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  1. 03 Cobra DSG

    Slim fan recommendation

    I’m in a single turbo build right now. CG Fab hot and cold side. Using a borg S480 turbo. I’ve moved the radiator and fan forward about 2.5” and the turbo still hits the fan. Looking for any recommendations on good a good slim fan option. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using the...
  2. 03 Cobra DSG

    Fuel system plumbing

    While I’m doing a turbo swap, building a motor, switching to a Holley, etc. I needed to do some upgrades on the fuel system. The way it used to be setup ( from the previous owner) I did have fuel pressure fluctuations and the fuel was getting pretty hot. I’m also switching to e85. So I have new...
  3. 03 Cobra DSG

    FOR SALE: SCT X4 unmarried

    SCT unmarried with 5 unlocks left. Asking $275 shipped plus PayPal fees.
  4. 03 Cobra DSG

    FOR SALE: 2003 cobra gauge cluster

    Cluster has 3,117.5 miles everything works as it should. The plastic is in great condition asking $600 shipped or will trade for a Holley dash.
  5. 03 Cobra DSG

    FOR SALE: ID 1000’s

    For sale. ID 1000’s just came back from injector dynamics. Still sealed in the package. Took off the car with 3500 miles. Asking $750 shipped, buyer pays the PayPal fee.
  6. 03 Cobra DSG

    Manual steering/brakes

    Looking for some insight on parts used or if anyone has a good write up with a parts list to convert to manual brakes and steering. I’m in the middle of a turbo swap and while the motor is being built looking to clean up the engine bay. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using the
  7. 03 Cobra DSG

    FS AEM x series gauges and pods

    For sale AEM X-series gauges and autometer gauge pods. All are about a year old and have around 500 miles of use. Switching to a Holley setup. Also included is an accessory kit so all the gauges faces are black. Everything needed to install is included. Not looking to separate. $600 shipped...
  8. 03 Cobra DSG

    FOR SALE: Terminator parts for sale

    Doing a turbo swap and have the following parts for sale. Prices include shipping but you pay the PayPal fees. Pulley bridge will come with factory tensioner $200 03 cobra factory alternator around 28k miles has 3.1” pulley $75 Autometer DashLink $85 Factory amp and complete AC system for...
  9. 03 Cobra DSG

    Started my turbo swap

    The tear down went pretty good today, all I have left is to pull the 3.4 crusher and the exhaust, and than just wait for parts to come in. Does anyone have the part number for the serpentine belt they are using? Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  10. 03 Cobra DSG

    Cleaning out garage

    Cleaning out the garage have the following parts for sale prices include shipping you pay the PayPal fees. Aem 320 fuel pump about 3k miles $50.00 Glenn’s performance fuel filter 8an $40.00 01 Cobra fuel rail $60.00 03 cobra tensioner 20k miles $50.00 1/8 rear wheel spacers $25.00. SOLD B&M...
  11. 03 Cobra DSG

    Terminator problem need some insight

    Got on the car today about half throttle and the car shut off lost fuel pressure. Pulled off the side of the road, and the car started again reved it half throttle and it shut off again and now won’t start. When turning on the ignition I don’t hear the fuel pumps or the inter cooler pump. ( car...
  12. 03 Cobra DSG

    MSD 2step help

    Anyone instal one of these on their cobra? Seems impossible to get the coil cover to seal properly. I can get it screwed on but it’s definitely not sealed all the way. Other than that seems pretty easy I’m just going to hook it up to the transbrake button for the 6r80 and see how it goes...and...
  13. 03 Cobra DSG

    WTB 99-01 Cobra intake and other parts

    Thinking about making the switch to turbo for my 03 Cobra so I'm looking to start getting parts together. The parts and part number are listed below. Guys that have done this swap let me know if there is anything else I should be on the look for. Thanks. 99-01 Cobra Intake complete (Lower)...
  14. 03 Cobra DSG

    FS: Stifflers T-56 driveshaft loop

    Comes with all hardware and has minimal instal/removal marks. $110 shipped.
  15. 03 Cobra DSG

    Parts for sale: cleaning out garage

    Stifflers T-56 drive shaft loop $110 shipped Autometer 94-00 dual gauge pod cluster $60 shipped Autometer 94-04 triple gauge pillar $50 shipped 11-14 6r80 isolator mount w/ hardware (new) $50 shipped Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  16. 03 Cobra DSG

    WTB 99-04 auto shifter handle with OD button

    Looking for a 99-04 auto shifter handle with the OD button still functional. Let me know what you have Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  17. 03 Cobra DSG

    For sale MMR 4.6 oil filter relocation kit

    MMR 4.6 oil filter relocation kit (spin on version) complete kit as shipped from MMR just out of the packaging. Also comes with 2 Fram HP4 oil filters 225.00 shipped. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  18. 03 Cobra DSG

    Shifter relocation plates

    Does anyone know where to buy these shifter relocation plates? Also has anyone used a tci shifter like that with a 6r80? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  19. 03 Cobra DSG

    Guys with turbo 400’s

    I just did a SRA swap and I want to go to an auto, but my questions are how is the drivability on the street? ( longest it will be driven is an hour away) and what are your rpms at highway speeds like 70-75mph?( my rear end has 3.73’s right now) Anyone that has one please chime in so I can make...
  20. 03 Cobra DSG

    Help with SRA swap

    Swapping out my IRS with a 99 GT SRA. Looking for feedback on my plan and any tips to make it go smoother also please chime in if there is any pieces that I’m forgetting. So the plan is to drop the IRS, re use my rotors and calipers I don’t think I have to unhook the brake lines. Swap out the...
  21. 03 Cobra DSG

    Return style fuel system how to vent the tank properly?

    How have people vented their tanks with return style fuel systems? Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  22. 03 Cobra DSG

    Spark plug change with a 3.4 whipple crusher

    Just seeing if anyone has swapped plugs with a whipple 3.4 crusher, hopefully don’t have to remove the blower to swap plugs. Anyone have insight or tips? Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  23. 03 Cobra DSG

    Looking for a tuner in NW Florida

    Looking for a tuner in the Pensacola, FL area, I have a 03 Cobra with a 3.4 Whipple crusher kit and know of two shops in the area xxx Motorsports in Pensacola and Panhandle Performance in Lynn haven but have no experience with them any help will be appreciated thanks. Sent from my iPhone using...