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    Let's see those REAL dogs...

    Chemo side effects for dogs are tolerated way better (seemingly) than humans. They don't lose their hair or show adverse behavioral changes. My dog has put on a few lbs from the prednisone he's on, but his energy and excitement is like when he was young again. Apparently the end will be more...
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    Let's see those REAL dogs...

    Damn. Very sorry for your loss. Boxers are a special breed and have personality for days. Like others said, be glad she felt no pain and was able to pass peacefully. I've been taking my 11 year old Boxer to chemo every week after he was diagnosed with lymphoma in January. The doctor told me...
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    JBL Boombox 2 - Anyone Own One?

    I have the original boombox and it's awesome for beach days and filling the garage with sound when I'm out there working on something. It sounds much bigger than it is and delivers great bass for a portable bluetooth speaker. You can toss it into a pool and it will float, too.
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    The fire extinguisher that WON'T save your car from a fire. (test video)

    It's a helpful video and he isn't one of those idiot OMGGG cheesy YouTubers with their fake hype. I've seen lots of advertisements from that company showing those things put out considerable fires and have thought about getting some, but definitely won't waste my money thanks to this video...
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    It’s my money and I want it now!

    This is from last year and there's a good bit of info about it. Here's an excellent break down of everything and how the law applies. This case led to an entire policy change in Arkansas related to PIT maneuvers. Amazingly but not at all surprising is that the trooper still has a job.
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    2022-23 winter car/shop projects?

    Good thread and nice to see lots of people working on their own things. I'll be building another Ultima RS for another owner who just doesn't have the time. It will be an LS7 or similar powered car and orange like mine. Barring any delays, I'd like to have it finished early 2023. I'm just...
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    Beware when you shoot oxygen tanks with 50 bmg

    He just uploaded an oxygen/acetylene combo vs a .50 cal. It's a bit different because it wasn't encased in a safe, but still wild.
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    Family pit bulls maul toddler and infant

    None. I’m good with reading statistics to know I don’t want to take that risk. Just like I can see adverse events from other people to make my decision not to take an experimental vaccine. Or my decision to never date a single mom who’s a stripper with 4 kids from different fathers. Imagine...
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    Family pit bulls maul toddler and infant

    To all the people who say “iT’s ThE oWnEr NoT tHe BrEeD,” those posts represent GOOD owners with Pits trying to do the right thing. They just chose a shit breed.
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    Family pit bulls maul toddler and infant

    I'd argue that the media isn't slanted against them since there are tons of attacks where the media refuses to put the breed in the article, then you see a photo and it's clearly a pit or pit mix. Dogs are bred for certain things and pits were bred to be bull baiters, not f-ing nanny dogs like...
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    Kamala in North Korea

    They probably didn’t want to be anywhere near her, much less take a photo smiling with her.
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Your post reminds me of this:
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    Cop downs active shooter from 183 yards with a red dot, one shot From the article: "Dude calmly parked, put down his coffee, grabbed his rifle, sighted in with his red dot, used the cruiser to brace...
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    Screaming Yellow Terminators!

    A few more I had stored away. I used to love taking photos of this thing.
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    Screaming Yellow Terminators!

    Every once in a while, I look for a nice one for sale but prices are just wild for them these days. I loved my SY Cobra and drove it daily for 8 years, zero issues.
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    No unfortunately.
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    I'm wondering this as well. VIN: WDBUF56J26A737229 [email protected] Thank you!
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    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    Thanks man. My buddy with the Viper was amazed how small it was as well and said usually he's looking up at everyone in the Viper, but was looking down into the Ultima. It's definitely a mean beast of a car.
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    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    My Ultima in the center with some good buddies of mine.
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    Random Shit Thread

    Four grown men risking prison time and death for like $500 max instead of getting a job. All stolen guns in a stolen BMW. A shame the clerk didn't get a center mass hit. Can't wait to see the interview with his grandmother.
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    Power tools: corded or cordless

    I agree with all of this. In all the YouTube tests I've seen, the Milwaukee Fuel cordless tools are at the top in performance. Like you said though, everyone has an opinion.
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    Need an H or X Pipe for a Cobra - What's New

    My buddy had an O/R X pipe and Magnapacks and it was the best sounding Terminator I've ever heard. Very refined and almost exotic, but unmistakably Mustang Cobra. I had the Magnaflow catback with Bassani O/R X that I'd say was a close second. Those engines sound sooo much better than the...
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    Drill bit set recomendations

    I have this set from Harbor Freight and they have worked perfectly. I had to drill over a thousand 1/8" holes for my kit car build but I used small, double-sided bits in multi packs which I could replace as needed. This set I use for all holes other than 1/8"...
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    Current New Vehicle Market

    Looks like things are going to shake up in the coming months. A video worth watching-
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    Gun Porn Thread!!!

    Latest purchases within the past two weeks. An FN 509 Tactical, a Staccato C2 Duo, and a Holosun 508. I always wanted a 509T to compliment my FNX45T and I stumbled on a video from the Honest Outlaw youtube channel talking about how great the Staccato was. My local range has an insane inventory...