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  1. 03cobra#2

    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Yes. The housing is a direct fit, then I had to trim the cable just a hair.
  2. 03cobra#2

    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    Noticed I had a small oil leak. Traced it to the dipstick. The rubber o ring was dried up and broke part. Since the tube was a bit mangled from my long tube install I bought a Lokar unit. Fits amd works perfect.
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    Dipstick Leaking

    Took the car out today for a little cruise since it was a nice cool morning. When I got home I noticed a drop of oil on the driveway. Jacked up the car and looks like it is coming from the dipstick tube where is meets the block. Is it worth the aggravation of trying to pull it (goes through...
  4. 03cobra#2

    1994 Cobra SVT build #'s 0001-0012 - where are they?

    I'm in the same boat. Having build #2 (03 cobra convertable) I was hoping to try and figure out where the 1st car is.
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    Ideas on Cause of Rattle Noise?

    I'm sure you allready checked this but did you pull all the plugs? Run the engine with the super charger belt off? If your going to take the valve cover off I would pull all the lifters and throw them in a vice to make sure they are OK.
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    Storing cobra with E70-E85.

    I fill my tank, put in some Lucas E85 treatment and park it from November until April. Fires right up and no problems. I plan to do the same this year.
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    Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plug (600hp+) BR-GR12-S or NGK TR7IX Iridium Spark Plugs

    I am running E85 in my 03 and feel that the TR7's run much smoother then the BR7's. Just ran both backto back last week.
  8. 03cobra#2

    2003cobra#2's 3.4 Whipple Build

    Sure, I'll upload a pic when I get home.
  9. 03cobra#2

    2003cobra#2's 3.4 Whipple Build

    Duplicate post
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    2003cobra#2's 3.4 Whipple Build

    Update: Part throttle drivability is fixed (for the most part). Just to recap, I have done a lot of reading on this over the last year or so and it is definitely a problem that comes up on Whipple cars. Cars that have drive by wire can be tuned around this, not on our cars. So I pulled the...
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    The Snake Pit show in Ohio 2021

    Man I got to open my eyes. I live a few minutes away from this place! I'll have to come by and check out the shop. Thank you for posting.
  12. 03cobra#2

    2003cobra#2's 3.4 Whipple Build

    Thanks for the offer but I'll hold of on chopping the actuator up for now. I'll try this restrictor method and see how the results are. Appreciate the Info[emoji106]
  13. 03cobra#2

    2003cobra#2's 3.4 Whipple Build

    So when the engine is off the bypass remains open. Then using boost to close the valve correct? So you said it takes about 3lbs to close it. How is drivability? Also where did you get the spring? Thanks! Edit: Also did you remove the factory spring in it and if so how did you do it. Also how...
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    2003cobra#2's 3.4 Whipple Build

    Interesting I was thinking of possibly doing something like that but was not sure if it would make the problem worse or better. Whipple puts a light spring in them now for the last few years so they work with aggressive cams but it's a total light switch cruising around. I have the blower off...
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    2003cobra#2's 3.4 Whipple Build

    I wanted to post to bring this back for a quick update. Car has been running well except for a small drivability issue. I stumbled across this post And I believe this is my exact problem. A...
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    Near suicide , 3k high idle problem

    All I can say is that air is getting in somewhere. Just for kicks you can unplug the iac while the engine is running and see what happens. When it's unplugged and nothing changes its possible the iac is bad or you have air getting past the tb blades.
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    Next fun car suggestions

    Slightly used Audi S4. From what I'm reading the stock fuel system will run E85 and with just a tune you can reach 500hp.
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    what supercharger

    I just wanted to chime in here. Lost of good advice here so far. Op you don't strike me as someone that thinkers with your car often. Sounds like your a bit bored and looking to drop a few $$$ into the car to make it interesting again. My vote is to not over complicate things. Do a new whipple...
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    What did you do for your Terminator today?

    I ordered mine from Lethal and got it within a couple days. I would check with them. It's expensive but a great pice.
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    Harmonic Balancer, Crank Support, Lower Pulley

    Everything fit pretty well. I did need to purchase a special tool to press in the front crank Seal, remove the fan for clerence but everything was good. On a side note I did a couple wide open pulls on the highway yesterday and I was seeing more boost then before the crank support.So I'm...
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    First time overheating

    My car overheated last summer. I was about 10 min from home. I saw the gage go up up up so I pulled over. Let the car cool for a few min. Started back up and coolant came pouring out from the cap. Let the car cool down for couple hours while I hung out in a parking lot and was able to limp the...
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    Whipple Gen 4 supporting mods suggestions?

    If you plan on running E85 your injectors may be too small.
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    Frying Pan Into the Fire -- Chip Shortage

    No way any dealer would opt in to do that if they have to pay for / floor plan the vehicle. Think about it, would you pay interest on a vehicle you couldn't sell. Only way that happens iscif Ford assumes responsibility for the vehicle until the chips are installed and can be sold. Sent from...
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    Who remembers FFW

    I went to a few at Norwalk. They were absolutely the best race events. Huge turn out every year. NMRA events are good but they don't have the turnout like FFW did Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Harmonic Balancer, Crank Support, Lower Pulley

    I'm using a IW damper, Metco ring, and J2Fab crank support. I have my stock lower sitting on a shelf what has pretty much perfect bushings that I'm holding onto. Figure that part will be worth a bit one day.