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  1. MileHighTurbo

    1993 Teal Cobra

    I have a Teal 93 with gray leather ,sunroof car,original paint,no dings or dents,all vin tags on all panels, never wrecked,car over all is in great shape, it is a high mileage car 154k, shows like 54k!! engine has fresh H.O. shortblock,i have original #'s matching shortblock,i have all SVT paper...
  2. MileHighTurbo

    How rare are Original build sheets & other paperwork

    I was looking at some of the paperwork i have for my car and i have the two letters and cerificate from SVT,some hard glossy advertisment/brochure for 93 cobra from SVT, original window sticker,plastic key blanks,some other aluminum tags that have a # and record and detach,and the original build...
  3. MileHighTurbo

    FS: LFP dual pass Heat Exchanger NIB

    I have a LFP Dual Pass HE for sale it includes all hardware/hoses $$ 200 $$ SHIPPED TO THE LOWER 48 email me for pics [email protected], this add is paypal also
  4. MileHighTurbo

    Polished KB 2.2 + supporting mods

    I have a polished KB 2.2 in GREAT condition!!! newer snout,no vent lines,approx 6k on blower,It comes with 3 pullies,oil owners manual,KB switch chip SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!!! INJ harness adapters EV1 inj TO cobra EV6 harness all parts are off car and ready to ship!! pm me for pics
  5. MileHighTurbo

    E85 or Whipple 2.3?

    Soo this is my delema,cant decide if i want a big twin screw whip 2.3 probly or conver to E85,current set up is stegg stg3 sb tb/plenum 2.93/4# lower good air filter,bassani X/CB,idlers, parts sitting around BAP,60# inj,mafia,DP HE I cant decide what to do ,go E85 and do a 2.76 or get...
  6. MileHighTurbo

    WTB 2.76 eaton pulley

    Just like the title says i need a 2.76 pulley for my eaton anybody has one pm me , thanks
  7. MileHighTurbo

    FS: KB 2.2 w/2.93 billetflow

    I have a black KB 2.2 w/2.93 billetflow pulley on it,recent snout rebuild, this is the newer version no catch can,have all cable brakets,it is off the car ready to go!! may trade for whipple gen 2 have pics to email, $2400
  8. MileHighTurbo

    2008 Super Snake owners inside here!!

    Hello, can someone with a 08 Super Snake please measure the width if the single stipe that goes over the car!!!!! Thanks in advance!!! Total width=? Width of middle stripe=? width of accent stripe on the sides of the middle stripe=?
  9. MileHighTurbo

    Getting a 2.2KB, HP vs steggy stg4

    Soo,im gettinng a 2.2KB and was wondering what the power differance might be? Mods are bassani x and CB,6#lower 2.80 upper,cold air accufab TB/pl,steggy stg4,idlers,lfp HE MY STEGGY NOW MAKES 16#"S HOPING THE KB WILL MAKE 19!!! New mods are gonna be 2.2KB w/2.93,60# inj,mafia,KB BAP and a...
  10. MileHighTurbo

    Vortech Aftercooler 05-08 mustang 4.6

    I have a new vortech aftercooler for a 05-08 mustang gt 4.6 it is missing a few hoses,clamps but has all the exspensive parts i have a low reserve!!!
  11. MileHighTurbo

    New Termi owner! what to look for??

    New Terminator owner! what to look for?? whats up guys and gals, i just picked up an 04 Terminator, i am new to the mod motor scene, the car has bassani x and cb,cai,stegi stage 3,custom tune,accufab tb,plenum i dont know what pullies,b&m shifter,lowered H&R's, car has 56k i want to...