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  1. thatdude305

    Storing cobra with E70-E85.

    How often do you use the Lucas Ethanol treatment? My daily is a Lightning that i run on E85
  2. thatdude305

    New guy in South Florida

    Fort Lauderdale over here. Good luck with the search
  3. thatdude305

    WANTED: WTB want to buy stock lightning lower pulley

    i got one. still need it
  4. thatdude305

    WANTED: Retrofit headlights

    Can you post pics?
  5. thatdude305

    How much money have you "invested" in your Terminator?

    I'm at about $6k but will be adding a whipple and all those mods so probably another $12k :-(
  6. thatdude305

    KyleSVT's Mod/Build Update Videos

    What was that you sprayed on it bfore drying it off, what drying towel do you use, and what hose nozel is that? I use a pressure washer
  7. thatdude305


    Just driving
  8. thatdude305


    Need some new brakes for my truck. It's my dd. Does anyone run Power stop on there truck? I have them on my cobra and they seem fine but I don't daily that. A lot of people seem to think the rotors will crack cause of the drill holes Drilled and Slotted Performance Rotors | PowerStop
  9. thatdude305

    FOR SALE: 2001 Lightning

  10. thatdude305

    WANTED: Stock Supercharger Pulley and MAF Screen

    I believe I have what you are looking for. I will check my garage when I get home
  11. thatdude305

    Vibration during hard acceleration

    I have vibration when braking
  12. thatdude305

    FOR SALE: ID 1000’s

    how many miles on them
  13. thatdude305


    I decided not to do anything and just keep my same one. thanks everyone
  14. thatdude305

    Toyo R888Rs question

    I posted this picture and I was told my tires are on backwards. The tires say outside on them and I googled this issue and it just seems like that is how the tire is made. Does anyone else have these Toyo R888Rs?
  15. thatdude305

    03-04 Cobra Demand

    These cars are getting all the money and some.... @mbsvt
  16. thatdude305


    I'm talking about the big 10inch screens.
  17. thatdude305


    Ok so nobody has one lol. I figured they would be nearly impossible to make fit.
  18. thatdude305


    Does anyone have one of those big android radios in their car with all the digital stuff?
  19. thatdude305


    Does anyone have one of those huge android auto radios in their truck? Wondering if it can be done to these trucks
  20. thatdude305

    WANTED: Built Cobras near Stuart, Fl

    This is a beautiful car.
  21. thatdude305


    You have a mishimoto on your truck?