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  1. Intervention302

    Sold my FiST and bought a Tesla Model 3 LR :)

    If you asked me 2 years ago if I'd ever buy an electric car, I would have laughed and probably mock you. But, you just can't understand until you drive one. I drove one about 16 months ago, and knew I'd have to have one . sold my 2018 Fiesta ST with 68k on it for $15k and picked up this model...
  2. Intervention302

    My Mom's new 2021 Charger Hellcat Redeye - First Drive Video

    Well, its been quite some time since I've last posted. Thought I'd drop in and say hello and show off my Mom's new Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody. Literally couldn't have picked a wordier name if they tried! To sum it up, it feels like your driving a 797hp couch!
  3. Intervention302

    Not 1, but TWO Ford GTs?!?

    What are the odds....? First time posting in a while, so I wanted to make sure it was a goody I was filming a Youtube video in my Father's Ford GT with Andrew from Mustang Lifestyle at the exact moment we passed another Ford GT. How crazy is that? DSC_2921 by Intervention302, on Flickr...
  4. Intervention302

    What's it like driving an 800hp Cobra?

    Shot a new video the other day and wanted to share with you guys. I know you'd guys would enjoy The Cobra isn't a great car, but God Damn its so much fun
  5. Intervention302

    03 Cobra - 10 Years of Blower Whine

    I was talking with a few friends the other day about blower whine, and thought I'd throw together an edit of ALL the clips I have shot with blower whine. Thought a few of you would enjoy, so here she is :)
  6. Intervention302

    Ford GT, 2020 GT500, & 03 Cobra - Best Production Ford's Ever?

    My Dad's 2020 GT500 CFTP arrived yesterday. He asked me to take a video of the 3 performance Ford's in the family so he can share it with the dealership we got the GT500 from Knew you guys would enjoy it :) Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  7. Intervention302

    03 Whipple Cobra vs 18 Whipple GT350

    Raced a 2.9L Whipple GT350R last night. Thought you'd enjoy the footage Cars make within 20whp on each other. Both on the same 2.9L Gen 4 blower and both running 93 + a can or torco. Cobra running 21psi and GT350 I believe 11-12psi He requested 60 rolls, and I started most of them in 3rd. That...
  8. Intervention302

    Sonic Blue Cobra - BC Forged Photoshoot

    You guys tired of seeing me/my car yet? Haha I'm pretty happy how these turned out. Need to learn a few features on the camera that played with the overall exposure of the shots. Forced me to edit in a way I don't typically do. Plus, I'm still inexperienced. Other than that. I'm pretty happy...
  9. Intervention302

    POV Whipple Cobra Footage

    Tried to shoot some Go-Pro footage for you guys on the way to do a photoshoot late last night. Editing the photos now, I think most came out pretty good! Hope you enjoy the video. I got to figure out how/where to better attach the Go-Pro or if I need a different mounting bracket. It catches...
  10. Intervention302

    03 Cobra - Bassani 3" Exhaust Video

    Tried to get some more videos of the new Bassani full 3" setup with the ARH H-Pipe today. Whipple 2.9 Crusher Gen 4 Todd Warren Cams ARH 1-3/4" Longtubes ARH 3" H-Pipe Bassani 3" I actually think of all my prior exhaust combos, that this one is my favorite. Its loud when you want it, but semi...
  11. Intervention302

    3" Bassani Catback install on my 03 Cobra

    Got around to installing a 3" Bassani system on my 03. More out of boredom than anything. Possibly might pick up some power on E85 Welded in new exhaust flanges so its a true 3" Anyway, first video is the overall install. 2nd, some quick clipd dhot at home. Heavy T-storms kept me from shooting...
  12. Intervention302

    03 Cobra - BC Forged Wheels Photoshoot

    Well, you guys have been asking for. You know its been coming :) Here she is. Finally moved into my new home with the new wheels installed. Hope you guys enjoy! BC Forged TD03 18x9.5 with a 275/35/18 18x11 with a 315/35/18 #1 DSC_2080 by Intervention302, on Flickr #2 DSC_2102 by...
  13. Intervention302

    03 Whipple Cobra - Speedo Video

    Finally got my Cobra out of storage. Has been such a crazy year with COVID-19 and my work and life schedule. Close on a new home in 4 days after living with the in-laws for the last 7 weeks I'm installing a 3" bassani catback next week and wanted to try to document inside cabin exhaust noise...
  14. Intervention302

    7.3 V8 Godzilla F350 Exhaust VIDEO

    Shot another video of my dad's new truck. I actually like the exhaust more this time, than the last time I heard it and filmed it. I think it sounds pretty great. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  15. Intervention302

    My new set of BC Forged Wheels :)

    Short video on the the set of BC Forged wheels that came in yesterday from Wheel Lab. BC Forged TD03 18*9.5 +22 21.2lbs 18*11 +18 21.4lbs Full Brushed Clear Gloss Retail on these is $3250. I'll be getting these mounted as soon as possible
  16. Intervention302

    Ford Gt Exhaust Video - Whipple

    My Dad had his Ford GT out today for some work. Had a misfire in #3 and #4. Seemed to be two bad coils. I figured it be a good time to try and shoot more videos of it I didn't have much time to prepare and shoot lots of film, but I did what I could. I also wish my Dad would have gotten on it a...
  17. Intervention302

    2020 F350 7.3L GODZILLA - EXHAUST

    So my dad traded in his 6.2 Superduty and picked up this new Platinum Only has 200 miles on it and already had my brother put in a custom exhaust and his old wheels and tires. I think it came our pretty good. I would have liked to see/hear Magnaflow or Borla, but I'm not huge into truck...
  18. Intervention302

    Got the fiancé a new DD - Ecoboost Twins now

    Her 14, Focus was definitely in need of a replacement. But sort of bad timing, applying for a new mortgage currently and closing on the sale of our first house next week. Had to keep the overall payment within 60-100 bucks a month. Got a 2017 Ford Fusion SE AWD with the 2.0T (240hp/270tq) and...
  19. Intervention302

    What a time to buy/sell my First Home

    So about a 5 weeks ago we listed our first home for sale. Lived here for 5 years. Bought for 232k, listed for 299k, and was under contract at 311.5k within 72 hours with over 5 offers submitted. Will get a nice equity check. Anyway, the pickings were pretty slim for new homes on the market. I...
  20. Intervention302

    DQ Cotton Candy Cone Dip

    Wash your damn hands and get to DQ. This new dip is crazy good One of the only positives with this Coronavirus is that your favorite restaurants are the CLEANEST they have ever been Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatal
  21. Intervention302

    Custom Cammed Cobra Idle Video

    Threw together a quick YouTube video of my Cobra. Thought you guys would enjoy! Todd nailed it. Yes, they don't "chop that hard", but they do drive great abnd make 925+ to the wheels. What is not to love!?!
  22. Intervention302

    Terminator Dyno Compilation

    I had posted the original video abour 2-3 weeks ago. But realized I had made a few editing errors and wanted to make it 60p as well. So I went ahead and reuploaded it to get it closer to how I envisioned it. Help us Cobra guys make it to Spring. Only a little more to go I can't wait to shoot...
  23. Intervention302

    2.9L Gen2 to 2.9L Gen4 Crusher with Cams

    Most have seen my car already, but I actually never had the real comparison chart to truly show the gains. Gen 2 2.9 standard to 2.9 Gen4 Crusher with custom grind Todd Warren Cams This is same car, dyno, fuel, pulley, and weather. Video recapping all my dyno sessions and progress to date...
  24. Intervention302

    The 03 Cobra was purpose built to defeat the LS Threat - Dyno Compilation

    There is just something special about the 03 SVT Cobra... Code named "The Terminator" it was purpose built to defeat the threat of LS powered cars. And boy does it deliver... It was fun to make this video, a compilation of way too damn many dyno trips. I've added 113% more RWHP to the car...
  25. Intervention302

    03 Cobra vs E55 AMG

    Found another old video back from 2011 Listen to that Eaton SCREAM haha Times were a lot simpler back then man