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    Looking for Oxford White or Comp Orange COUPE $35k

    Every year I seem to look for a clean oxford white coupe and never find one. Usually grow impatient and end up getting a new mustang gt. I am looking for a very clean, no accidents, oxford white or comp orange coupe. COUPES ONLY. Budget will be $35,000 or less. Would be great if the car was in...
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    Oxford White For Sale

    Looking at this car. Has very low miles but has had 7 owners. Needs front bumper redone, has longer wheel studs in the back, like it was drag raced a lot. Anyone know the car? Needs new wheels too, front and rear bumpers scraped and car just looks odd from pictures. 2003 FORD MUSTANG | Biron...
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    Oxford White 03/04

    It's been a while since I have had an 03/04 cobra; about 4 years. Have had 5 of them over the past 13 years but always ended up selling them for one reason or another. My favorite was my oxford white TT Cobra. I'm looking to jump back into one before spring, just looking for the right one...
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    New to F150s

    This will be my first truck purchase as I have always been a car guy. I have been keeping my eye out for F150s and recently saw this 2016 xlt supercrew with 55k miles for around 29k. Should I keep looking are attempt to get for a lower price? Was also looking at explorer sports but kind of...
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    Oxford White Cobra

    Just wanted to say that I am jealous of you Oxford White Cobra owners. I had a 2003 Oxford White TT cobra years back and have been jumping to all different types of cars since then. Still have a soft spot for it. Well, been looking for a month or two now and I can't find one. Hard to find a...
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    WTB Terminator Notch

    Looking for a clean notch with terminator swap. Want it to have all factory options like ac, heat etc. Closer to NY would be best but I'm willing to travel to pick up a well put together car. Not interested in a hatch. Thanks.
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    WTB White Cobra North East

    Just as the title says. Looking for a White 03/04 Cobra Coupe, preferably in the North East of the US. Willing to travel depending on location and car. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
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    2015 Mustang GT Auto, Procharged, E85

    I'm thinking of selling my 2015 Mustang GT, Auto, base model, 4500 miles. Mods: Procharger Stage 2 kit 12-15psi, depending on which pulley (have 2) D1SC upgrade Races bypass Boss intake ID000 Fore stage 1 return fuel system Mak cat deletes MBRP street catback Performance pack reproduction...
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    Procharger Stage II, D1SC, ID1000, JMS BAP

    have decided to post up my procharger kit for sale. I'm thinking I am going to change evrything up, possibly twin turbo. Car made 680/500 with 12.9lbs of boost on 93 octane. Procharger Stage 2 kit D1SC Red Race Bypass valve ID1000 injectors JMS plug and play BAP T bolt clamps 4.50...
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    Procharger Stage II, D1SC, Race Bypass, ID100, BAP

    I am in the process of removing the Stage II Procharger kit from my car. It only has about 50 miles on the kit. Stage 2 kit - Dedicated 8 Rib drive system D1SC upgrade Red Race Bypass upgrade ID1000 Injectors JMS plug and Play BAP 5.00 pulley - should be around 10lbs of boost Replaced worm...
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    I finished up installing stage 2 procharger kit with D1 on my GT. I had a question about the PCV system and vacuum line. I put breathers on the check valves that were on the valve covers and there is a "Y" that had a line coming from the back of the manifold and went to the intake, I capped that...
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    WTB PP wheels

    Looking to toss a set of Performance Package wheels on my 15 GT. Would prefer just the wheels as I will be getting a set of DRs for them. PM me the details. Thanks.
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    BNIB 2.9 Whipple

    Back in town on Tuesday from my extended work trip. I have decided to repost my brand new 2.9 whipple for sale. Still sitting in the box it came in. I did open the box to verify its contents. I do not have any pictures on me but can snap a few when I get home on Tuesday. $3600 and you pay PP...
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    03/04 Chrome Cobra Wheels

    Just purchased new wheels for my car and looking to clear up a little space in the garage. There are 4 17 x 9 factory wheels and 2 17 x 10.5 reproduction wheels. 2 of the 17 x 9 wheels have the factory 275/40/17 tires on them. The wheels do not have any curb rash. Would like to sell as a set...
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    WTB: Eaton pulley, AUX idler

    Car has never been pullied and I think it's time to change that. Looking for a smaller pulley to raise the boost and an auxiliary idler for the stock eaton. Thanks
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    wtb: NY area

    Looking to get back into an 03/04. Let me know if you have one for sale in the Albany, NY area, or NY.
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    15 x 10 Racestars and Mickey Thompsons NY

    Setup has around 6 passes on them. One of the wheels has a slightly different offset. Setup up still works perfectly. I can text pics now, but will have pics up soon. Race star 15x10 - direct drill- currently plastidipped but can be removed. Mickey Thompson 275/60/15 - ET Streets Lugs and...
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    Looking for coil pack prices and PCM for my 2008 ford fusion v6, auto, fwd. thanks
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    2014 Mustang GT Paxton

    31,500 2014 Mustang GT, Sterling grey, Manual, Black leather, NO GPS, 3.31 gears 5500 miles. Car is flawless! SOLD THE PAXTON KIT SCT Tuner Bassani axle back Pypes catless X Ford Lowering springs Black AMR 18 X 10 and 18X9 Roush upper/lower grill Tuned by BBR, Pics are a little dated...
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    Paxon, ID1000, BAP`

    I am selling my Paxton kit, ID1000 injectors, and vortech BAP(non-adjustable). It all has around 2K miles on it. I will be taking it off on the weekend of the 20th if there is interest. The car is sitting in the garage, awaiting removal. Paxton kit, JLT intake, JPC coolant tank, spark plugs...
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    Second attemp Paxton 1/4

    Took the car out to the track last night; had great weather. Car is a 6spd with Paxton kit, JLT, ID1000s and Mickey Thompson 275-60-15. Finally figured out how to launch the car (somewhat) on the last pass of the night. I had to really heat up the MTs to get them to hook well. I tried a few...
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    2014 GT Paxton

    Took the car out to the track last night; had great weather. Car is a 6spd with Paxton kit, JLT, ID1000s and Mickey Thompson 275-60-15. Finally figured out how to launch the car (somewhat) on the last pass of the night. I had to really heat up the MTs to get them to hook well. I tried a few...
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    First time 1/4 Paxton

    Well, finally got some tires for the car that would allow for some traction. Picked up a set of MTs 275-60-15 and some race stars. I did have some clutch issues so I am attributing my slower times to that. On every launch, the clutch pedal would stick to the floor and would take a while for it...
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    WTB: 275/60/15 DRs

    Just picked up a set of race stars and was looking to purchase a set of DRs for them. I would prefer to have MTs. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks.