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  1. Robert M

    WANTED: CS SHELBY Coil Covers......

    I am looking for a pair of the CS Shelby coil covers shown below, if you have some for sale, please PM me. Thanks, Robert
  2. Robert M

    2013/14 Blue stripe set......

    I got this info. from the website. There is a set of NOS Ford 2013/14 GT500 Blue stripes on eBay, maybe someone on here needs/wants them?......... OEM FACTORY Racing Stripes for 2013-2014 Mustang Cobra GT 500. Blue in color. | eBay R
  3. Robert M

    I just came across this SN-95 stuff on Facebook......

    Disregard, the Trickflow intake and other cool parts that were in the pictures are gone..... R
  4. Robert M

    WTB - MGW Shifter Ball........See picture inside....

    I am looking for the MGW shifter ball shown in the picture below.....WITH the snake topper.... If you have one for sale, please send me a PM. Thanks, Robert
  5. Robert M

    FS - 2013/14 20" Super Snake engraved wheels/tires, 3pc. Shelby Forged in The Market

    >>>>SOLD<<<< I know many owners do not frequent The Market For Sale forum.........If anyone is interested, I have a Very Nice 2013/14 Super Snake tire/wheel package for sale in the Tires/Wheels For Sale...
  6. Robert M

    FS - 2013/14 20" Super Snake engraved wheels/tires, 3pc. Shelby Forged

    >>>>SOLD<<<< For Sale - One Very Nice set of correct original 20" Shelby Super Snake/Shelby Forged wheels and tires. These wheels also have the correct CS race track logo caps. The wheels are in Very Nice condition with no road or curb damage. The tires are 9/32nds. thread depth. This is a...
  7. Robert M

    Does anyone need a 1994/95 oem Cobra driveshaft?

    I was in my attic last week and noticed I have a Ford Racing box with an original 1994/95 steel shaft that was out of one of my 1995 2-Top Cobra's. If I remember correctly the Cobra shaft is better balanced and has a hardened yoke vs. the Mustang GT shaft? I am wondering if someone on here has...
  8. Robert M

    FS - 95R Rear Bumper Impact Bar

    >>>SOLD<<< I have a White rear bumper impact bar for a SN95 Mustang, it is definitely correct for 1994/95 and might also be correct for 1996-98? This bar is undamaged and has the correct original White assy. line over spray as would be found originally on an undamaged car. This is the rear...
  9. Robert M

    FS - 95R Fuel Cell parts and pieces

    >>>SOLD<<< Is anyone on this forum interested in this 95R Fuel Safe stuff? Most is used, I am not sure why I bought the Fuel Cell tank straps unless I came across them and thought it would be a wise choice to have some spares since the cell is so close to the road and could easily sustain...
  10. Robert M

    TR-6060 to XL conversion kit?

    Is this kit something that can be installed to make our cars a "direct shifter" transmission vs. the oem remote shifter? Is the shifter in the right location (two tail shaft shifter options shown)? The GT500 is mentioned in the product information...... TR-6060 to Magnum Tail Housing Conversion...
  11. Robert M

    2000 Cobra R 4X4????

    While digging through my 2000 Cobra R stuff, I have found evidence that number 22 was a 4X4!! I guess they made one for the 4X4 crowd........YEE-HAA!! It even has a Fuel Cell.......A BIG Fuel Cell...... Mine was I guess at some point they were next to each other? R
  12. Robert M

    WOW!!! I heard back from John Bowe - Already!!!

    For those who have not read the previous thread, this thread is related to this car...... His reply to my email from yesterday...... ----------------------------------------------------------- The Cobra R program in Australia was championed by The late Howard Marsden , A well known Ford...
  13. Robert M

    John Bowe 2000 Cobra R Maisto.............

    I have a thread/question related to this in the 00R For Sale, but not everyone monitors that forum. Has anyone seen a selling price for the 2000 Cobra R Maisto shown below? I am trying to figure out a current value. I have seen the regular 00R Maisto's and they appear to be getting pricey for...
  14. Robert M


    SOLD - A New/Complete Polished CAI for a 725/750 2.8 Kenne Bell Super Snake. This KB CAI was offered for a short period of time before the GIMME 5 was introduced for the 3.6LC and used on all KB GT500 S/C applications from that point forward. If you own a Super Snake or non-Super Snake with the...
  15. Robert M

    2013/14 I/C pump.....

    Does anyone have a 2013/14 I/C pump out where they can take a diameter measurement of the motor housing behind the pump? I need to know the motor diameter that mounts in the 2-pc. motor bracket. Thanks, Robert
  16. Robert M

    Does JLT have a coupon code?

    Does JLT have a discount coupon code for purchases on Thanks, Robert
  17. Robert M

    Has anyone upgraded to the Tranzilla?

    I have been looking at the 6 speed upgrade offerings for our cars to get into a direct shifter option and get away from the oem divorced shifter. Has anyone bought and installed a Tranzilla? I like the additional gear ratio options and was even thinking I could get back into the close gear...
  18. Robert M

    D.P. Super Snake #4 of 5 For Sale.........

    Just thought I would post this over here for discussion......... To me, I like the regular production Super Snake look better, but to each his own. I remember when the D.P. cars were first announced, they looked...
  19. Robert M

    WTB - 2007-2012 I/C Pump Bracket

    I am looking for a I/C pump bracket for a 2007-2012 GT500, the bracket that attaches the pump to the top of the H/E. Thanks, Robert
  20. Robert M

    oem Ford O2 sensors - Narrow Band or Wide Band?

    Are the O2 sensors on the GT500, specifically 2008, Narrow Band or Wide Band sensors? R
  21. Robert M

    WTB - Shelby/Kicker audio upgrade

    I am looking for the Kicker audio upgrade for the 2005-2014 Mustang/Shelby Coupe and I believe the amp. is 2007-2009 specific, I have a 2008. If you have some of this system, but not the complete upgrade, let me know what you have. Thanks, Robert
  22. Robert M

    Who does custom color powder coating?

    I am trying to find someone who will PC a billet fuel door D3 Torch Red? I tried to contact Brian Penticoat (<I believe that is his name), but no reply on email and full VM on cell phone. I am not sure that is his name, but I had come across a thread from back in 2012 or 2013 where a member on...
  23. Robert M

    2000 Cobra R SCT Live Wire tuner

    If anyone is interested, I just added a SCT Live Wire tuner to the Cobra R For Sale section. This tuner has a 2000 Cobra R tune, 2003/04 Cobra tune and other Mustangs and Fords according to the SCT applications listed in the paperwork. Here is the link if anyone is interested,,,,, it is shown...
  24. Robert M

    A Very Cool (and rare) 1995 Cobra R video segment.....

    I was looking through the remainder of my 95R stuff and came across this, I knew I had it, but could not put my hands on it until this morning. It is a Ford "FrontLine report" that was videoed at Ford and released as a news cast to employees, some dealerships also used this video information for...
  25. Robert M

    F.S. NEW - Low Profile AutoMeter Dash Pod and Gauges for S/C'ed Mustang/Shelby

    For sale - AutoMeter 3 gauge dash pod with gauges for S/C Mustang/GT500. Included in this buy is a New AutoMeter 2005-2009 Mustang Low Profile Dash Pod, 2-1/16" Fuel Pressure, Boost and Oil Pressure Gauges. This gauge pod angles the gauges toward the driver for easy monitoring at a glance. These...