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  1. thatdude305


    Need some new brakes for my truck. It's my dd. Does anyone run Power stop on there truck? I have them on my cobra and they seem fine but I don't daily that. A lot of people seem to think the rotors will crack cause of the drill holes Drilled and Slotted Performance Rotors | PowerStop
  2. thatdude305

    Toyo R888Rs question

    I posted this picture and I was told my tires are on backwards. The tires say outside on them and I googled this issue and it just seems like that is how the tire is made. Does anyone else have these Toyo R888Rs?
  3. thatdude305


    Does anyone have one of those big android radios in their car with all the digital stuff?
  4. thatdude305


    Does anyone have one of those huge android auto radios in their truck? Wondering if it can be done to these trucks
  5. thatdude305


    Does anyone in here have a Mishimoto radiator? I'm thinking about getting one. Looking for opinions if you have one Performance Aluminum Radiator, fits Ford F-150 SVT Lightning, Automatic 1999-2004 Radiator Hose Kit, fits Ford F-150 w/ Oil Cooler 1997-2004 Thanks
  6. thatdude305


    I need a new battery. Can't seem to find any info on gel cell batteries. Any recommendations or should I just get a battery at the dealership?
  7. thatdude305

    2020 GT350R heritage

    This car is absolutely stunning. What a beautiful car.
  8. thatdude305


    Not sure if allowed. My dealership has 2 2020 GT500's both with the carbon fiber track pack for sale. One black on black, and the other white with blue stripes. Anyone in the market let me know. Thanks
  9. thatdude305

    stock lower pulley

    what can i expect to pay for a new one?
  10. thatdude305

    Which set-up

    I know this has been talked about a lot. I have read some older posts. I am deciding between Whipple and VMP. What would I need with Whipple 2.3 or 2.9? What would I need with VMP and what kind of numbers can I make without going crazy on a new fuel system? Thanks guys
  11. thatdude305

    Heat Exchanger

    Looking to upgrade from my stock one. What is a good one to get and also how hard is it to install. I cant seem to find any videos on YouTube
  12. thatdude305

    Passenger mirror

    03-04 OEM Cobra mirror passenger side Redfire. Mirror and housing all works and is in EXCELLENT condition. $325 shipped to lower 48, but I'll listen to offers.
  13. thatdude305

    coolant/radiator tanks

    looking for black powder coated radiator/intercooler tanks. Looking for recommendations on what brand and where to get them
  14. thatdude305

    tailgate spoiler

    Looking to get a tailgate spoiler. Any recommendations on what you have? I'm guessing the cervinis one is the one to go with, but looking for feedback
  15. thatdude305

    I think it's time....

    I think it's time for me to bite the bullet and spend the $5k to get a 2.3 Whipple installed.... Let's get it!!!
  16. thatdude305

    WTB 2.3 Whipple

    Looking for one with low miles and all supporting mods SC3000 and 60lb injectors
  17. thatdude305

    Post up your SVT twins

    Anyone else got a Lightning and Cobra
  18. thatdude305

    1 of 1

    I know this isn't terminator related, but this is a absolute beauty, had to share. 2018 GT350R widebody twin turbo 1000HP. Its 1 of 1 in the world.
  19. thatdude305

    Engine bay

    Where can I get the black tanks for under the hood... thx
  20. thatdude305

    Sway Bar Links

    I need to replace my sway bar links. What would you guys recommend. I work at a Ford dealership and they tell me they don't see it as a complete kit. The OEM kit doesn't come with the end outter bushing or the nut. I'm thinking about these Steeda ones. Any other recommendations. Mustang Heavy...
  21. thatdude305

    WTB: Borla Atak

    looking to buy some Borla Ataks for my 04. Looking for a pair that isn't missing anything and that doesn't look beat up
  22. thatdude305

    Shifter Help

    I want to buy a lime green/monster green shift knob. Just want it plain nothing special. anyone know where I can get one from and what size?
  23. thatdude305

    Double Din radio

    What double din radio should I get. anyone have a good one. looking to be under $400
  24. thatdude305

    Battery question

    I haven't started my car up in about 3 months. Now the battery us dead. Probably just gonna buy a new battery. The question is when you guys let your car sit do you disconnect the battery and if so do you disconnect the negative, positive, or both?
  25. thatdude305

    IRS Bolts

    What is the best flat IRS bolts to get??