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  1. 2001Bullitt

    Coyote bearings

    Hey guys, I have a 2012 F150 with the dreaded cyl#4 distortion knock. I’m putting in a very low mile 5.0 in but it has a damaged rear bearing. Everything else is absolutely perfect and I can still read the numbers on the bearing surface. The rear bearing and thrust washer. Is there any way to...
  2. 2001Bullitt

    2012 engine knock/tap

    Has anyone rectified the 11/12 coyote knock or “tap” in the F150s without swapping the entire engine. My 12 has had a serious tapping for about 10k miles now. Everyone is saying it’s the #4 cylinder distortion that’s an issue, but another Ford tech said it sounded like top end. I just put in...
  3. 2001Bullitt

    2012 F-150 knock at hot idle

    So this has been happening for the better part of a year now. Only at hot idle, thing sounds horrendous while I’m waiting for coffee in drive through. It’s hit or miss when it starts happening, can go a week before it happens or every day‍♂️. I’ve searched the issue and they are all over the...
  4. 2001Bullitt

    Who is going!

    This section is kinda dead lol. Who's heading down this year?? Have my house booked, going to be buying a trailer to haul one of the Bullitts down. Any word on any SVTP meets and what not? Looking forward to see how things play out with the new dates!
  5. 2001Bullitt

    WTB: 99-01 GT automatic ecu

    Looking for a 99-01 GT ECU out of an automatic car. Need it for a swap. Looking for good used before I drop the money on a reman unit. Thanks in advance!
  6. 2001Bullitt

    What piston rings will work in stock pistons??

    Hi guys, I'm new to this section seeing how I do not own a Cobra. Bear with me if this has been asked before, and I apologize if it has, I tried the search but I didn't notice anything. So I bought a 60k short block out of a 2003 Cobra to swap into my Turbo Bullitt. I have driven the car before...
  7. 2001Bullitt

    Drag wheels and tires for sale

    Hey guys, getting out of drag racing so I am selling my setup. Figured post it here to see if anyone was interested. Link to my ad so I don't have to type it all back out. Asking 800, I do not need to sell this stuff, just collecting dust at the moment...
  8. 2001Bullitt

    Wtb terminator rear bumper

    Looking for a decent rear bumper if anyone has one they are looking to sell. If any pm me please with price and such, thanks!
  9. 2001Bullitt

    97 GT vert for sale

    Listing for a good buddy. I have more of a reach than he does to unload it haha. Car is a 1997 GT vert triple black 5-spd, leather with under 70k. Mostly stock with the exception of BBK longtubes with matching h-pipe, and 373 gears. Mechanic owned and is a pretty clean car. Not driven in snow or...
  10. 2001Bullitt

    Target car shows in New Hampshire?

    Anyone have any info on the target car shows off Amherst st in Nashua? I know they were cancelled for a while and moved, then cancelled again I was told. Well I just got a text from a co-worker saying he was there but the turnout was so so. Probably because not a lot of people are aware of it...
  11. 2001Bullitt

    Need some info about a drag wheel setup

    Ok my search future is acting up for some dumb reason. My question is, does anyone that owns a Bullitt or a Cobra running the 13in brakes, know the backspacing that will clear the factory calipers when using a set of front drag wheels. I will be using a 15 inch front wheel. I really don't want...
  12. 2001Bullitt


    Hey Travis, any talk of another Party Like a Rockstar night this year? That location was perfect for it. Just not on drag night again haha:beer:
  13. 2001Bullitt

    JLT Ram air noise.

    Hey guys, I have a 01 Bullitt with a JLT ram air on it. Lately it has been making a howling noise like you wouldn't believe. Everyone keeps staring at me at lights and you can hear it clear as day inside the car, its getting annoying. It's done it since I put it on a year ago but it was like...
  14. 2001Bullitt

    Wtb: 1980-86 f-100, f-150

    Ok, I miss having a damn truck. I miss my old 86 and I want another one. I am looking for a 1980-86 F-100 or F-150. Prefer Reg cab short bed, or x-cab short bed. 2wd or 4wd prefer 2wd though. Prefer V8 and auto but ill settle on any combo. Prefer it to run and drive. I dont mind rust but I don't...
  15. 2001Bullitt

    Need a tuner

    Looking for a SCT tuner, Prefer unlocked and it needs to function. Looking for local and need one pretty soon. PM me or message here. Thanks.
  16. 2001Bullitt


    Bruins win, Boston is calm and for the most part under control. Vancouver on the other hand is rioting and on fire. Classy.
  17. 2001Bullitt

    Looking for Foxbody donor car.

    Hey I am looking for an 87-93 Foxbody donor car for my new project. Needs to be 5.0 automatic. I am looking for one that runs shifts and has no wiring issues as I need to swap the harness as well. The car itself can be rotted to death, wrecked, etc I dont care I dont need the body/Chassis. Let...
  18. 2001Bullitt

    F/S Magnapack mufflers welded to flowtubes.

  19. 2001Bullitt

    Calling all New Englanders, whos heading down this year?

    Hey guys who's heading down this year? Had a blast last year and can't wait for this year. Already booked and ready to head down. Where you staying and what days you all heading down. It's going to come fast I think!
  20. 2001Bullitt

    Who wants Ford to bring the Bronco back?

    I was looking at an 89 Bronco that I might be picking up for a winter ride and I was thinking. Ford should bring the Bronco back to the line up. I liked that little concept they had based on the 70s style awhile ago with a cammer 5.0. That would have been an awesome product I think. Who else...
  21. 2001Bullitt

    90-96 F-150,250 or Bronco needed. 2500 to spend

    Like the title says. I need a truck, must be 4x4 with a v8. Auto or standard doesnt matter but it needs to work. My winter truck died and I dont feel like spending more money on it being that its so old. Looking for a 90-96 F-150, F-250, or even a decent full size Bronco. Have 2500 to spend but...
  22. 2001Bullitt

    New dates are up

    Hey just wanted to let everyone know that the Mustang week website has posted 2011 dates..July 18-24. Time to start booking those Hotels:beer: Probably going to book at the same place I was at this past July, the g/f loved the view and it was a really nice place with covered parking.
  23. 2001Bullitt

    WTB: Stock SRA 99-04 springs

    Looking to get a complete set of 4 stock 99-04 gt/mach1 SRA springs so I can cut them down to achieve the stance I would like. If anyone has a set kicking around for a cheap price shipped to 01852 that would be awesome. Thanks in advance:beer:
  24. 2001Bullitt

    Local meet up?

    So I had been talking to a few guys local to me and we were looking to get a small gathering together before the weather turns for the winter. We are local to the Lowell,Tewksbury,Wilmington,and Woburn areas but anyone can come if interested. I was thinking maybe Tuesday afternoon once everyone...
  25. 2001Bullitt

    Older Dodge truck 318 parts, and some mustang parts

    Yah yah I know they are Dodge parts lol. So long story short I bought a 85 Dodge pickup with a 318 for a winter beater last year. Put a ton of parts on it and most stuff never made it out of the box lol. Well 3rd drive down the highway the oil pump failed and she locked up solid. Now some stuff...