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  1. Mikey org gt500

    2007 whipple 2.9 gt500 fs

    Grabber orange about 35,000 miles whipple 2.9 with supporting mods 6pt custom swing out/take out bar. It needs a new clutch and has minor scuffs on back and front bumper. My truck broke and I was stuck driving it to work for a little , that's were they came wife and I are expecting so...
  2. Mikey org gt500

    nj F250 2004

    145,000 4x4 manual transfer case/ hubs . needs little things. Its a XL.. has AC email me fo quick response [email protected] $5,000
  3. Mikey org gt500


    My bro has 13.... what intakes you guys using i was thinking jlt. . What you options
  4. Mikey org gt500

    my bro is getting a 2013.. wants to start with...

    A CAI, tune, and exhaust ... any suggestions
  5. Mikey org gt500

    need help

    I have bad vibration that seems to be coming from DS. Anyone have a stocker lieing around i could borrow for a small fee? In NJ NY or PA area. I dont feel like shipping it all the way back to DSS in NC if the DS is fine.. any ideas would b appreciated too. Thank Mike
  6. Mikey org gt500

    vibration at high speed ...

    I was thinking it mayb DS anyidea? Thanks
  7. Mikey org gt500

    mach 1 motor

    30,000 miles 4.6 4V . Motor smokes a lil and some oil in #4 cyl. Runs fine other wise. 2,000 obo only part not included is intake
  8. Mikey org gt500

    9/10 mpg really?

    Ok so I'm only getting 9/10 mpgs according to my car? Mods are whipple 2.9, 72s, bap, mafia , Cai blah blah blah.. u guys getting similar mpgs ?
  9. Mikey org gt500

    whipple 2.9 4 ur stocker

    Anyone wanna trade cash + stock blower 4 my whipple very low miles
  10. Mikey org gt500

    in the outter banks NC 4 the week

    Any good car meets or anyone wanna go wheeling, I got my F250 with me?
  11. Mikey org gt500

    GT500 or Raptor

    I own a Whipple 2.9 07 GT500 thinking about selling it for a raptor... How badass if this truck really? I have only looked at on never got to drive in one. What do you guys think?
  12. Mikey org gt500

    FEELER! 07 GT500 whipple 2.9

    07 GT500 whipple 2.9 (36,500) Ok so this is just a feeler. Don't bash price or offer any BS trades. I dnt need to sell the car so. Mods are Whipple 2.9 with 3.25 pully Ford racing TB 72lbs inj Mafia KB BAP C nd L CAI 373s 08 balnacer JBA cat back JBA catless X(I have stock) sway...
  13. Mikey org gt500

    wow what a week

    My Mustang week didn't go as planned. On my way to the circle track I found a dirt road. I was in my F250 so I went down it. I found a pond(I was looking to fish) and drove around it without a prob. On the way back I got stuck. So for 5 hours I tried to jack the truck puttin logs under tires or...
  14. Mikey org gt500

    "gas cap cover"

    this is form the red sripe pacage 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 red package rear emblem OEM Ill take 50 bucks shipped in the usa Mike [email protected]
  15. Mikey org gt500


    I really wanna meet more SVTP members this year at mustang week:banana:
  16. Mikey org gt500

    *feeler* steg ported blower

    since port the Ive drove it 9,000 miles tops. its got a 2.4 pulley fully ported and balanced. looking for 800 and ill split the shipping>>> want pics email me [email protected] or questions Thanks mike
  17. Mikey org gt500

    help F250 owners

    what gas milages do you guys get? both gas and diesel.. Thanks in advance! if you want to post up what year a stuff that would help also
  18. Mikey org gt500

    lethal ?

    you guys open tom?:banana:
  19. Mikey org gt500

    3.55s and install kit fs

    the gears are used, maybe 6/8,000miles not to sure... with a brand new install kit i got from lethal... for pics email me [email protected] $115+ shipping
  20. Mikey org gt500

    Gt500 tb

    100 bucks with electronics
  21. Mikey org gt500


    MUST RUN WELL.... not looking for a mint truck.. let me kno:banana:
  22. Mikey org gt500

    some stock GT500 parts

    I have a TB w/electronics, upper 3rd link, lower control arms, intake, 2007 crank pulley.. I think thats it. email [email protected] for faster reply
  23. Mikey org gt500

    Stock SC w/ 2.6

    I have my stock SC with a 2.6 upper on it... looking for $550ish with the pulley>>> pic at your request email [email protected]
  24. Mikey org gt500

    how much are TR6060 worth?

    I'm thinking of going auto and selling my trans. How much you think I can get? It is a completely new trans then the one that was in the car(its a 07). I was one of the first to get the TSB done. they just gave me new trans, fly wheel, clutch. It has 12,000 miles on it. Thanks for the help!
  25. Mikey org gt500

    2010 Grabber blue at englishtown

    anyone on here? sweet ride:rockon: