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  1. RLB01

    Water Usage Heat Exchanger

    Have a 2007 that I purchased new. Years ago installed upgraded dual fan HE, intercooler pump, higher capacity reservoir, etc.. Recently I've noticed that water is disappearing from the reservoir at the rate of a pint per 150 miles. I can't find any leaks and concerned leak might be inside the...
  2. RLB01

    WTB AC Vent Gauge Pod, 2007 GT500

    RLB01, 6/14/2019 Can't find a new one for 2007-2009
  3. RLB01

    Noisy Ring & Pinion

    Have a 2018 Mustang GT A10 PP with Procharger P-1X running E85. Bottom side mods are; Driveshaft Shop carbon fiber 1 piece drive shaft, Driveshaft Shop 1400 HP rated axles, front is lowered 1" using Ford Performance street lowering springs, OEM springs in back, Viking Warrior shocks in back set...
  4. RLB01

    15" Wheels on 2018 GT

    Hey folks, own a 18 GT Standard with Performance Package, have been told that 15" wheels will not work on the rear, is this true or a urban myth?
  5. RLB01

    Convert GT500 to Automatic

    Does anyone know of a shop on the west coast that installs autos in GT500 ?
  6. RLB01

    Launches with Traction Control

    Is it harder on the drive train, etc. to launch using traction control than with it off?
  7. RLB01

    More Traction

    Looking for input on brand, size of tires and 15" rims to improve traction at the drag strip. I have 07 with 685 rwhp and 3.73. Currently run 305/35-18 M/T drag radials on 11" wide rims. Thinking about running 325/50-15 M&H radial drag tires. With my horsepower I think the extra 1.6" tire...
  8. RLB01

    Street Drag Tires on Stock Rims?

    I was wondering if anyone knows of clearance or other issues with putting 305/35 18 radial street drag tires on a 2007 GT-500 with stock 9.5 rims. I appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks!