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    dope, I'll just do that to eliminate the possible headache
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    I would think I’ll have to modify it to fit but I didn’t know if anyone knew exactly how much. I know the gt stuff is limiting and I actually have a cobra tank and a dual pump hat from division x I could put on in the mean time. I’d just have to plug the return port, adapt it to the stock line...
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    It’s 46mm instead of the standard 39mm wide
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    Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried to use a dw400 pump in a 99-04 fuel hat? I was thinking of running one just as overkill but I'm wondering if its too big to fit inside the plastic assembly.
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    Although a holley might be easier to tune and could be better. I'd honestly just stick with a stock ecu so you can keep factory wiring and functions as well. If you were to go to an aftermarket ecu, I feel like an ms3 pro might work better imo. It's a plug and play unit so you get to keep your...
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    To buy or not to buy?

    If it was a procharger, I believe everything would be fine bottom end wise. When it locked up it stopped putting boost through the engine and since the belt was cut I think everything should be fine. I would go for it but just in case, when you get there, do a compression check to see if it blew...
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    01 with P1SC looking for more fuel pump help

    Very odd issue. That pump should be good enough for your power levels. As the person above said the wire upgrade might be worth it but maybe you have a lazy pump. You can always add a boost a pump but if its a lazy pump that's the issue, a boost a pump might just be a bandaid.
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    Looking for a block

    I might be looking for one. If anyone has one, please include price with shipping to cali
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    96 GT Vacc line ? and 2 other line ?

    I know that the second photo is for sure a ground, not a vacuum line. just hook it onto a valve cover stud or the end or the fuel rail stud. I think the 3rd photo might be as well, but the first photo looks to be an egr vacuum line so look all around for a missing hook up.
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    FOR SALE: 2011 Aluminator fully built

    do you have a price for just the shortblock?
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    Pushing my fuel pump to the limit?

    Hi all, my car was sitting at 471whp with a svt focus fuel pump and a kb boost a pump with 42lb injectors on 91. I’m getting a new tune very soon for my new dw95’s and a pmas hpx maf but I want to get my money’s worth. I have a d1sc laying around I want to slap in instead of my p1sc but I’m not...
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    Fs: ba3000 maf

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    FOR SALE: Ford Performance IRS Girdle & DW 95lb Injectors

    fantastic deal with the injectors, would have already sent the money if I didn't already have the same ones haha. Good luck with the sale
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    help please

    I only said 2 teaspoons cause that’s what I saw, I didn’t know if more pored in when I wasn’t paying attention. I’m due for an oil change anyways so no harm no foul haha. Just looked at it this morning and I believe it got stuck on top of the valve and now it’s all evaporated. Thank you for the...
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    help please

    ok, good to know I'm not alone haha. I thought you needed to remove the spark plug to crank it over with injectors unplugged to clear it cause if the valves are closed on that cylinder when the piston comes up it can hydro lock.
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    Noise while braking and turning - 99 Cobra

    Did you break in the pads correctly? Also, are you my same color? Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
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    help please

    I was changing out my injectors and when I pulled up on the rail, the injector simultaneously popped out of the rail and the manifold which caused fuel to dump about 2 tsp out of the rail and into the manifold hole. I called it quits for the day in hopes of it evaporating in time for monday, but...
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    Noise while braking and turning - 99 Cobra

    sounds like brake pads but maybe take a video and upload it so we can know what it sounds like
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    Injector cleaning service

    doesn't look like anyone needs injectors cleaned so I'll hold off on bringing it out of storage
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    turbo kit for a new edge w/ Steeda K member?

    I have a tuff stuff alternator and works great. 225 amp on my car with no issues for 4 years
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    Injector cleaning service

    While e85 is better, it is wayyyy more corrosive than 91 octane especially if you run only e85. Pump gas will still clog injectors just at a slower rate. Don't think that guy really knew much about fuel corrosion
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    Injector cleaning service

    Haha, sorry for the bad timing. It seems like that yea, I don’t think it’s that profitable for big businesses and people just usually buy new injectors anyway. But if you need this service in the future, just message me on this post and I’ll get in contact with you.
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    Injector cleaning service

    Hey everyone, I bought an injector cleaning machine that has the ultra sonic bath ability along with flow testing about a year ago and only really used it for cleaning my friend's and my own injectors over the winter months when I didn't drive it much to free up any gunk that might have...
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    return fuel system help

    thank you for the great info. much appreciated
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    return fuel system help

    I’m swapping to return because my stock fuel system is kinda maxing out the duty cycle with my procharger and I wanted room to grow for the future and be able to run e85. As you could probably tell I’m not very familiar with tuning software for my vehicle, I’m sure you know much much more than...