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  1. topless_sn8k

    What size slicks on a IRS snake

    hey all, what size slicks could I fit on my lowered snake (H&R SS springs) I have the IRS with low profile bolts. Fenders not rolled, but could be if needed to fit a bigger tire. Any sample pics would be great of your set ups! Also what brand tire , Hoosier, Mickey Thompson, etc. and what...
  2. topless_sn8k

    best shock/struts??? for 03 cobra vet

    I need to replace my shocks/struts and would like to see some ideas. KYB. tockio, ford racing ,ect. I'm not a street racer, I want the best under there to hold them nittos to the groound:banana:
  3. topless_sn8k

    SoCal Terminator cruise???

    I posted this in the terminator forum, they suggested to post here as well. Hey guys, I've just moved here a few months ago from Tn. and the weather is getting really nice (ready to drop the top). I was wondering how many terminators are around here and was hoping we may ALL gather for a...
  4. topless_sn8k

    SoCal Terminators

    Hey guys, I've just moved here a few months ago from Tn. and the weather is getting really nice (ready to drop the top). I was wondering how many terminators are around here and was hoping we may ALL gather for a cruise late afternoon to early evening:shrug:!!! Nothing against the other blue...
  5. topless_sn8k

    Gohost flames, for redfire!

    Hey all, Just looking for some paint schemes for my redfire vert. I want some ghost flames. I tried searching on here but alot of threads were old and the pics, had been removed. Please don't post pics of flames, I'm interested in "ghost" only. Thanks and lets see them!!!
  6. topless_sn8k

    stagered set up please read???

    Hey all, just wanting to see if any of you have heard of this set up...:shrug: 20"rx18"f 19"rx18"f If so show pics. I've seen them on vets., just wanted to see how they look on our terms. I have a vert (laser red). and might try this with some CCW maybe! I'm not that big on them...
  7. topless_sn8k

    03 cobra rear bumper "redfire" price?

    I sent a PM a few days ago :shrug:. I need a price for a rear bumper cover for my 03 cobra vert. redfire is the color, I need it shipped to Socal...
  8. topless_sn8k

    Toroco race gas, how much?

    Hey all quick question, I've moved to SoCal and all they have is 91 0ctane. I'm thinking of getting a race tune and use Toroco with a full tank of gas. Does anyone know of the octane level with that mixture:shrug:... 1 tank of 91 octane + 1 can of Toroco = ?????? 1/2 tank of 91 octane + 1...
  9. topless_sn8k

    03 Whippled vert Laser red cobra

    03 Whippled Red Fire cobra "VERT" Car is daily driven, only has 42k miles on it! Convertible Engine/Performance - Ford Racing 2.3L Whipple Gen II Supercharger - Richard Racing 3” Upper Pulley - Accufab polished tb - Steeda Custom CAI - LFP Dual pass H/E “COBRA” stencil - Black powder...
  10. topless_sn8k

    Need help on clutch ?

    Hey guys, I have a question. I have a spec stage 3 + clutch that was installed a few months ago, I bought it used. Know when I shift into 2nd gear my gears grind really bad. it is only when I shift into 2nd, 1st is ok. I have a MMR quadrent and firewarwall adjuster. has my clutch gone bad?:shrug:
  11. topless_sn8k

    Launch RPMs for a Cobra

    Guys, what is a good safe Launch RPM at the track?! I'm at 607 rwhp/ 593rwtq with a spec stage 3 + clutch with Nitto D/Rs 305/35/18s (18psi). I'm not trying to KILL my sn8K, I would like to get some good feed back though. goal to hit high 10s???????:shrug::shrug::shrug:
  12. topless_sn8k

    Temps of A/C in our Cobras

    Hey just a quick ? what is the standard temp of the A/C??? Just curious, my vert seems like it is not cooling fast enough a guess these hot temps in Memphis don't help... Thanks.
  13. topless_sn8k

    Conv. owners cobras question????

    Hey guys, do we need to oil the hinges on the verts top? Or treat them with anything????:shrug:
  14. topless_sn8k

    Valentine 1 owners (IN Here!)

    Hey guys, I've check most of the threads. I need to get up to date details on the V1. I had an escort 8500 (stolen) and loved it!:rockon: I've heard about the V1 and how good it is!!!! Where can I buy the review mirror attachment for it, for my 03 Vert.????:shrug::??::shrug: Thanks, and lets...
  15. topless_sn8k

    Nitto d/R tire presure

    Hey all, I'm getting some Nitto D/R 335/30/18. These will be on my daily driver, what should I run for tire presure:shrug:??? and what would you suggest for the strip:shrug:???? Thanks.
  16. topless_sn8k

    PC performance monitoring software ?????

    Hey all, does anyone know of any places to get pc performance monitoring software (free) ie. cpu usage, ram usage, temps, fan speeds,etc.:shrug:
  17. topless_sn8k

    Nitto Drag Radial 18" size???

    This is for the guys who sell the tires. What is the largest size I can buy for my 03 Cobra with 18" wheels? What would be the price for two
  18. topless_sn8k

    Attn: Law enforcement officers!

    Guys, not an emergency just a quick question. I'm looking into purchasing the tail light film for my cobra. Is there a law against this, if so what is it? From what I have seen they are dark but when the tail lights are engaged you can't tell they are tinted. I'm in Tn. by the way...
  19. topless_sn8k

    coil-over kits???

    Hey guys, I'm looking to up grade my suspension. What is the purpose of coil-overs? and what would you all suggest if I wanted to go that route (coil-overs). This is my DD and it is a vert., I don't go to the track alot and I run my car light to light a few times a month :burnout:. or should...
  20. topless_sn8k

    LDC Chicago, were are you?

    I'm looking to purchase a LDC Chicago cooling mod kit. And when I went to there Web site it was asking for login and password. I just purchased my powder coated black H/E gaurd from them about 4 months ago:shrug:. Where are you guys????????:??::??::??::??::??::??:
  21. topless_sn8k

    Attn: ALL Cobra Owners "tail of the dragon"

    I was just thinking, I have heard alot about the tail of the dragon( up in the smokeymountains. I was wondering do you all think maybe we could meet up in the summertime. I think it would be a blast, and have all the cobras show up in force for a long weekend. Your...
  22. topless_sn8k

    18x12 black saleen

    Hey all, I'm looking to upgrade to a 335x18x30 tire to handle my new found power. I currently have a 18x10 rear with KDW2s 295x35x18. I'm looking for a 12" wheel to match my fronts???? Any help would be much appreciated.
  23. topless_sn8k

    NOS Direct port nitrous 4.6L

    Guys, up for sale is a Brand NEW still sealed NOS Direct port nitrous system Part# NOS-08100-NBNOS PM me if interested selling for 780.00 no trades, will sell through Paypal.
  24. topless_sn8k

    HELP!! with finding thread on suspension

    Guys I remember a thread somewhere on here where a guy posted a step by step upgrade in chronological order in the importance of upgrade for our Terms. that are 600+ rwhp... for our suspension like IRS brace, then bushing, etc. PLEASE, if you can find this it would be of much help!!!!! Thank you.
  25. topless_sn8k

    Burn outs??? and Vid of burnout.

    Ok, Guys here is a chance to explain how you do your best "BURN OUTS".... Example, hold the E Brake POP that clutch and slam the peddle to the ground to REDLINE!!!! (just an example though). If you have a Vid. of your burn outs post it as well....:rockon: