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  1. Shifty Powers

    CAI question

    I know I know. Dont kill me. Can anyone remember which CAIs fit under the 96 strut tower brace? I dont have my stock intake and the one on the car is half bbk/half stock held there by a zip tie. I want a new one, not for power (because we know they dont do shit). But I need to clean up the...
  2. Shifty Powers

    Radiator & injector Question

    1st. Radiator. I want to change out my OEM one for a Mishimoto one. I do not remember how the hell to tell if my 96 cobra has had the coolant system TSB done to update it to the 97 cobra version. Is it just the mounts are more triangular? How can I tell? And if I buy the 97 version radiator, is...
  3. Shifty Powers

    Flying with a firearm

    Hey guys, Next week will be the first time I will be flying with a firearm. It is only a handgun. I have the case, locks, etc etc and know what I am in store for when I get to the airport. I am going from PHL to MCI via American Airlines. The one area I seem to not be able to get a great...
  4. Shifty Powers

    Any IT / Computer guys?

    So normally I am able to look things up and figure them out for myself. But this time I am not having much luck. Somehow I have managed to lock myself out of my primary hard drive. It says I do not have permissions to access files inside of it, yet I am the only user on my computer. I cant...
  5. Shifty Powers

    Masks for Covid

    This is not political. More or less what would be the best option for masks to get(best filtering)? Dont need N95. But what would be the nest best thing or the best place to order some masks from? Mainly for IF the wife and I need to go to the grocery store or get food etc. Hope everyone is...
  6. Shifty Powers

    WTB: OEM 2000 Cobra R wheels

    Just as title says. Looking for OEM 2000 R wheels. I am on the east coast and willing to travel a bit depending. I am sure it will be a stretch but you never know
  7. Shifty Powers

    Wheel fitment question

    Ok, I used to know all this stuff but since not looking at it for a long time of the car sitting, I have forgotten A LOT o_O. So screw me I am now here asking questions I didnt think I would be. I am shooting for a set of Enkies @ 18x9.5 all around.. I have found good deals on sets near me. But...
  8. Shifty Powers

    Rammstein anyone?

    They are coming back to America! I have never seen them but I am super excited as I will surely be able to go to at least 1, possibly 2 shows. They unofficially announced each city and stadium they will be at. Instagram shows each city in a slide and then each city is named in a video. Has...
  9. Shifty Powers

    Radiator Question

    Ok so I have a 96 cobra. I am pretty sure it has had the fix done to the 97 radiator style. But what is it I should be looking for to make sure? I will be upgrading the stock radiator so I just want to make sure before I do anything. Its been too long and I forget all this stuff. Thanks guys
  10. Shifty Powers

    Open ended lug nuts

    I have been searching and the results arent always the best, or its old as hell. I have ARP studs on my car and need to buy a set of open ended lug nuts. I have been recommended the gorilla ones I am not sure if that is 100% needed. Or if there are other, smaller versions that are just as...
  11. Shifty Powers

    Going to Belgium/Germany! Advice on what to do!

    Hey guys! I am heading to Belgium/Germany on 8/28 - 9/9 with my wife. I am looking for some advice on some must see things for those that have been there. Hell, any tips or advice in general would be nice. We will be flying in and out of Brussels. I am trying to decide on driving most of the...
  12. Shifty Powers

    ISO: 13-14 GT hood vents

    Looking for the stock GT hood vents or similar. Do not need to be new, color does not matter. Just that they are in good shape. Would be pickup if local to Philadelphia, otherwise, Shipped to 19460 Respond here or PM me please. Thanks guys!
  13. Shifty Powers

    ISO: 10-14 gt500 hood vent

    I am looking for a 10-14 gt500 hood vent. Shipped to 19460 Let me know what you have
  14. Shifty Powers

    WTB: Aluminum Driveshaft for 96 cobra - T-45

    As the title says. Looking for a aluminum driveshaft locally or to ship it if need be. Must be for a 96 cobra. T45 Thank you
  15. Shifty Powers

    Best differential for racing

    To start, sorry if this isnt the best area to post this. The racing section and whatnot is a little dead. But I am getting ready to redo the entire rear in the car and I am having issues on figuring out which differential to get. The car is a 96 cobra and will be slowly set up to be taken off...
  16. Shifty Powers

    Maximum motorsports

    Does anyone know a vendor that may have better pricing then them? If this is wrong section for that question. Mods can ya move?
  17. Shifty Powers

    Kids break into Lime Rock last night - 1 transported by helicopter for injuries

    5 kids broke into Lime Rock Park and took go carts onto the main track, 2 of the kids (15 years old) crashed at the Pit entry. So I can only presume they crashed into the wall. From what I gather. State police, the fire dept, medical personnel, and 2 helicopters were called in. The karts the...
  18. Shifty Powers

    WTB: 96-98 Tail light Harnesses

    I am looking for stock, 96-98 tail light harnesses. I do not want anything that has been spliced into. Let me know what you have in the thread or by PM. I am located in PA so I will pay for shipping. Thanks guys! :pepper:
  19. Shifty Powers

    WTB: 96 cobra water pump pulley

    Thanks for looking guys. I am looking for an OEM stock 96 cobra water pump pulley. I have for some reason misplaced mine. Let me know what you have. Thanks again!
  20. Shifty Powers

    WTB: 96 Cobra tail light harness

    Hey guys, What I am looking for are OEM non cut up wiring harnesses for both the rear tail lights on a 96. Thanks!
  21. Shifty Powers

    Who wants to buy a Volvo?!

    K-Pax Volvo S60 GT Race Cars for Sale - Race Cars - Road & Track Pirelli World Challenge K-Pax Volvo S60s are up for sale since Volvo is backing out of the series and K-Pax does not have the money to run them by themselves. Its sad to see these go. I have watched these in person, and they are...
  22. Shifty Powers

    FS: 2 Satin(silver) OEM 04 cobra rims w/ tires

    Like the title says I have 2 OEM Silver(satin) 04 cobra(17x9) rims for sale. These are in good condition. They have 275/40/17 Kuhmo MXs on them that have about half tread left on them. These do not come with center caps. I can also remove the tires if that will help anything. I am located...
  23. Shifty Powers

    Racing Radio Headset

    I have for sale racing radio headset. this headset is basically brand new. Has only been worn a few times and has sat for the past year or so. It looks brand new, has the chord to connect to the radio, has microphone. Ear pads have no wear on them and are clean. Button works flawlessly. They...
  24. Shifty Powers

    FS: Stock 1996 Cobra Rims

    I have for sale my stock 1996 Cobra rims. All 4 have tires on them. They are old but still have some tread left and could be used as spares. Otherwise I would recommend replacing them. All 4 rims are in good condition and have no bends or anything in them. The finish is still very good...
  25. Shifty Powers

    FS: 2012 e92 335i (loaded and full bolt on)

    Hey Everyone! I am looking to sell my 2012 e92 335i (rear wheel drive). It is fully loaded with all factory options and is full bolt on. I know most people don't like to buy modified vehicles, but figured I would post since a lot would need to be taken off to go back to stock and someone may...