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  1. Deceptive

    Centri MS3PNP Temp Sensor Placement

    I will be installing a Procharger and MS3PNP on my 03 Mach 1 soon and I need to figure out what to do with the temp sensor. I will not be running a MAF Sensor as it is not needed. Do I have some sort of threaded bingo to screw a Temp Sensor into the piping? The intake manifold? How is it done...
  2. Deceptive

    What Color?

    I am trying to decide on a color for my 03 Mach 1. It is in need of a paint job badly. I do not want to stay the original Torch Red. Sorry, not a fan. I think I am down to Rapid Red Metallic or Midnight Blue Metallic. Although, Ruby Red is on my mind too. Is that a metallic color? Wheels are...
  3. Deceptive

    Ford’s Twin Panel Roof Broke Again

    Took my F150 in to get new tires, an oil change, and have the drains on the roof checked as I have noticed water a time or two inside the truck coming from the passenger side A Pillar. Well after spending $3k to replace the track and motor for the roof just 2 yrs and 11 months ago, something...
  4. Deceptive

    31 Days of Halloween Movies

    October is just about here and fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. Part of that is Horror Movies. Older movies that are scary or cheesy ass 80s horror movies are the shit. That being said, what are some of your go to Horror or Halloween Movies? Poltergeist is one of the few that...
  5. Deceptive

    Sometimes It Is Therapy

    So, I know many here have served. I know many here have just been through shitty childhoods. Hell, some get their baptism in ****ed up when they become an adult. This site, this hobby, the cars, the builds, the planning, the racing, the drooling of parts, it is a therapy to me and I know it is...
  6. Deceptive

    Blackstone Oil Analysis Question

    I have ordered the kit from Blackstone to send in my engine oil for analysis on the Mach 1 I recently picked up. I am going to have the car at a shop soon for some work and while it is there I am going to have them bore scope it, compression test, and leak down. What all can the oil analysis...
  7. Deceptive

    Anyone Ever Return A Car to Stock and Remod?

    I am giving serious thought to returning my Mach 1 to as stock as possible and starting the mod process over again. I want to collect real world data as to what mods truly make a difference at the track. The plan would be to collect all the data which means a lot of dyno pulls, track runs, and...
  8. Deceptive

    2003 Mach 1 Project

    So, I picked up a Mach 1 for a drag oriented project. The goal with the car is to go 9’s in the 1/4 with ac, heat, radio, abs, and rocking a man trans. The car is Torch Red, 82k miles, clean title. The car is supposed to have a built engine by way of Eagle Stroker Kit with DSS -15cc pistons...
  9. Deceptive

    Bill Proposal Idea to Save Car Modding

    Guys, I have been thinking of all the EPA vs the car industry stuff. The possibilities if we don't get something done and I think I have an idea. We all know that essentially the EPA is out to extort companies. It really does not give a **** about the environment. It, if you dive in and look at...
  10. Deceptive

    Turbo Kits Going Away?

    With the overreach of the EPA and how they are going after companies, will they target turbo kit companies? I have heard rumors that some companies have already been discussing their business going forward. Will turbo kits be next on the list of these retards? Joe Biden has sniffed here.
  11. Deceptive

    Jag Going all Electric

    It is a shame that one of the motoring icons is about to churn out oversized vibrators. Jaguar To Turn All Electric By 2025, Land Rover EVs Start In 2024 This signature has been removed due to it violating your sensitive anus.
  12. Deceptive

    Podcasts or YouTube Channel Suggestions

    What are you guys listening to and watching? I spend a good bit of time in the vehicle for work so I was looking for suggestions. Right now I listen to or watch the following: Dr Death Podcast Alejandro Flores PBH Andrew Lavender What else should I look at to make time go by? This...
  13. Deceptive

    Cryptocurrency Discussion

    So, I know I am late to the party but I am just getting started in crypto. It started with dumping $500 in Doge last weekend and cashing out when it turned into $670. I am using Binance.US to buy and sell. I bought some Ethreum and Cardano. What else should I look for? What about buying a...
  14. Deceptive

    F150 Hybrid

    Anyone else sorta interested in seeing a review on the new F150 Hybrid? I’m not in the market to buy another truck yet but once we move I will be and I may take a look at the Hybrid. It looks like it will tow a good amount and I can get it optioned the way I want. It will be interesting to see...
  15. Deceptive

    Theoretical 1/4 Time Question

    Lets say you have a 3400-3500lb (with driver), New Edge, 4.6 4V or Coyote, auto. What kind of power would it take to run 8's in a quarter with a single turbo. I know there is a ton of variables. I am looking for a general idea.
  16. Deceptive

    Healthcare Industry Post CoVid Prediction

    Ever since I got into healthcare back in 2001 a few things have stayed constant. 1. Staffing models are never met as everywhere is understaffed. 2. There seems to always be a nationwide shortage on healthcare professionals. 3. Everywhere has seemed to been looking to minimize supply areas...
  17. Deceptive

    WTB 13-14 OEM Heat Exchanger

    Looking for a 13-14 Heat Exchanger. Let me know if you have anything. I’m collecting dildos for broke ass hoes. I call it, “Toys for THOTs”
  18. Deceptive

    Craftsman vs Husky Tools

    I was going to put a tool set in my truck and have one in my garage. I have a set of Husky tools already and have no complaints about the Husky stuff. I am just wondering should I buy Craftsman to keep in the tool cabinet since I am about to put together my engine? Or should I just stick with...
  19. Deceptive

    Happy Veterans Day

    Happy Veterans Day to my fellow steely eyed killers. I am proud to be part of that small percentage with you that served. “My Type-R Avalon is fast!”-Cockbruhs
  20. Deceptive

    Building An Engine, What Specialty Tools To Buy?

    So, I decided to say **** it and I am either going to successfully build my 2V 4.6 or make a very expensive paperweight. That being said, other than wrenches and sockets, what do I buy? And where to buy it from? All the machining is done but it is the assembly I need to do. Also, what is so...
  21. Deceptive

    MXC on Prime

    Season One of MXC is on Prime Video! I know what I will be watching this week. “Cocaine pudding!”- Hunter Biden
  22. Deceptive

    When to Buy Car Trailer

    Is there any time during the year that trailer’s go on sale? Looking for a 20’ open trailer. Would like brakes on both axle shut I guess one is fine. Yes, no? I’d like a winch shelf. And can I get a blocker/guard made later? “Cocaine pudding!”- Hunter Biden
  23. Deceptive

    Complete AR-15 Options

    For those that bought complete AR-15s, what did you buy? I am looking at the SW M&P Sport II, Ruger 5.56, DPMS, SA Saint, and Aero AC-15. I have to say that I am really leaning towards the OR SW MP as it has no front sight, under $600, and the only drawback seems to be the BCG. What did you...
  24. Deceptive

    Need a Laptop (Mostly for Tuning)

    I have a work provided laptop I use for work and surfing the interwebz but I need a laptop for tuning. I am going to be running the MS3PNP if that matters. I obviously don’t need a crazy laptop but I do need something reliable. So what should I get? On a side note, for the garage tinkering...
  25. Deceptive

    What Tow Rig Combination

    With places making deals I started wondering if I should look at getting a car trailer. The problem is that I am not set on what I want as my combination. This also brings up another question in which combination for me is best. So, I will not be driving the truck I end up buying much as I have...