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    LS3 C5Z vs. '13-'14 Whipple Coyote

    To start off, I am not here to start a riot or to gloat, but this was by far my best race to date with this car. It was so tight it was ridiculous. My car: LS3, Full exhaust, Ram air intake, BTR Stage IV N/A cam, supporting BTR valvetrain, MGW Shifter, built trans and diff with 3.73 gears...

    C5Z big cam idle

    just got finished up with my exhaust. Finally have it where I want it sound wise. Now just need to adjust the tips!

    Corvette content!!!

    It's actually just a comparison of exhaust clips from my C5Z. I have a big cam C5Z with full exhaust and intake. The exhaust had high flow cats in it. I made a video of the difference b/w the highflow cats and the cat bypass pipes I just installed. The guys over at Corvette forum don't seem...

    Terminator vs Porsche GT3

    This is an older video I just dug up and figured I'd share. Spinnin ain't winnin folks! I got drug!

    Mustang Week Race!!!

    I'm hoping that this might find its way to the owner of the Coyote GT I ran today in my black C5Z. He was in a small pack of about 4 Stangs and his was red. Sounded and looked great. Don't know too much else about this particular car other than he was behind a grayish GT with plate that said...

    Guns/Ammo guys help!

    So I'm looking for a particular type of ammo for my Desert Eagle .50 AE. Samson ammunition had lots of muzzle flash and rings of fire. I want more but am having a heck of a time finding it. Anyone have any suggestions?

    Terminator vs C5Z

    Terminator is bolt-ons, pulley, tune, driver mod 470-480 whp C5 is Longtubes, cats, catback, cam, tune and driver mod. Unknown whp

    FS: iPhone 5S 16g with extras!!

    I am selling an unlocked iPhone 5S 16g with 2 Mophie Juice Packs and charging cords. Phone is in good condition and has decent battery life. Mophie doubles as case and battery back up. This comes with 2 of them. Can provide pics to email. Asking $300 + shipping and PayPal fee

    Friendly Z on Z action

    2 C5Z's running in the dark unfortunately (sorry for that). One is a stupid strong bolt on and geared car and mine is a bolt on and cam LS3 car.
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    Cam/Open headers video

    C5 Z06 Cam and open headers - YouTube Had to remove the midpipe so I figured I'd fire it up for a quick video.
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    How annoying is this guy???

    Found this guy through a google car group I'm a member of. I must say his videos are near impossible to watch due to his commentary. I figured it's so ridiculous that I had to share. It's almost hard to believe he's serious.
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    Cammed C5 Z

    When you guys are all here for Mustang Week, take it easy on me. Open headers
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    FS: Watch - Nixon 51-30 Tigerseye

    This is a bnib Nixon 51-30 Tigerseye up for sale. I have another nixon that I wear and have no need for this one. Original msrp $500 for sale on amazon for $368 I am asking $300 shipped. NIXON Men's NXA0831073 Chronograph Dial Watch:Amazon:Watches The picture does this watch no justice.
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    FS: '09 Corvette ZR-1

    Posting ad for my father. He has owned car since new. No accidents, non smoker and as much as he says he likes the power he rarely uses it. He is a retired Dr. and it has more or less been his daily driver since new. Car is Victory Red on Black, 3ZR completely unmodified. Mileage is currently...
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    FS: Renatõ Carbon Fiber Wilde Beast Gen 2 Watch

    Selling a watch. Below is the link. Now I'm sure some of you will tell me they are on ebay for less, but I've not been able to find this identical watch yet. If you do find one please send me a link. Open to offers! Renatõ Carbon Fiber Wilde Beast Gen 2 Watch!
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    FS: IPhone 4 32 GB AT&T

    Phone is in good condition with exception of one very very fine and tiny scratch on glass and the back of the phone has scuffs from a case I had. Do not have the box. Comes with charger and car charger. $200 + shipping.
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    '03 Cobra chasing Viper ACR

    I just dug up this video from awhile back and figured I'd share it. It is a really short clip going down the front straight at Thunderbolt Raceway at NJMP. '03 Cobra at NJMP 2 - YouTube
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    FS: DSG '03 Cobra Coupe $14,000

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    WTB: Terminator Stock Exhaust/Stock Mufflers

    Anyone have stock exhaust or mufflers from their Terminator? Looking for something cheap that may be taking up space in your garage...
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    FS: Borla Stingers polished, super clean!

    Have a pair of stingers that I am looking to unload. They are barely used and super clean. They are for IRS. $500 takes them.
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    FS: Bogarts with Hoosiers

    Bought these off a member here not too long ago. Have not had a chance to use them except for a car show. I would like to keep them, but recently moved and started new job and have too many things going on right now. Would like to free up some cash. The Rims are mint condition (as in new). The...
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    Columbia Terminators... Anyone???

    Just moved to Columbia, SC and was wondering what the Cobra scene was like here.
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    So, I drove this...

    And it was nothing short of amazing.
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    Hooters KOP Meet

    Tuesday Sept 7th at 8. Hope to see some of you out there. Hooters King of Prussia Trying to get an idea of how many will be there....
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    '03 Cobra vs EVO IX MR

    I figured I'd post this even though it happened some time ago... It was the last race I had that was somewhat close. Cobra: Intake, exhaust, upper, weak tune EVO IX: Intake, exhaust, FP RED, and various other little things. Evo made about 420whp and 370wtq and runs 11.50's with 6-speed...