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    Dogecoin anyone lol?!

    Think the most it will ever see is a couple bucks... very long term
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    Dogecoin anyone lol?!

    177k coins. Had the 170k since 2013. Well, actually had over a million doge coins back in 2013 but sold most of them, except the 170k for BTC in 2017. What can ya do....
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    Where you hear that from? ^^
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    Dogecoin anyone lol?!

    Musk tweeted a poll asking if tesla should accept dogecoin.
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    Dogecoin anyone lol?!

    Any Ford dealer want to take some doge for GT500? Haha! I have a good amount of doge.
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    Dogecoin anyone lol?!

    Where is best place to buy safemoon
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    Dogecoin anyone lol?!

    How high will it go... I have a good amount but just not ready to let it go yet. Might wait it out another year. Have a feeling after this weekend it's going to do a big ol dip but will recover eventually.
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    Hallova Shot!

    Dang. Moving, adrenaline flowing and he drops him. How far you think that was?
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    Dogecoin anyone lol?!

    I had 1 million doge coins but swapped most of them out for BTC back in 2017. Only have about 170k Doge currently.
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    Looking For 2004 Comp Orange Terminator

    Was this car recently for sale in NYC, with different wheels? Looks like the same exact mods.
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    Set a stop loss or limit sell. You pick the price its sells. Be mindful with the crazy ups and downs of GME, the order may be executed at a lower price. Robinhood seems to lag and play catch up with my limits.
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    Dogecoin anyone lol?!

    Doge doing the tank. Elon gave it the boost and now its fizzled.
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    No-judge zone: Who's personally hurting thanks to all this Covid BS?

    Federal employee here, no impact.
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    2020, 2021 explorer owners

    I have had a 2020 ST for about a month now. Great daily driver and with a tune will do mid to low 12s. Not too bad for hauling the family around. They are a little pricey but can probably get on in the high 40s if you look around long enough.
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    Covid-19 Made Its Way Here All The Way From China....

    Seems like media definitely trying to get Redfield to admit to a 2021 release, probably so they can spin it when Trump says a few weeks for a vaccine, or at least squash him saying prior to election.
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    Covid-19 Made Its Way Here All The Way From China....

    I don't particularly care to where a mask, have to 12 hours a day at work,, but where do you draw the line/ who do you believe. Redfield saying masks work, maybe as well as the vaccine will when/if it ever becomes available to one of the committees the other day. Was quickly corrected by the WH...
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    Used Car Prices...

    I noticed that too and I am trading in my truck for a new one. The truck had trade in value of 29ish 6+ months ago and now dealer is offering me 36,500 for it, plus 3k trade credit from Ford. That is what I paid (36) for it with all the rebates and Z plan last year. Getting a 2020 for 34k with...
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    Time to refinance?

    4.375 30 year to 2.625 30 year, close next week.
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    I just tested positive for COVID-19

    Any idea how you contracted it?
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    Looking for Oxford White or Comp Orange COUPE $35k

    Still looking. Budget has moved closer to the $30k range. Thanks.
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    Just picked up another Terminator

    Where you find that one? I have been looking for an Oxford white myself. What was the going rate, if you don't mind...
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    Looking for Oxford White or Comp Orange COUPE $35k

    I I hear ya. I have had 5 of them but it has been over 7 years since I had my last one. I'm due.
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    Looking for Oxford White or Comp Orange COUPE $35k

    Show me what you have...
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    Looking for Oxford White or Comp Orange COUPE $35k

    Every year I seem to look for a clean oxford white coupe and never find one. Usually grow impatient and end up getting a new mustang gt. I am looking for a very clean, no accidents, oxford white or comp orange coupe. COUPES ONLY. Budget will be $35,000 or less. Would be great if the car was in...