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    Have u guys heard of this coming up in our great state????

    California Will Start Testing for ECU Tunes During Smog Checks Starting Next Week If your car isn't running the factory software or a tune approved by the California Air Resources Board, you'll fail the test. By Brian Silvestro Jul 14, 2021 FordYouTube If you live in California and run an...
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    2003 cobra front chin spoiler?

    Where can we find the chin spoilers for our cobras with out having to pay the crazy price they want for these things? Please advise. thanks
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    looking for 2003 front chin spoiler

    Ive looked at all types of places on the internet there asking from 350 to 500 for the chin spoiler. 5 years back one could pic one up for about 150. What the hell happen? lol :fm:
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    stock z05 vet against a pulley cobra

    stock z06 vet against a pulley cobra Just wondering who would win in this kinda race from a dig. Thanks :shrug:
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    Stock sound system

    my stereo desided not to eject the cds i have in the system. It just keeps giving me the err sign. Any tips on how to get the dam cds out . thanks:beer:
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    Stock stereo

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    Say hello to mr white boss 302

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    mini car neet at the soopinators place

    Theses pics are of a saleen mustang that was on this years april edition of 5 .O MAGAZINE AND TO MY AWESOME WIFE OF 24 YEARS THANKS BABY YOUR THE BEST.THANKS FOR PUTTING UP WITH ALL MY CAR STUFF.
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    name change

    I would like to permanently change my name to THESCOOPINATOR. Can you do this for me? thanks :beer:
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    Hard top for verts

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    Vert cobra lite bar windscreens

    Does anybody have a wind screen on there vert cobra? I'm going to buy this, just wanna see some more pics . THANKS :beer:
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    local poontang car show

    Enjoy people...:beer:
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    Cleaning mas

    Cleaning mass Can a person use crc electric motive parts cleaner on the mas airflow. Thanks
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    Lots of pics from the knotts show

    Theses pics were taken from mustang world. Heres the link. Mustangworld - Fabulous Fords Forever 2011THANKS RON FOR THE LINK.Plus i wanted to say to the people from svt that i met it was awesome seeing you guys.What a great time i had.:beer:
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    sct tune and codes

    i have a sct tune by mail . ran fine for about 100 miles then check engine lite came on heres the codes i had p0234 over boost condition. p1000 old stytem readiness not completed. p0352 -54-55-58 ingnition coil primary- secondary ckt so i cleared them took the car out for about 6 miles the codes...
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    Sct tuner and check engine codes

    I had my car tuned with a sct tuner Thursday. i have drove the car about 75 since then . Today it threw a check engine lite. Ive never used a sct tuner before and alittle scared to hook it up. Is it easy for moron like me to use. thanks
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    New pully and cover set up

    A special thanks to blk03svt10th for the idea on the pully cover. Thanks man great idea!!!before after pully and custom cover set up :beer:
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    Lets see some eaton pully set ups

    Just ordered mine last week . I would like to see what people have for idler pulleys . thanks
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    Knotts ford car show

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    Chicanes 03 rear bumper templet

    does any body have a pic of this templet from chicanes motor sports. It fits on the stock rear cobra bumper for the 351 saleen center exhaust. thanks
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    idea on a hood

    yes or no this should be fun, lol
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    polished cat back and new shroud cover for the gas tank

    Well i wanna thank two peolpe , tims97svt for the advise on taking the dam shroud off and a inspiration hats off to 04 sleeper for setting the standard on polishing the exhaust. My looks nothing like 04 sleepers , but i worked with what i had and it looks a hell of alot better then before...
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    plastic black cover gas tank shroud replacement

    I have a new black cover for the cobra gas tank. The one thats on now got burned all the way through from the exhaust being to close. I have the tank on empty is there any tricks to tacking this off and replacing it with the new. thanks ________________________