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  1. shhak

    Baddest Terminator on SVTP....

    Well, I've been on the fence about selling this thing for some time now, but I've gotten myself into a business where I don't have time to race it or even cruise in it for that matter... This thing is CRAZY fast. It's streetable (if you're like me anyway) You can take this thing to the...
  2. shhak

    One of the Fastest Terminators in the Country

    That's right folks...:rockon: Well, maybe not. I haven't done much research to back those claims up, but I can guarantee this sucker is bad a$$!!! Been 4.92 @over 150mph in the 1/8. On an early shakedown pass it went 8.20 @172mph in the 1/4 and only went 5.34 @135 to the 1/8. Easily a 7...
  3. shhak

    Mystichrome Coupe/Hellion "Roller"

    Here goes nothin.... My brother bought this car back in 2008 I belive from a member on here. It had a blown motor at the time. Hellion kit, single 76GTS turbo, etc etc etc. We put a motor in it, he ran it for a while, decided to do something different and took it apart. It's just sat...
  4. shhak

    2011 GT500 swapped GT 7k miles, auto

    I've got a very nice 2011 Mustang GT that has been converted to a GT500. Everything was swapped from the engine to the interior, to the body pieces. Bought this car for a customer and then he went another route. The original owner of this car wanted a GT500 for his wife to drive but she...
  5. shhak

    What's it worth?

    My brother is looking to sell his car but has no idea what it's worth. I've got an idea, but I wanna know what everyone else thinks. It's a 2004 Mystichrome Coupe with 18k miles. Motor is out and needs rebuilt. May need a rod. Has a PA built 4R70W with a brake, SRA with 33 spline axles...
  6. shhak

    Wrecked 18k mile 04 Cobra

    I've got a wrecked 2004 cobra with 18k miles on it for sale. We've stripped the interior out, pulled the doors, trunk lid, bumpers etc off. All I've got left is the drivetrain, dash, and a bare shell with no rear end and no front brakes. Perfect for a donor car, but not a good candidate for a...
  7. shhak

    WANTED: Cheap 03-04 Cobras

    Here's the deal guys. We run a car/truck/trailer sales lot in northern Alabama. We usually have pretty good luck moving pretty much any sort of mustang. Rcently we've had several requests for some 03-04 Cobras. So... If you're looking to sell your cobra immediately, shoot me a PM. Only...
  8. shhak

    2000 Camaro SS ORANGE and SHARP

    I'm putting my 2000 SS up for sale. Not because I have to, but because I could use the money to finish up a couple other projects I've been working on. It's a SUPER SHARP car. Needs nothing. Just put new black and polished weld pro magnums on it and had the windows tinted. The pics...
  9. shhak

    NEW JAZ Fuel Cells F/S

    I've got a few of these brand new Jaz Fuel Cells. Part number 250-005-001. Summit sells them for $129.95 plus $39.95 for the mounting brackets. I'm selling them for $110 for the cell with the brackets. Free Shipping. I've got a few other sizes available as well.
  10. shhak

    03-04 Cobra Hood and Spoiler

    I guess I need to sell my hood and spoiler off my Cobra. They are DSG. The spoiler is perfect. $175. Hood WAS perfect until I took the car to get the cage installed. Someone hit it with something and put a nice little spot on the front edge. It's abou 1.5" wide or so. Very easily...
  11. shhak

    Race Ready 92 Coupe ROLLER x275/Drag Radial???

    I bought this coupe a few months ago with the intentions of putting together another turbo car. However, with my other projects (TT 03 Cobra and another coupe that's getting a bad boy nitrous motor) I just don't have the time (OR MONEY..) to mess with this one. The car is super sharp. The...
  12. shhak

    How's this for a turbo intake???

    Got my new intake finally. It's going on my twin 76, destroked 5.4 etc etc etc project. Marcella Intake: Enough Said! [/
  13. shhak

    DSG 86k mile KB Cobra CHEAP!!!

    Ok, first things first.... The price is "THE PRICE"... We're not going to argue, haggle or dicker on it. The car is paid for and I've got over 25,000 square feet of empty shop space between the 6 buildings. This is not a "must sell" thread. The car is not perfect, please don't expect it to...
  14. shhak

    New Bike...Single Sided Swingarm...PICS...

    I've changed bikes way too many times this year already but a buddy of mine had this and I had to have it. First bike this year was an 07 GSXR 1000 (yellow and black, stretched a little and lowered, but basically stock). Next bike was an 08 Busa. Copper/Black with exhaust but stock other...
  15. shhak

    New Ford GT Valves, Springs, Retainers

    I bought a brand new set of the Ford GT heads from Steve at Trousleys. I had them ported and bought new valves, springs and retainers for them. So, I've got the stock ones left and don't need them. These are brand new, never bolted to an engine. Just removed from the heads and put in a...
  16. shhak

    Legal Question....

    This seems pretty cut and dried to me, but since I got a letter from this guys attorney (or at least one he's consulted with), I just have to ask. My family and I own a used car/truck/travel trailer lot. We mainly deal in travel trailers, but have a regular used car dealers license. About 2...
  17. shhak

    Commercial Vehicle Question

    I recently bought some shop equipment up in KY. I didn't have a truck big enough to pull the flatbed trailer that I needed to use to haul the equipment so I borrowed a truck from my parents car lot. The truck had AL dealers plates on it. The trailer, I own, and it is a 30' gooseneck with dual...
  18. shhak

    Vortech YSI setup for Fox

    Edited by L.L. TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS >> I took this YSI setup in on trade a few days ago. This is the renegade setup. The head unit is brand new. Still in the box from...
  19. shhak

    Ford GT heads

    Steve, Can you give me a price on some Ford GT heads complete with valve train, but not the cams? I found a pretty good buy on them, but if you guys can come close, I'd rather buy from you....:beer:
  20. shhak

    Vortech YSI setup. NEW!

    Edited by L.L. TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS >> Just took this new YSI setup in on trade on a vehicle I had. It's the polished unit. Under warranty until Sept of next year. Comes...
  21. shhak

    WTB: 03-04 IRS center section

    picked up another cobra and its got that clunk in the rear end. I'm assuming its in the center section since another one I had in the past had that noise too. Looking for a complete center section, 4:10's or 4:30's would be a plus. Thanks:beer:
  22. shhak

    Logo help. Need Help!

    We're working on opening up a shop down here and I need some help with the logo. A buddy came up with the name and a friend of his did the logo ideas we have now, but it's needs a little something more. Looking for someone to add some sort of a bandit/criminal face to the upper left hand...
  23. shhak

    Terminator Seats with Dark Inserts

    Edited by L.L. TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS >> I just bought these seats, but I've decided to go with some nice racing seats instead, so I'm going to sell these. The fronts are...
  24. shhak

    WTB: Fox Spindles and Steering Rack

    I'm needing a set of fox spindles (spindles only, no rotors, calipers or anything) and a fox steering rack. Just need to factory rack, not a manual one. I'm putting Strange brakes on the front of my 03 Cobra and the ones Strange makes for my car is only a 2 piston design and I wanted the 4...
  25. shhak

    WTB: rear seat (dark inserts) for coupe

    I need to buy a set of rear seats with the dark (black) inserts for my coupe. Just got the fronts and now I need the rears. Once I find them, I'll have my full set with the grey inserts up for sale. Thanks:beer: