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  1. Biltforspeed351

    2011-2017 Mustang Billet 5.0 Coyote Valve Covers now available from MMR !!

    you guys keep these in stock or they made to order. If so how long to build
  2. Biltforspeed351

    Gt500 timing cover

    Looking for a gt500 timing cover? Please pm if you have one and want to sell it before I buy a new one. Thanks Can email me directly also at [email protected]
  3. Biltforspeed351

    Sonic Blue 2003 For Sale

    PM sent
  4. Biltforspeed351

    WTB 1967 or 1968 fastback

    PM sent.
  5. Biltforspeed351

    NEW GEN 2 VMP Blower

    I have a Brandnew never been mounted or used VMP Gen 2 blower. I changed directions on the build yet again so not using this. Bolt this on your GT500 and make some serious power. Midplate and lower in pictures not included they were for my Lightning. $2500 plus shipping and paypal fees...
  6. Biltforspeed351

    13/14 TRINITY Blower w/ shaved emblesm and low miles

    I am selling my 13/14 Trinity blower. It has 4200 miles on it. Was sent to Billet Pro where they professionally shaved the emblems off and installed a 2.4 pulley. The blower hasnt been installed since. I was gonna use it on my project but have changed directions yet again. Comes with...
  7. Biltforspeed351

    Kenne bell 2.6, pullies with extras.

    I have a KB 2.6 with less than 1000 miles I am selling. Nothing wrong with it I am putting on a Turbo setup or I would be running the KB. The blower can be sold alone, with either the custom intake or jlp setup. Buyers choice. Pictures below. Located in Florence, SC Pm or email me...
  8. Biltforspeed351

    Scosche FD1441AB dash kit for 2010-2014 Mustangs , JL stealth Sub

    JL Audio Stealthbox® Custom-fit fiberglass enclosure with 13.5" W3v3 subwoofer — fits 2010-14 Ford Mustang coupe Has 13.5 Sub designed to fit Coyote or Boss trunk. Used less than month and in perfect shape. $400. Cost over $700 new. Covercraft Trunk Coyote/Boss trunk Organizer...
  9. Biltforspeed351

    Kenne Bell 2.8H Mammoth intake

    I have a Mammoth intake for sale. I had it left over from my shelby build. Just needs to be cleaned up. $120 Shipped
  10. Biltforspeed351

    FS/FT Built 2012 Comp Orange Boss

    Looking to get rid of my Comp Orange Boss. Car is built with all the right stuff. Some of the mods are listed below... Well over 13k in Mods Boss LS trans cooler Steeda HD rear sway bar end links Shorty antenna Raxiom interior led lights Black tail light bezels Steeda cue shift ball Steeda...
  11. Biltforspeed351

    WTT/WTS TrueForged for Welds RTS

    I am looking to get another set of Welds RTS for my Boss. They gotta clear Brembo's. I dont want darkstars or all polished versions. Only looking for polish/black version. I would entertain a partial trade for my True Forged wheels. These are extremely high $ wheels. They are 20's...
  12. Biltforspeed351

    Custom Cobra battery mount and snout cover

    I have a custom Cobra optima battery tray. SOLD Chrome snout cover for terminator $60 Shipped Mint shape Ring Brother Hood Pins Best you can buy period. NEW Cost $200 Very trick in how they work $100 shipped Sold at summit. Painless Dual...
  13. Biltforspeed351

    NEW set of Milans w/Invo's and sensors. 20's Coyote or Boss

    I have a Brandnew set of Niche Milan wheels with Nitto Invo's mounted with NEW FOrd Sensors. No miles on any of it. Everything NEW Rims are staggered 20x8.5 w/255/35r20 Nitto Invos on front and 20x10 w/295/35r20 Nitto Invo's on Rear. Balanced and ready to go. Also has new Sensors...
  14. Biltforspeed351

    4v Mach 1 timing cover Plus other 4v stuff

    Mach 1 4v timing cover. Going turbo you will need this. $75 4.6 or 5.4 Oil pan gasket NEW $20
  15. Biltforspeed351

    Couple sets of Came covers for 5.4 Gt500

    Both of these are off a 07 Gt500. First set includes coil covers in picture. Perfect candidate for paint or powdercoating. $100 OBO Second set if done in light coat of wrinkle black. MINT shape. These look great $175 OBO
  16. Biltforspeed351

    Couple sets of Injectors for Sale Id1000 and Boss 302

    I have a new set of Id1000 injectors. Comes with everything in pictures. You even get the sticker. SOLD Boss 302 39lb injectors Full set of 8 Great shape. $125 Shipped
  17. Biltforspeed351

    Cleaning Boss Seats

    I have asked this question on the Boss website and didnt get any answer. What do you Boss owners clean your seats with? Mine arent what I call dirty but just look dingy. Smudges ir residue on them is more like it. Seems like every time I touch them I get something on them. WHat is safe to...
  18. Biltforspeed351

    FS/FT 89 Notch Gt500 Conversion 1 of a Kind

    SOLD The car is a 1989 Fox coupe. The donor car was a 2007 Shelby Gt500. Most of you already know about the car but for those that dont here is the run down. The entire floor pan, firewall was taken out the Gt500 and welded into the fox. This allowed the entire interior of the GT500 to bolt...
  19. Biltforspeed351

    FOx500 For sale or Trade GT500 Fox. 1 of a Kind

    I am listing up Fox500 for sale. I am gonna list it for sale with a cash price and will also entertain trades/partial trades. This is a 1 of a kind car. Already been in Muscle Mustang and about to be in it again as well as a feature on SVTP in near future. The car is a 1989 Fox coupe. The...
  20. Biltforspeed351

    2008 Shelby wont start......Shelby gurus come in

    I am having an issue with an 08 Shelby. Took timing cover and cam covers off for paint. Car sat for bout month. Car was running fine before hand. Got everything painted and back on car. Turn the key. All the dash lights, fuel pumps etc come on as normal. Then on the last click of the...
  21. Biltforspeed351

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    That dude just got bodyslammed by a bike. LMAO
  22. Biltforspeed351

    Chrome 4v Ford Racing cam/valve covers RARE Plus more stuff

    I have a set of Ford racing Chrome cam covers for a 4v motor. I was gonna use them on a project I had but sold car. Excellent shape and these are super rare. Just sitting in shop so need them gone. These are over 800 on ebay. Price shipped is $475 I also have a Brandnew DEI t4 turbo...
  23. Biltforspeed351

    99/01 Cobra intake Mint

    I have an 99/01 Cobra intake. Upper in lower in mint shape. Comes with new cobra for lid in plastic from ford and I think I even have a bolt set and new gasket will throw in with it. You wont find a nicer one. Perfect for turbo setup $375 for all of it.
  24. Biltforspeed351

    Bunch of 4v parts for sale

    I have a bunch of 4v parts I have been holding onto for a while and dont need them. I have a set of the rare and nolonger made 4v Chrome Cam covers. Excellent shape. $500 shipped 03/04 Cobra timing cover....Sold Mach 1 timing cover $100 shipped. Perfect for guys going turbo. 01 Cobra...
  25. Biltforspeed351

    Project Evil Smurf *PIC HEAVY*

    Below is Project Evil Smurf. It started as a base GT but has changed drastically. Some of you may have seen the car before. It has an Aluminator engine with some upgrades. Roush 2.3 blower putting out 14/15 pds boost. Pretty much everything has been modified on this car at this point...