.5 +40 Rear 20x11 +52 I really like the OEM base wheel on these cars and wanted something similar in design yet with a little more "pop". Also just to clarify, I sold this car a couple months ago and so I am not the...
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    2022 Expedition Stealth Performance

    10-4 really nice looking ride. Congrats!
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    2022 Expedition Stealth Performance

    So, is it basically the same 3.5TT V6 motor in both but you get a better tune with the "Raptor motor"? Or does it have different components that net the added power?
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    Thinking of taking my wife to Key West next year. Recommendations from those who've been there?

    We went to the Keys for Christmas last year. We wanted the whole experience so we flew into Miami and rented a Jeep and drove down to the Keys. The drive was not what I had pictured in my head lol. It was certainly nice in some spots but it was not the picturesque scene I was thinking of the...
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    Golfers, Step In

    This is what came to my mind as well. If all your other clubs are good, then technically your swing should be fine. Biggest temptation is to swing too hard with the driver and you speed up your tempo. When you do this, usually the hands don't keep up with the lower part of your body. In...
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    WANTED: 2003-2004 CLEAN MACH 1 in or near Florida.

    Not mine. Saw this on Marketplace and thought I would share.
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    WANTED: Comp Orange Cobra

    not mine but just saw it pop up on marketplace and thought I would share.
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    FOR SALE: 907RWHP 2001 Shades of Grey Turbo Saleen

    So did this really sell a couple months ago on BaT for $35k?
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    Advice Needed - Mom Car

    I have a 2020 Explorer ST as a work/haul kids to school vehicle. We have 2 children, both were in car seats at the time of purchase and I take 4 total children to school every morning. To me, the key to kids in the 3rd row is the captain chairs, I would highly recommend having these in any...
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    WANTED: WTB 14-14 GT500

    Not mine but close on mileage and under your budget. Just wanted to share.
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    WANTED: 03/04 Mach 1 5 speed

    Here is another one that looks pretty clean. I would have to say that I would lean towards the DSG :) love that color
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    WANTED: 03/04 Mach 1 5 speed

    Not mine just sharing Ad has it listed as an automatic but pics say it is a manual. Just a touch over budget
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    Mike Tyson pounds annoying jerk on plane

    So Mike - how did you feel when the guy was giving you a hard time on the plane? Mike Tyson: "Well I was exthactic Chuck!"
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    WANTED: 2013/2014 GT500 Triple Black

    Not mine but saw it on marketplace in Louisville, KY
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    2013 GT500 Tire question. I tried search but nothing on options.

    I run the 555 RII (G2) on the rear and it hooks really well from a 2nd gear roll on the street with 700/700+ RW. I would also agree that you can't go wrong with the MT or the Toyo's.