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  1. AZ ERIK

    #6 lower ring

    Metco black, used for 15 minutes to relocate the truck, otherwise brand new. $110 paypalled and shipped in the states.
  2. AZ ERIK

    2000 Silver Lightning In AZ

    Pulling for now, if I actually try to sell it it'll be local and de-modded
  3. AZ ERIK

    My JLP power cooler

    JLP Power cooler Intercooler ICE tank Lightning SVT:eBay Motors (item 250505980699 end time Oct-05-09 20:34:09 PDT)
  4. AZ ERIK

    JLP Power cooler $120

    Pretty good condition power cooler. Bracket broke so it needs one made. And could stand a new gasket for the cap, any race shops got one for a fuel cell. Couple bucks. Looks like this (I can't get pics today but can get pics if needed.) .: Johnny Lightning Performance Save a ton by buying this...
  5. AZ ERIK

    wtb 4# lower ring only

    as it says I'm looking for just a 4# lower ring.
  6. AZ ERIK

    MSD DIS-4 and 2 tach adapters

    Used for about 10,000 miles on a Nascar F-150 with a 4.6 in it. Not a Coil on plug unit DOES NOT WORK on Gen 2 $450 shipped? Tach adapter (Comes with a pair) One of the adapters cracked when mounted (no idea how) Unit is fine though
  7. AZ ERIK

    MSD DIS-4 and 2 tach adapters

    Used for about 10,000 miles on a Nascar F-150 with a 4.6 in it. Not sure what this would need to be used on a Gen 1 DOES NOT WORK on Gen 2 $450 shipped? Tach adapter (Comes with a pair) One of the adapters cracked when mounted (no idea how) Unit is fine though
  8. AZ ERIK

    Brand new Staggerd set of 18 inch Roush 5 stars $750

    Back spacing *Confirmed by Derik at Roush* 18x9 21mm offset 18x10 41mm offset Looking to get $750 for the full set. 2 18x10's and 2 18x9's. Roush wants $400+ a wheel, they are not forged. They ARE chromed and brand new never mounted, no scratched or chips. Missing the center caps ($9 each...
  9. AZ ERIK

    Brand new Roush staggerd 18 inch Mustang rims

    Still trying to track down the back spacing and the exact bolt pattern, they look to be 5 on 5.25 but I'm not 100 percent sure, just checked with a ruler. Looking to get $650 for the full set. 2 18x10's and 2 18x9's. Roush wants $400+ a wheel, also trying to figure out if they are forged or...
  10. AZ ERIK

    Dynatech Long tube headers with catted mids $750

    Going to change it up a little so up go the headers. Headers have about 5000 miles on them. Nothing wrong with them other than the standard color shift that stainless does from heat. Cats are in perfect shape. The mid pipe for the driivers side is 'modified' due to someone previously lining...
  11. AZ ERIK

    Works 140 Lysholm (Whipple) 2.3 L blower $1900

    This is an original Works 140 blower 'kit'. It has been modified for a boost bypass and I have adatper plates for both 99/00 and 01+. Comes with $140 Whipple 3.5 inch pully (with 4# lower and long tubes I see 15.5 psi at the top end) System uses Cobra pullies not Lightning pullies. This...
  12. AZ ERIK

    WTB 99 - 01 Cobra near SW

    I'm in Phoenix and would like to find a 99 or 01 Cobra for good money somewhat close by. I can always catch a flight for the right car. Wife's limited my cash more than I would like so let me know what you have. I'm not interested in salvage titles unless dirt cheap or garage queens, I...
  13. AZ ERIK

    WTB 96 to 02 Cobra

    Open to many options but would perfer modded for road use not drag racing. I'm looking for something somewhat close to Phoenix Arizona ( AZ ) but I can travel a little ways (approx 500 miles or so for the right car) I would like to stay below $6k but again for the right car.... However I'm not...
  14. AZ ERIK

    Well it's about time to go and sell the L

    I have decided to change up my driving and will need to sell the beast. You all have been more than helpful and many of you I will miss. Sadly I'm planning on a Targa or vert Vette. Something about the new stangs isn't holding my interest in the corners. Many have come and gone and many...
  15. AZ ERIK

    2000 Whippled Lightning

    Came to my senses, gonna keep it
  16. AZ ERIK

    WTB 3.25 Whipple pulley (Cobra pulley)

    Only Want a 3.25 pulley, I know there was a few on here, one I bought got mangled in shipping, Let me know what you have, I have tried to find the ones for sale but search is dead for me
  17. AZ ERIK

    Is it me/us? Is it a curse? Is it soceity?

    I'm really trying to figure out just what it is that continually keeps screwing me/and everyone else when it comes to automotive things, mainly these trucks and our wallets. I'll summarize: 1. In 2004 I purchase said 2000 Lightning, in the interest of keeping it stock I purchase a Diablo...
  18. AZ ERIK

    Finally got a chance to even my tires out and get it on camera

    Finally got the chance to kinda burn down these tires some more. I wasnt getting into more than 8 or so psi of boost as I cant figure out if it's an exhaust leak or light pinging, my new fuel set up should be here shortly...
  19. AZ ERIK

    Riddle me this, twin screw... Not your normal question

    Ok, so for 4 years I have asked myself this but never asked anyone that would know, even Art Whipple and Ed Martienez... Why is a KB or a Whipple called a twin screw? Both the 2.6 kb and the 2.3 and 3.4 Whipples are not 'twins'. The Whipples have 1 3 'lobe' rotor and 1 5 'lobe' rotor, the 2.6...
  20. AZ ERIK

    How many Tuners / tunes have you gone through?

    Just curious, and kind if so other people can get an understanding that these trucks and mods arnt the perfect thing to tune and run, How many tunes have you had done? How many different people tuned your truck? How many different tuning options have you used? (Hand held tuner...
  21. AZ ERIK

    Which makes more power/safer? Timing or boost?

    Now I know most people won't be able to answer this but enough people have been tuned and been dyno'd to be able to add a logical amount of input to this. On a kb/whipple set up is more boost at lower timing or higher timing at lower boost going to yeild more tq/ hp? I ask because I am...
  22. AZ ERIK

    So how has your truck changed in the last 2 years or so? Before and After

    Before: a 4# pulley on a stock Eaton! And now: I'm now on 22 inch coddingtons and Works Powered 60# injectors, lowered another 2.5 inches, removed the PC in the dash and replaced it with small Nav unit and an ipod, Slicks and skinnies, swapped Silver Bullet for Bassanni, GrillCraft grills...
  23. AZ ERIK

    REM Carbon fiber intake with Ford 90mm maf

    OK, so I decided not to cut this work of art. But I have to let it go as I must step up to my 95m Sniper maf. So I'm listing it for sale now. Comes only with Maf and tube. The plugs on the bottom are fine and seal great because I went at it with 'Right Stuff' and didn't want them to leak...
  24. AZ ERIK

    Mafia, used $100 shipped in the states

    I've pulled my mafia, used for about 6000 miles, never been wet. Shipped in the states for $100, Paypal accepted. (USPS Priority shipping you could have it monday...) I don't have the book or box but the unit is perfectly fine.
  25. AZ ERIK

    Summit shorty headers?

    I know, I know but I gotta ask, anyone used these? They have a shorty header for the 5.4 listed 97 - 01 for $145... More for ceramic, 3/8's flange and o2 sensor spot. I'm thinking this is quite the deal for someome not wanting to plug $600+ on lt headers, but I wanted to see if anyone knows...