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    Magnum XL swap ?

    what was the price for doing this swap?
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    Quick Latch mod

    can you post underhood pics? thanks
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    Limited Time Only | SVTP VooDoo Hoodies/Shirts are Back!!! | Pre-Order Now Open

    any chance of doing a hoodie that is not a zip up?
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    I saw this 2020 gt500 bumper conversion kit

    Keep me posted on how this works thanks Jack
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    Introducing the VooDoo T-Shirt and Hoodie . Hi what would the cost be for the Ultra-Heavy...

    Introducing the VooDoo T-Shirt and Hoodie . Hi what would the cost be for the Ultra-Heavy hoodie? I am assuming this would be a pull over not a zippered hoodie is that correct? Thanks Jack
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    Keeping exhaust open in 6Th?

    Exhaust Valve Defeat Module this will do it!
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    GT350 whipple problems

    what forum are you talking about? can you send me a link? Thanks
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    GT350 whipple problems

    Please let me know how you make out with the new bypass actuator. Where did you get the new one from? Thanks Jack
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    GT350 whipple problems

    My Car is hard to start in comparison to when it was stock with a tune. I am getting codes when it first starts. not sure what is going on.
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    GT350 whipple problems

    Yes my car is a GT350 Here is the latest install instructions from whipple. file:///C:/Users/CMC-%20PC/Desktop/MY16%20Ford%20GT350_RevA1R6_Low%20=18.pdf From page 61. Verify the bypass actuator is working properly. To monitor, look at the bypass arm when the motor is not running. Start engine...
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    GT350 whipple problems

    I just Installed a Whipple on my car this past weekend. I had a couple of minor issues and Whipple was very quick to respond. I would email [email protected] he is their tune guy. Jack
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    Spare Tire ? this is the only solution that I am aware of
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    Oil Filter/Drain Safety Wire!

    I don't know what I was thinking - I must be getting old - Sorry
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    Oil Filter/Drain Safety Wire!

    looks like the safety wire on the oil filter is on the wrong side to me.
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    820/548 with a whipple gen 3 on 93

    How much boost? Did you replace the oil pump and timing gears? Thanks Jack
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    Hp limitations of the voodoo

    Adding boost is something I have been considering for a while now. I think if I do i will have to change the oil pump gears first as that is the week link. I was quoted 12 hours of shop time to do this. So with that you have to add 2K to the price of any kit. Twin turbo looks like the best way...
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    350 Lawsuit

    I would love to get a couple. How much would shipping be to 02771? Thanks Jack
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    Boost GT350 ?

    what did you do to the suspension to get more traction? I get a lot of wheel hop with only a tune. At the top of second gear from a rolling start when I hit 4K rpm the tires let go.
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    Boost GT350 ?

    I just wonder if it is possible to get any traction on the street with a Whipple?
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    Boost GT350 ?

    do you have a torque figure that it made? can you post a dyno graph? Thanks Jack