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  1. gfcobra04

    Barber track

    Barber takes their noise samples at 100’ from the track at 104db. At 100’ we’re good. Unlike NCM track which is less than 50’ from the track and right after turn 3 where the 500 shifts into 3rd. Edit: Info from email response from the barber track.
  2. gfcobra04

    Barber track

    104 is what NCM pegged me for
  3. gfcobra04

    Barber track

    Has anyone run the barber motorsports track and had sound issues with their 500?
  4. gfcobra04

    How do you buy your coffee?

    I grind my beans and make my own cold brew.
  5. gfcobra04

    Ford oil filter FL2051s and FL500s

    On FL500s I just heard of people going to dealerships and getting the new filter and being told they don’t have the FL500. I could be wrong and if they are interchangeable maybe dealers just decided to keep the new one.
  6. gfcobra04

    Ford oil filter FL2051s and FL500s

    The fl2124s I purchased was a little cheaper at only $22.97 at O’Reilly. You don’t see a price cheaper than amazon very often.
  7. gfcobra04

    Ford oil filter FL2051s and FL500s

    To all 6.7 guys. Ford did away with fl2051s for the 6.7 diesel. They replaced it with fl2124s. Also the fl500s is replaced with fl2121b12. Anyone living near Conroe tx the O’Reillys have plenty of them. Went to 3 O’Reilly none have 2051s however all had multiple fl500s filters.
  8. gfcobra04

    F150 Coolant Ypipe fix

    Super duty trucks use these connections.
  9. gfcobra04

    WANTED: FR500C intake / 00 Cobra R heads

    I know the guy who installed that motor. I sent him this thread.
  10. gfcobra04

    I'm In Desperate Need Of Email Accounts Help (Microsoft Exchange at GoDaddy and Google G-Mail!

    I tried this when I changed jobs however the new company exchange server wouldn’t except the old pst file something about security issues. Needless to say it didn’t work.
  11. gfcobra04

    Battery Tender

    Purchased this after buying the 500. Not only needed to maintain the 2020 GT500 and 00R but needed to plug in the mower too and there’s room for another car.
  12. gfcobra04

    11/09/2022 PowerBall Pool

    Somebody in California won
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    Discount code rockauto

    Get 5% rockauto discount code: 219522494124312496
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    Thinking of taking my wife to Key West next year. Recommendations from those who've been there?

    Don’t go to Key west the third week of January. There is a big sailboat race that week. It’ll be crowded and full of drunk sailors.
  15. gfcobra04

    Fox News rates most powerful autos?

    That article is 2 years old
  16. gfcobra04

    Florida enacts law to restrict loud music in cars

    I don’t know how many times a car playing loud music stops at a light next to me and it sounds like the car is going to vibrate apart. I love the sound of distortion in the morning.
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    Found out it’s 20k admin. Oh the red 70 GT500 in the back ground is for sale too.
  18. gfcobra04


    Doggett ford in Houston has a CFTP sticker is 103k.
  19. gfcobra04

    Looking some 2000 R parts or info on interchangeable parts

    Yes engine assembly manual
  20. gfcobra04

    Looking some 2000 R parts or info on interchangeable parts

    I thought the firing order in the 00R was different than the 99/01 cobras. I have been going through boxes of old stuff and I found a booklet about the 00R engine when I get back in town I’ll try to remember where I put it.
  21. gfcobra04

    Current New Vehicle Market

    That three quarters of the way to another 2 GT500.
  22. gfcobra04

    Current New Vehicle Market

  23. gfcobra04

    Thursday Joke

    How do you mute that ????.
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    Current New Vehicle Market

    So are you saying a lightning cost is $94,199-$55,000=$39,199.
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    Kenny Brown

    Actually I think it was saleen not steeda my mistake.